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header image of the blog title "Increase Your Customer Brand Awareness To Garner More Referrals" with a background image of 3 hands each holding an open phone with a word "BRANDING" and a pie graph on it's screen

3 Ways How You Can Increase Customer Brand Awareness

July 27, 2018 CRM Data Management, Customer Brand Awareness, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Customer Referrals, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing, Referral Marketing 0 Comments

Does customer brand awareness have anything to do with getting you good quality referrals?  Does having a great reputation online and offline affect how many referrals you get from your clients? Will having an excellent rating on search engines actually get you more clients. Think about it.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Be the client for a minute. Ask yourself the question. Do I want to refer this store or label to my family, relatives, and friends? Will I actually buy from this store? If your answer is no to these questions, then you’re in trouble. If you, yourself don’t want to even buy or promote your own stuff. How much more other people?

Customer brand awareness is something you need to cultivate over time. And by cultivate we don’t mean pestering people with pop-up ads on social platforms like Youtube or Facebook. You’ll end up fostering hate instead of admiration. You don’t want that. Our goal is to help you figure out a customer referral strategy based on the industry reputation you have now. Using six ways. That way, you can make up your own style of garnering referrals through a customer referral program you designed yourself. Be the leader of your team. Get them to understand the need for customer brand awareness before they jump to over the top sales plans.

What is Customer Brand Awareness?

Customer brand awareness is basically how well your customers know your brand. How aware your target audience is when it comes to your product, company, store, and overall brand. It’s hard to create a customer referral campaign without being at least known by some of your target audience.

Imagine it as this. A man in a suit approaches you and starts blabbing about his product. Afterward, he asks you to tell others about it. Will you do what he asks? No. Right? You barely know him. You know a little about his product. But! He’s a complete stranger. Who knows what kind of secret agenda he has.

Now. Picture this. A familiar person, presumably a sales clerk at your local grocery store goes near to you and tells you about a new product. He tells you their store offers a discount to whoever can refer a friend. Would you listen to him? Probably yes. Why? Because you are familiar with him. You know he works at the grocery store. And you are certain that you will get the discount he mentioned the store offers. You trust him a little, not entirely like your go-to shop. But, your trust is enough to listen to his proposal.

That is the power of customer brand awareness. You won’t have to worry about having to set up elaborate referral marketing program. Or have a complex referral marketing strategy. You just need to focus on increasing brand awareness. And 94.5% of most referrals make their decisions based on your brand’s reputation. A majority of which base it on your reputation. 46.4% of them to be exact. And 48.1% of referrals base it on your expertise.

3 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

1. Get Influencer’s To Promote Your Brand

This is the easiest way to raise customer brand awareness. Getting a known personality in your town. Notice how we say, town not city. Because come one be realistic if your a big company with lots of resources. Then, by all means, get top billed personalities. But if you’re a small enterprise, it would be better to start small. Get someone you know fits your company’s ideals and have them promote your brand. Getting someone with a credible background and knowledge about your industry can help bring large audience. Be selective in the influencer you use. Just because a celebrity like Taylor Swift is famous doesn’t mean she can be a great promoter of a marketing automation tool. Remember your goal should be, increase your credibility, your brand recognition and how relevance. You wouldn’t want to become a laughing stock because you chose Kim Kardashian as the promoter of your CRM Singapore automation tool.

2. Help The Community

Another great way to promote your business and increase customer brand awareness is investing in a social clause. Support the drive to end child labor in South Africa. Or support the movement for women. Show your care for your town’s sports team or even initiate fundraising events. Your act of lending a hand and showing support for social clauses can help people get to know your brand more. And see your company as humane, thoughtful and has compassion and care for the community. You not only build reputation but you build trust with your clients.

3. Make Use of the Social Media

You’ve heard these dozens of times. Tap into social media. Create a Youtube channel. Take it to Twitter! Why you keep on hearing people say you need to invest in social media? One, because it works. Two, because its cheap.

It’s not hard making a video about sharing your opinion about current issues in the community. Bloggers do it all the time! If you own a cosmetics shop, create videos on “How to Apply Make-up”. People love that stuff. How-tos. Guides. Screencasts. Webinars. Workshops. You name it. Youtube can post it.

By creating informative videos, posts, guides, and pictures, you are letting the whole world see that you exist. If your company sells a marketing automation tool, then make a tutorial. You increase brand awareness, and you are unknowingly creating a referral marketing program.

Benefits of Brand Awareness

1. Getting People’s Trust

According to Nielsen, 77% of the consumers are more likely to buy products that are recommended by their friends and family. People trust the people they know—getting your customer to refer you to their friends and family means you have their trust. If your customers are referring you to the people they know, it means more people are being aware of your brand. Not only that, customers who join your referral programs will most likely stay with your brand.

2. Reach More People

An increase in brand awareness helps propel your referral marketing program. How? People share your products and services with their friends. Which means free advertising for your business. As we all know, word-of-mouth is the most effective way to spread brand awareness, referral marketing programs is a good way to start. Survey says 37% of the referred customers have a high retention rate. Because your referred customers trust the person, who shared your brand to them.

  3. Increase in Revenue

An increase in brand awareness (especially if it’s from customer referrals) can give you more engagement, more online presence, and most importantly, a potential improvement in your revenue.

Final Thoughts:

Customer Brand Awareness— is your key to getting your customers to refer your business voluntarily. Increasing brand awareness not only double the revenue for your brand, but it also makes integrating people into your referral program a breeze. So, before you go all out with any campaign make sure that your target audience is informed of your existence. And only a good score on brand awareness can do that.

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