Your Marketing Automation Campaign Is Failing – Here Are 4 Reasons

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The buyers of the current generation have a variety of unlimited choices. They have access to a multitude of research materials and are surrounded by countless marketing motivational messages each and every day. These factors are the main reasons why a lot of online marketers are finding it hard to break through the congestion and be known among their target audience. Many marketing teams are playing blind when it comes to their online marketing automation campaigns. They know what should be done, but they continue to play the guessing game; not executing the right strategies yet still hoping that their marketing message will be heard. This method is the biggest error that most marketers are making over the years, and are still prevalent up until now. Instead, what they should be doing is building a solid marketing strategy based on a few proven marketing fundamentals.

If you are going the extra mile and making all the effort that you can, yet still receiving mediocre results, chances are, you’re committing one of the three online marketing mistakes mentioned below. Avoid these lapses to guarantee that your marketing automation efforts are leading towards success.

How To Avoid Your Marketing Automation Campaign From Failing

1.) Treating your leads like all of them are the same.

Most marketers are sending mass emails containing the same content at all of their target audience. Though this can save a lot of time and effort, it can prove to be a problematic method since the majority of internet users prefer emails that are more personalized and are catered specifically to them.

Your target audience wants to feel special, which is why you need to treat them that way by sending them personalized emails. Doing so will entice them about how your brand cares for them. In a recent report by Marketo, it was concluded that the use of enriched content and digital interaction resulted in much higher open, click, and engagement rates.

Before you can send personalized emails, you need to know your target audience well by segmenting your email list. Group each of your leads according to the category that they fall in and create a personalized email that caters specifically to them. This ensures that they are receiving relevant email content.

2.) Not utilizing user behaviour enough to target leads.

User behaviour is a good indicator of how you will personalize your emails according to each of your target audience. Not using it means you are overlooking an extremely relevant component for segmenting your leads. Instead, what a lot of companies do is send out bland and generic email messages to an assortment of audiences, all while gaining little to no results. To avoid this from happening, you need to trigger your messages based on the actions that your audience is taking and responding with some useful information. The results will be more email clicks, opens, and conversions.

To get started, you should make sure that you are actually listening to user behaviour, which would include the following: page visits, email opens, and link clicks. Setup a scoring model to help measure overall interest. With the information you gathered from your leads, you can then create triggered responses and start engaging with your audience in a more meaningful conversation.

3.) Marketing Strategy is not designed to meet Relevant Business Goals.

Arguably the biggest mistake that today’s marketers commit is not tracking their key performance indicators (KPIs). If you are running a business that continues to collect traditional marketing statistics like open and click rates to support you with your decisions, you might as well not expect to get the ideal revenue for your business.

While both metrics are essential for the progress of particular marketing activities, most of them are utterly meaningless since they don’t tie directly towards gaining revenue. Instead of prioritizing these statistics, focus more on the ones that drive revenue, specifically the following:

  • cost per program success
  • new names per program
  • cost per opportunity
  • generated pipelines
  • pipeline to investment

Stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t let this marketing automation errors hinder your online marketing progression. Success in online marketing can only be measured by the amount of relevance in your efforts. It’s time you start doing the right thing. Keep a close eye on these three mistakes and make sure you’re not committing them.

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