How to Grow Business Through Email Drip Campaign

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Every business owners dream of making their business big. One way of growing a business is to capture leads, then nurturing them, so, they will eventually become your customer. There are many ways that you can nurture your lead and one of which is through Drip Email Campaigns.

What is Drip Email Campaigns?

Also known as Drip Marketing Automation and Drip Campaigns, Email Drip campaigns are sets of automated emails that are sent to the recipients. These emails are sent, based on the timeline that you have set, as well as the actions that are taken by your recipient.

Think of sending an email to your recipient for example. If it’s not an Email Drip Campaign, the next email that you will be sending to your recipient is the one that you have manually set up. On the other hand, if the email is included in an Email Drip Campaign, then the next email that the recipient will receive has already been set up. If you decide that the next email will be sent 3 days after the recipient has opened your previous email, then it will be.

Email Drip Campaigns are customisable, which means that you can set it up, and tailor it according to what you want your prospective customer to experience. This means that you can use your drip email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads.

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How to Create a Drip Email Campaign that will Nurture Your Lead?

Step #1: Determine Your Goal

Just like everything else, when it comes to creating a Drip Email Campaign, it’s essential for you to know what your goal. What do you want to happen to the recipient at the end of the Drip Email Campaign? This way, you will know what steps you need to take in order to achieve it. In addition to that, you will then know who your targets are, as well as what your targets want.

If your goal is to nurture your leads, this means that your first few emails should focus on establishing a good relationship with your lead.

Aside from your main goal, it’s important that you set up mini goals for every email that you send. However, these mini goals should work together to help you achieve your main goal. This way, you will be able to measure the success of your email drip campaign at the end of the day.

Step #2: Start Creating a Plan

Now that you know what you want to happen with your email drip campaign and have established your goals, it’s time for you to create a plan. How are you going to communicate with your leads? What approach should you use to keep your lead’s interest? This is where you pull out your main goal as well as your mini goals.

As stated in step #1, if you want to nurture your lead, you must get your lead to trust your brand, before you can nurture them to become your customers and clients. While creating a plan, you have to make sure that your plan is aligned to your goal, this way, your plan will go accordingly to help you reach your goal.

Step #3: Write the Content

With your plan all set, your next step is to start creating the content that you’re going to send to your lead. Now, because you have made your plan according to your goal, creating the content should be easier for you. However, before you proceed to write the content, you have to make sure that the content is relevant to your leads.

If your lead is a vegetarian, you will never send them recipes for cooking food with meat in it. Especially because during this point, you and your lead are still on the process of getting to know each other. It’s essential that the content you’re are going to send them is personalised.

So, how are you going to know what your leads want? Simply take a look at your lead’s profile. With a CRM Software from Singapore such as Infusionsoft by Keap, you can easily view the interest of your lead. The reason for this is that Infusionsoft by Keap tracks and records all the interaction your lead has with your brand, and keeps it all in one place. This way, you will find out what the lead wants to know, and which topics interests them the most, and put it in your drip email campaign.

Step #4: Monitor Campaign

If you think that your task is all done if the campaign has already launched, then you’re wrong. Once the campaign has begun, it’s time for you to monitor how your campaign is doing. Are your leads opening your email? How many of them are opening the emails? How about the bounce rate, is it high?

Monitoring your campaign gives you an insight into whether or not your campaign is doing good or not. If your open rate is low, your subject line may not be very effective in attracting your lead’s attention. If your open rate is high, however, the bounce rate is also high, the problem could be on your email’s content. Through analytics, you can see the weak points of your campaign and can make it better.

No one can create an email drip campaign that will fly right after it was launched the first time. If you want to create an email campaign that will fly, you have to go through a lot of trial and error. So, keep an eye on your drip email campaigns, monitor and record everything. Keep the good points and fix the weak points; this will make your drip email campaign more effective. If your drip email campaign is effective, then increased revenues will follow.


Final Thoughts

Growing a business is possible. However, you have to make sure that you have a lot of patience stored. If you think that the marketing strategy that you have created seems perfect—it’s not. Problems are bound to arise and the only way to counter it is to fix its weak points and make it better.

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