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header image of the blog title "Marketo: Marketing Automation Software Provider Review" with a background of a man wearing corporate attire pointing the first star out of five using his right hand

Marketing Automation Software Provider Review: Marketo

April 19, 2018 Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

“The World leader in Marketing Automation for companies of any size.” That’s the headline you’d see when you visit Marketo’s website. It may seem like a huge brag, but they do compensate it with their marketing automation tool. In this edition of ‘Marketing Automation Software Provider Review,’ we’re going to go over one of the most versatile automation tools in the market today: Marketo.

About Marketo

Marketo is a cloud-based marketing automation platform, designed to cater all types of organizations that are looking to improve their digital marketing. The platform features different useful applications that make use of the most potent digital marketing techniques. The applications that Marketo features include the following:

  • Account-based marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing analytics
  • Email
  • Social
  • Mobile.
  • Web
  • Digital Ads
  • AI content

These applications are the main reason why Marketo is regarded as an all-around tool for automated marketing. It can cater any business, big or small. The best part is that Marketo also has a great partnership with American cloud computing company, Salesforce. The integration of the two ensures that your marketing and sales team are always on the same page.

At a subscription rate of US$895 per month, this marketing platform is an amazing helper for any small, medium, and big-market business. It’s a great pick up for those who require something powerful for a hundred-person company. Most businesses aren’t in favor of paying $2,000 per month just for a marketing automation tool. Thus, Marketo completely solves their problem.

Marketo is used as the primary automation platform for a number of big-name companies, including Chrysler, Intel, and even – surprisingly – Infusionsoft CRM. The marketing automation platform is very intuitive, receiving a lot of good feedback for its user-friendliness. But aside from its positives, Marketo also has its fair share of downsides. For one, the tool can be a bit buggy and slow. However, it’s an excellent automation software in general.

The Pros and Cons of Marketing Automation Software Provider


  • Easy to use – Like HubSpot and Pardot, Marketo is among the automation platforms that takes pride in its user-friendliness. The usability of the platform is superb, and while it may not have the best-looking UIs out there, it is well-labeled for easy familiarization.
  • Salesforce Integration – While syncing does take some time, the two tools complement each other really well when it comes to integration and digital marketing features.
  • Quick and easy setup – Unlike its competitors, Marketo is rather easy to set up, saving time for its users to start implementing their marketing automation strategies.
  • Exceptional customer support and helpful community – Marketo has a great customer support team that is always willing to help Marketo users. It also has a vast and active community that is open to helping one another with campaign setups and other technicalities.


  • Subpar landing page and form builder – Long before it was known as one of the most potent marketing automation tools, Marketo was originally a lead management platform. While most of the product has been changed and updated to sit with its current offer, there are still some loopholes that they have yet to upgrade. A notable one is their landing page builder, which is still challenging to use, at least for beginners.
  • Issues with analytics and reports – the most common criticism that Marketo receives is its limited analytics and reporting functionalities. Without the presence of some relevant extensions, it can take a significantly long time to generate reports that you should otherwise be able to produce in a mere click of a button.
  • Unnecessary price increase – Marketo offers three default pricing levels: at US$895, US$1,795, and US$3,175 per month. Each level gives access to new features, which means that despite its original price, it can potentially cost an additional US$900 to US$1,400 per month in exchange for a handful of added features.


Marketo is a fantastic tool to use for any business. It may have some disadvantages, but overall, its amazing features, coupled with its reasonable price, overshadows these negatives. With that being said, we place Marketo among the top marketing automation platforms being used today. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now!

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