How To Create a Buyer Persona?

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How do you usually start your newsletters and emails? Do you start it with a simple ‘Hi <first name>!’? If yes, then is the email performing well? Your emails are your means of attracting new customers. Personalisation is an excellent way to boost its performance. But how do you personalise your emails? Simple. You just have to pull out your buyer persona.

What is Buyer Persona?

Also known as Customer’s Persona, this is a character representative of your target customers. Similar to your actual customers, your buyer persona has a:

  • Name
  • Trait
  • Age
  • Location
  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • Behavioural Patterns
  • Habits

The Goal

For a business owner’s point of view, getting into your customer’s shoe is difficult. Knowing what your customer wants and how they want to achieve it, moreover, give them a great customer journey, is not easy.

Its goal is to give you a solid image of who your targets are. Knowing who your targets are, makes email creation and personalisation easier.

The number of customer persona you need for your business depends on the services you offer and the types of products that you sell.

If you’re selling both non-water resistant watches and water-resistant ones, the least amount of customer persona you’ll be needing is two — one for those who need the water-resistant watches and one for those who prefer the non-water resistant ones.

Common Misconceptions

  • Your Actual Customer

Keep in mind that your customer’s persona is only a generalisation of your customers

  • What You Want Your Customers to Be

Your customer persona should be based on the actual people who visit your page. It’s your envisioned customer based on who are interested with your brand.

This is why it’s crucial that you don’t make your buyer’s persona out on a whim. Remember, it should be based on the people who view and visit your page. You’d have to use a number of tools online to be able to complete a buyer’s persona.

Tools You Can Use

  • Google Analytics

    This tool shows you the age, location, gender, and interest of your page visitors. It also shows the pages these people commonly visit, as well as the time they usually visit your site.

assorted parts scattered across image for buyer persona

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Open your current CRM Software from Singapore (or anywhere else in the world) and check the information of your current subscribers.

    • What are their interests?
    • Which area are they from?
    • What type of emails do they usually engage?

Using these tools, you can come up with a Customer Persona that is based on your actual subscribers and page visitors. It gives you more accurate data than just your wishful thinking.

Importance of Creating Buyer Persona?

  • Makes the Email Automation Strategy Creation Easier

Understanding what your target leads and customers want, makes it easier for you to build your strategy.

If you know what they want, grabbing their interest and trust will come easy. You can create a customer journey that will keep them interested and engaged with your brand. With a buyer’s persona, you can easily frame out which topics should go first and which topics should follow.

  • Improves Your Email Campaign Alignment with Your Buyer Persona  Journey

Having a solid buyer’s persona makes it easier for you to outline each email that you use for your email drip campaign.

Think about it. If you have a buyer’s persona, you know what grabs the interest of your customer. What keeps them interested, and most importantly, the contents that can make them want your brand.

With your email campaign aligned with your buyer’s journey, your lead will turn into a customer in a breeze.

  • Increase Your Open and Click-Through Rates

With a customer’s persona on hand, you can personalise each email that you send to your customer. With a personalised email, your customer will find the content relevant to them. This means that they will read your email. If they read it, then your open and engagement rate will rise.

Through reading your email, they will also understand the benefits they will gain after availing your products and services. This means you’ll be getting the conversion that you want.

How to Create a Buyer Persona

person speaking before a crowd for buyer persona

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Use tools such as your CRM Software and Google Analytics to learn more about your target customer. Know about the topics that they’re interested in, and the place they live. This way, you can ensure that your customer persona is based on facts.

The data you gather will give you insights that you can use on your emails. Using a CRM Software with a Cloud integration can help you with your customer persona development. CRM Software such as Infusionsoft by Keap Singapore makes it easier for you to check the information that you need.

Why? CRM is made to manage your customers, which is why it’s great for storing information about your customer.

person holding a checklist for buyer persona

Step 2: Pick Up their Common Details

After gathering all the information that you need, it’s time to narrow down the options. List down all the similar traits, especially those that can help you communicate with your customers better.

Some of the information that you need during this step is:

  • Demographics

This information includes the age range, location, as well as the nature of their work or job

  • Behaviours 

Find out about your customer’s interests such as the product category that this specific customer is interested in

  • Wants and Needs

List down what your customers want or pleasure points and their pain points


two persons illustrated using magnifying glass for buyer persona

Step 3: Create a Different Buyer Persona

Now that you have all of that information narrowed down, it’s time to create the persona. Keep in mind that you need these personas to be as close as the real thing as possible.

Make each persona for the type of service or products. If it seems like the persona you created seems lacking, go back to step 1 and research.

two persons checking pc for buyer persona

Step 4: Make them Human

Adding names and images of these personas can help you write a more personalised email. This way, you will be reminded that you’re going to be talking with real people.

Aside from that, it can help you build rapport with your subscribers better.


Final Thoughts

Your key to increasing your conversion is personalisation. Without having a clear target, you won’t know which person will be converted. Having a solid idea with who you’re dealing with, makes selling your products and services, easier. With a buyer persona, making an email marketing strategy will be a lot easier, not to mention more effective.

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