header image of the blog title "Boosting Your Current Repeat Purchase Through Social Media" with a background image of left hand holding a mobile phone and animated icon of globe and social media icons
header image of the blog title "Boosting Your Current Repeat Purchase Through Social Media" with a background image of left hand holding a mobile phone and animated icon of globe and social media icons

3 Social Media Sites to Help You Generate A Repeat Purchase

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Ever wondered what social media could do for your business? Think of repeat purchase, customer referrals, double the repeat customer, and even 3x to 4x brand awareness. Social media is powerful. With social media, you can gain millions of followers by just one viral post. With social media, you can get 2x even up to 4x repeat purchase. But, this titan of an advertising medium is not all sugar and spice. Because social media is also a dangerous tool if wrongly tampered with. It can cause your company stocks to hit rock bottom, and cause you to lose your customers. Social media transfers information faster than most news agencies out there. Your goal is not to turn social media into an enemy but an ally. And this will teach you just how to do that.

Raise Your Repeat Purchase Through Social Media

1. Facebook

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FACEBOOK – 3 Social Media Sites To Help You Generate a Repeat Purchase

Befriend the gargantuan social media site Facebook. Think of it more than 2.2 billion people use this titan of a website. It’s blue and white logo is easily recognisable, even by countries who don’t use Facebook. Just by the sheer size of its audience making it big on Facebook will give you greater reputation and double the sales. So how do you create a good impression on this social media platform? Think of a CRM Singapore tool vendor, let’s say he sells marketing automation tools and a CRM software provider in Singapore. What kind of Facebook page would attract more sales for his product? We’ll sum up the main things you need to do for your page to be known.

  • Infuse creativity – everyone likes looking at pleasant things, that is a fact! So the first thing you should do is make your page look beautiful. Upload high-quality pictures. Plan your banner well. Think of your display picture/ profile picture. Everything needs to have an organisation. Follow a theme. And make sure that your theme is relevant to the product you are selling.
  • Be engaging – the biggest mistake that businessmen make when deciding or creating a page is thinking that it should be professional or stoic even. Consumers today don’t like buying from aloof individuals! They want people who can make them feel comfortable. Be that person!
  • Have a Strategy – you don’t create a business out of thin air, you make a plan. The same goes for your Facebook page; it needs to be strategised and have a clear goal. Schedule your posting time, evaluate what you post. Be your own page critic.
  • Create a personality – you need to treat your Facebook page like a breathing human. By that we mean, give it personality. Define its tone when speaking through your posts. Is your page sassy? Or is it manly? Is it carefree or organised? Your posts should mirror that personality, because when you do that your page will become more relatable. It will feel human; not some entity created just for selling.
  • Know your demographics – who are you trying to target? Is your audience travellers? Or are they corporate executives. By knowing who you are selling to, it’s easier to plan your whole approach to selling. Structuring your page to cater to your target individuals allow you to make a name for yourself with those people. Combining this last trait with the other three and you have a powerful machine to help you make your customers make a repeat purchase and even become a repeat customer.

2. Youtube

a person sitting on a couch watching youtube videos on a black tablet, youtube is one of the example of social media sites to get repeat customers
YOUTUBE – 3 Social Media Sites To Help You Generate a Repeat Purchase

Another friendly giant that you should be getting close with is Youtube. This website has a whopping 5 billion views every single day, and 8 out of 10 from these views are made up of 18 – 49 years old. People nowadays prefer videos because it has visuals and audios, and it is also short. And although creating videos is a tiring task, not to mention, starting a channel in the midst of millions in the platform can be very discouraging.

However, never forget that all of the successful channels started out small—just like you. Not only will it provide a good backlink for your website, but it can also be a good source of traffic.

Just like starting a business, it is essential for you to determine who your targets are. If you detect who your audience is, you will know what they find valuable and what they find pleasurable.

If you’re wondering how videos can help you in your business, here’s the thing, videos can help you show your expertise in your own business. You can post up tutorials, Do-it-Yourself (DIY)  or any type of video that fits your current market. Not only will it entertain your customer, but it can also educate them about your product. Neil Patel for example currently has over 150 000 subscribers. His videos are about the basics of digital marketing which obviously is helping a lot of people.

And in his descriptions, writes the link for his website, as well as his blog. And now, he is able to establish a good reputation for himself.


  1. Determine Your Audience and What Content to Create
  2. Your Youtube name should be your Business’ Name
  3. Shoot Videos
  4. Make a Playlist (by Topic)
  5. Don’t forget to put the link to your website in the Description or in the Video itself

Bonus: Short videos are viewed more.

3. WhatsApp

an open cellphone with a logo of whatsapp on a notebook and blue pen placed on a blue surface, whatsapp is one of the social media sites to get repeat purchase
WHATSAPP – 3 Social Media Sites To Help You Generate a Repeat Purchase

The friendly green WhatsApp may seem new to others, but this platform has 1.5 billion users, beating out the likes of the sky blue bird Twitter. WhatsApp is technically a simple messaging app that allows you to send messages, share files and images and even free voice and video calls. You can do all of this using your internet connection. In fact, it’s the most popular alternative to the traditional SMS (short message service) in 109 countries around the globe. With that said you know that this messaging app is a big deal! Imagine just making a few percents off that 1.5 billion as buyers of the product; we are taking large scale here. So, on to the question. How do you make an impact in WhatsApp?

  • Build a persona, not a page – WhatsApp offers no ad space for businesses to use or thrive on. It’s a messaging app, so in order to utilise it to your advantage, you need to create a persona that customers can talk to. Take a look at the brand Absolut Vodka. They launched their new product Limited Edition Absolut Unique bottle through an exclusive party. But, there was only one way to join the event. And that was to convince the imaginary bouncer Sven in WhatsApp. Their campaign resulted into 1000 unique images, videos and audio messages sent by people to Sven. The campaign was successful, and it created a buzz in the community.
  • Be a Tutor – A mayonnaise brand in Brazil, Hellmann’s, wanted to inspire people to cook with their product, so they invited real chefs to create recipes with mayonnaise. Customers and prospects were invited to share their phone numbers with pictures of what they had on hand. Users were treated to one-on-one cooking lessons with the chefs using WhatsApp. The result 13,000 participants spent an average time of 65 minutes on the brand’s WhatsApp. And the service rating for the brand rose to 99.5%.
  • Be always service ready – this plays particularly true to your high-value buyers and longest customers. Offer them discreet tips and advice to them and notify them about product launches and brand events. WhatsApp allows you to message 256 users at once. It’s not much if you’re into large scale, but if you’re just starting or an SME wanting to gain more customers, then 256 is big. A campaign by a high-end lingerie store used this strategy, and it resulted in 112 conversations. 31% of the people in the chat bought from the store and 69% went to the website. Imagine the purchase rate increase that happened.

Final Thoughts

Today, Social Media has become an essential part of our lives. You can use it to your advantage, be it a tool for gaining traffic, repeat purchase or repeat customer. With the right strategy, Social Media can be your biggest ally to double the revenue and double the reputation. It all depends if you are willing to the take action to use it, now.

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