Marketing Automation Terms You Need To Know

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It’s very easy to get overpowered with technical jargons in the industry, such confusion hinders users from understanding vital information. Do you want to know more about marketing automation terms? If yes, then this is the blog for you.

Marketing Automation Terms Marketers Should Know

Familiarize these 19 important marketing automation terminologies.

1. Behavior-Based Marketing Automation

This refers to a system in which emails are triggered and other communication based on user activity either on and off your site. This enables marketers to nurture their leads by sending them offers or information when it is the most relevant point in the buying cycle.

2. Brand Advocates

This refers to people who support your company or brand. Brand advocates can also be a social media influencer. A person like this typically has an active fan or follower base in social media and this person regularly creates content for your brand. At the end of the day, ensure the reward of your brand advocates.

3. CRM

This abbreviation means Customer Relationship Management (CRM), these are tools which manage interactions with already existing sales prospects and customers.

4. Cross-Channel Analytics

This tracks your prospect’s behavior across a variety of channels like your blog, social networks, and your website.

5. Cross-Platform Marketing Automation

This refers to the capability of your automated emails to be well displayed on different platforms like mobile devices and tablets. This is also another term for mobile responsiveness. Never fail to optimize for mobile devices so you never miss out on opportunities to reach potential customers.

6. Customer/Buying Lifecycle

This is an operation consisting of many stages which include research, inquiry, purchase, and patronage. Marketers then would need to enrich and facilitate this whole operation so that you can establish relationships with customers.

7. Drip Marketing

This term is another word for nurturing leads, a series or sequence of automated emails that seek to classify leads according to qualification, make them engaged, and drive them to the sales funnel.

8. First-Time Visitor

This person is a lead that decided to form a relationship with your company by testing your service or product for the very first time.

9. Internal Sale

This is an idea you will very likely come across in the world of B2B. This involves getting internal permissions to buy a service or product.

10. Interruption-Based Marketing

This is an old marketing strategy in which prospects are interrupted with emails or notifications in order to influence them to buy a service or product. Interruption-based marketing is not solicited and is designed for quick conversions.

11. Multi-channel Marketing Automation

Campaigns like email and lead nurturing need to consider account buyer’s satisfaction of the buying experience across multiple platforms and channels such as communications on social networks in order to be truly relevant.

12. Landmark Emails

These are email notifications that honor customer landmarks such as major milestones, anniversaries or customer birthdays.

13. Loyalty Offers

These are gifts which are exclusive or honest messages of gratitude which are sent to loyal patrons.

14. Permission-Based Marketing

This is an approach to selling and marketing goods that when a prospect has given consent to receive information >>

15. Qualified Lead

This refers to a person who has opted to receive messages from your business, wants to be knowledgeable in your service or product, and has the interest to learn more.

16. Repeat purchase

This happens if customers are satisfied with a service or product. They do multiple repeated purchases, and marketers should always keep in mind their customer base to seek and establish relationships that are beneficial for the long term.

17. Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

This is a tool or system which improves interactions with your prospects together with the sales process, aims to maximize income, and measures all results.

18. Segmentation

This is a process which involves dividing your targeted buyers into personas that have different preferences and needs. Segments will be advertised in such a way that is in line with their interests or experiences.

19. Abandoned Shopping Cart/ Shopping Cart Fetch-back

When people put items in your site’s shopping cart yet does not complete the purchase, then marketers would call this cart abandoned. Shopping cart abandonment could be decreased by a targeted campaign for lead nurturing.

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