5 Symptoms that Tell Your Business is in Dire Need for Automation

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Are your endless tasks making you wish you could multiply or clone yourself? Handling a business is surely not a one-man job and you can’t keep doing everything by yourself. You might be wasting valuable time doing low-value work. When you own a business, sales and revenue growth is usually of utmost priority. But, are you experiencing fluctuations in your sales and can’t seem to figure out a sustainable plan? You feel that sales are not growing as fast as it should even if there is a good product-market fit.

Small businesses encounter different obstacles during the growth phase. Main issues often arise from lack of funds and labor force. This is where CRM and automated marketing goes to your rescue and can assist you in planning your growth strategy. The manual lead research and follow-ups process can be automated. Marketing automation is already used by Fortune 500 companies to grow a predictable stream of revenue. If you are feeling and experiencing these following symptoms, it could be a good time to look at automation.

5 Signs That Your Business Is In Need Of Automation

1. Fluctuating revenues.

Revenues from email marketing rely on the email list. The bigger the email list, the higher the probabilities of converting your prospects into actual customers to boost sales. But, you cannot expect everybody to sign for your mailing list. The key is building trust. Building trust will require constant nurturing of your leads. According to experts, there are 7 to 13 touchpoints in the sales funnel before you can turn a lead into a customer. All these touchpoints require varied marketing efforts such as opt-in forms, follow-up emails and other marketing strategies.

However, this will only remain in theory unless you incorporate an automation platform for your marketing. Through your marketing automation, you can design and set up opt-in forms and strategically place them on your website pages. This can help in increasing the probabilities for sign-up. You can keep a list of your subscribers so you can do follow-ups and updates on your next planned campaigns. Marketing automation can also provide you with metrics: the number of emails opened, clicked email links and many more.

2. You’re wasting valuable time.

 Do you find yourself getting caught up doing workloads and urgent matters instead of important ones? Do you spend your time micromanaging instead of planning strategies for more effective marketing? Do you have an outstanding marketing team but feel like you are not doing enough?

 Technology continues to introduce newer and different solutions for businesses and you surely don’t want to get left out. It’s 2018 and chances are, your competition will be automating. Every process in business is linked to each other – from the data you collected from your leads up to the final stage where they make a purchase. According to Lenskold Group, 78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation is most responsible for improving their revenue contribution.

Instead of doing repetitive manual tasks, automation can do it for you and save you from all the hassle of remembering when to send email/promotions and whom to send it to. Most small businesses operate with limited manpower resources and it is very challenging to keep up with everything that is happening. Automating means having infinite resources at your fingertips and spending more time on more creative and crucial tasks.

Managing your business processes with automated scheduling streamlines your efforts and saves valuable time. With automation, you can ensure higher customer engagements with reduced manual efforts. Double or even triple customer communication with minor or even zero hassle. Processes that usually takes weeks to finish can be done in an hour or two, or even much lesser time. This will mean more time for you and your team to plan, strategize and generate new and improved ideas for your business. Earn, save time and never lose the competitive edge.

3. Campaigns are not getting profitable.

You are marketing in order to earn money. But, what if your campaigns are just not working? What if you can’t point out where the problem is and have no idea what to change in your strategies? Marketing automation can help you ease this burden by providing you with statistics that can help you track the progress of your campaigns. Automation helps you measure your performance. You can compare and analyze weekly or monthly data so you can see if your campaigns are reaching the planned goals or not. It allows you to examine your results, from the start up to the end of the campaign.

With automation, you can then modify your future planned campaigns and focus on results. With this, you can productively align your sales and marketing and improve campaign management. It gives you the freedom to design your campaign with the goals of making profits, instead of just launching campaigns after campaigns without knowing what will work and what will not. In addition, marketing automation allows you to reach multi-channels, also known as omnichannel marketing, for your campaign, reaching a bigger audience and more opportunities. You are able to understand what the market is saying, what they need and how your services/products can be improved and sold.

4. Unqualified leads do not go down your sales funnel.

The sales funnel is crucial for businesses who want to earn money. The principle of the sales funnel is to get people to the last part where they become a customer. But first, they are just leads.

Leads can differ from each other – needs, wants, level of interests and engagements, demographics and as well as their location in the buyer’s funnel. So the most common mistake you need to avoid doing is treating your leads the same – sending the same emails without knowing where they are in their sales funnel journey. You might have good lead generation but very low lead conversions. This might be the reason why you are not earning more money than you should be and your marketing efforts become in vain.

You can avoid this pitfall by using marketing automation. With automation, you can easily segment your leads based on their engagements. Each lead has different interests and you can make this interest a focal point for your marketing effort. For instance, you have different services offered, say, Service A and Service B. A particular lead might be interested in Service A and not Service B. With automation, you can focus marketing Service A to this lead and persuade them to avail it instead of marketing another service they do not need. This way, you increase your chances of pushing leads down to the sales funnel and increase conversions.

5. Inconsistent marketing efforts.

Undoubtedly, you are putting efforts for your marketing but you are asking why it’s not giving you the revenue. Your problem might lie on the inconsistency of running your marketing campaigns.

With all the different tasks involved in the success of a marketing campaign: planning, launching, tracking and analysing, all of these can be made easy with automation. Instead of you or your team manually setting and monitoring a campaign, all you have to do is make sure that you set the plans and the right emails are sent to corresponding lead segments. After the campaign is up and the results are in, you can quickly examine it and make the necessary changes to your campaign.

The automation shoulders majority of the work while you and your marketing team can focus on the strategies and the changes you want to make to maximise the effects of your marketing efforts and growth strategies.


These are only five of the many ways you can leverage marketing automation to help you reach the growth and the success of your business. Ride the tide and start incorporating automation into your business endeavours and you might have that increase in sales you’ve wanted, at the tip of your fingers.

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