Why You Should Get Serious About Marketing Automation

January 29, 2016 Marketing, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

If you have been hoping that marketing automation was just a passing trend that you could wait out, prepare for your hopes to be dashed.  This is no flash in the pan digital marketing tactic and, if you haven’t adopted the practice yet, you may find yourself left in the dust.  It has been estimated that 49% of top performing companies are currently using marketing automation. That number grows exponentially each year.  Let’s discuss what marketing automation is and how it can benefit your business.

Marketing Automation Basics

Running most businesses requires that you actually show up each day. This involves fulfilling customer obligations, attending meetings, and performing any other tasks. Doesn’t it overwhelm you having to respond to emails, do social media marketing, and make blogs? This is where marketing automation comes in, and more. It can streamline the process of generating more revenue for your company. It does this by doing the following:

  • Communications: sending emails or texting to generate leads or to nurture existing leads.
  • Profiling: collecting intelligence from visitors’ behaviors when they click a link in your email, visit a page on your website, download a whitepaper, watched a video, answered a survey, completed an assessment and so on.
  • Integrating Sales and Marketing: sending only qualified leads with higher engagement to the sales team, and able to attribute the sale to the marketing activity

Its Benefits

While these systems may seem confusing on the surface, when used properly they are designed to save you both time and money in your marketing efforts.  Specifically, these are the benefits you can expect by adopting marketing automation in your business.

  • More Leads and Conversions

This is what it’s really all about, isn’t it?  Don’t just take our word for it.  VentureBeat, a leading tech news source, analyzed these systems and found that 80% of marketing automation users saw their leads increase, and 77% achieved increased conversions.  In short, the ROI is there with marketing automation.

  • Save Time

Time is money. Above all else, marketers indicate that the biggest benefit to marketing automation is saving time.  The ways to save time with these systems are many, from pre-scheduling email blasts and social media posts to re-purposing existing content and quick creation of targeted landing pages.

  • Put the Innovation Back in Marketing

Believe it or not, these systems don’t turn your marketing program into an impersonal robotic wasteland.  Instead, they allow you to stop doing those repetitive daily tasks so that you can focus your attention on innovative marketing projects and creating personal relationships with customers.

  • Information is Power

Marketing automation systems provide companies with information about their marketing efforts and customers like never before.  It becomes possible to identify potential bottlenecks in a sales funnel system as well as to see which social media campaigns are the most successful so that they can be replicated.  Marketing automation systems also allow for advanced A/B testing so that you can find the most efficient campaign every time.

  • Multi-Channel Targeting

It would be naive to think that customers are only receptive to marketing on just one platform.  These sophisticated systems allow companies to reach customers across various channels, both online and offline.   A sales funnel can be set up that combines email, SMS messages, social media, postcard mailing, and a phone call.

Getting started with marketing automation may seem like a big step for many companies.  That’s because it is!  Finding the best solution for your needs is a process in itself as is the implementation.  However, there is little doubt that these systems provide excellent returns to businesses through savings of both time and marketing dollars.  The personalized marketing solutions that can be executed through these systems helps companies build strong relationships, driving continued growth.

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