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The Essential Elements For Successful Lead Capturing

May 29, 2018 Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Lead capturing is a process that most companies take for granted. They assume that it’s just a matter of giving people what they are looking for. But there’s more to the lead capture than providing the solution. It’s also about guiding them towards different information and content that will get them interested and will eventually lead them to your product.

Lead capture is a set of processes, not an instant solution. Immediately showing your target audience the answer to their problem isn’t going to encourage them to purchase from you. Instead, it is a steady flow where you will lead them from point A to point B, along with building their trust and interest. By doing so, you can get the best results at the end of the process.

Elements For Successful Lead Capturing

The journey begins the moment your target audience sees and clicks your ad, and ends when they are finally going to purchase your product or service. This method is implemented through a process called the Lead Capture System, which is just a longer and fancier term for “sales process.”

The Lead Capture System, also known as Lead Management System, consists of the following:

  • Targeted marketing
  • A landing page featuring clear-cut instructions of what you intend for your leads to do and how they can reach you out and contact you once they become interested
  • A practical method for getting in touch with leads.

Targeted Marketing

Who exactly are the people you are selling to? What are their age brackets? What are their lifestyles? What do you think will attract them to consider your product? What are they going to use it for? You might assume that these are very personal questions, but getting personal is essential to get an accurate picture of the persona that best fits on who you’re targeting. We’re pretty sure your target persona is not “anyone who wants your product/service.”

If you are unaware of your target persona, you need to find out right away. Before you begin formulating your lead capture strategy, you have to identify the person you’re building for. Keep in mind that while your ads aren’t part of your lead capture process, the customer demographics information that you can get from it is among the most crucial data that you need to get.

Once you’ve determined your target persona, the next thing you need to address is their status. Are you targeting new customers or returning ones? Are you also targeting leads from your email newsletter list?

If you are marketing to fresh customers, you should not pitch hard or else they’ll turn you off. Just imagine yourself walking into a store for the very first time, and a salesperson immediately approaches you and starts discussing how their products are the best and that you should buy for them alone. Almost instantly, you get irritated. This scenario is the same as your target audience, which is why as early as possible, you should not start selling them your product right away. Instead, use subtle selling methods, such as providing helpful information that doesn’t promote your products directly. This would include the following:

  • Written Content
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blog Posts
  • Informative Articles

Once you’ve finally come up with your list of targeted leads, your objective will now shift towards turning them into buying customers. You can do so by encouraging them to register on either of the following: e-course, exciting news, and updates about your brand, or a form that – once filled-up – will offer a free downloadable. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that it gets people to open and read your sent emails and visit your site.

You should also consider what you’re selling. If it’s a standard item that most of your target audience is looking for, you can choose to define it straightforwardly, and offer people the opportunity to purchase the first visit. For the ones who are selling products that fall under the not-so-common category, the process of lead capturing gets a lot more complicated.

Landing Page

Your landing page is where your potential customers will be redirected to once they click your ad. A landing page is considered as the backbone of your lead capturing campaign that holds everything together. That’s the reason why it’s also called the “lead capture page.”

The biggest mistake that marketers do is leading prospects from their advertisements straight to their website. Avoid this mistake. You should direct them to your landing page first on your homepage. A lead capture page is essential since it is designed to gather specific results. One of the biggest challenges for beginners is how to design their landing page. Fortunately, the majority of online marketers have already determined the best template that beginners can replicate: an interesting headline, a form field for collecting contact data, and a compelling call-to-action.

You should always start with your headline, as it’s one of the essential parts. According to surveys, 80% of communication made to a customer from the landing page is done through the headline.

You should also consider the idea of “message matching.” This concept determines how well your lead capture page matches with the ones you sent in a particular ad that led them to it. If your ad as a weak message match, it will be treated as spam or misleading content.

Build Trust

Through the process that your landing page provides, you have to show your target audience the legitimacy of your brand. You have to convince your customers that you are a credible business. Do not be a drive-by that only gets information from congesting inboxes with spammed emails and ads for unwanted products or services.

The way you present your brand plays a significant role – invest money and time in amazing design and good writing. Also, add an anti-spam statement to legitimize your brand’s reliability further.

Lead capturing is a straightforward concept with a multitude of complicated execution methods. Choose only the most ideal one for you and your business. Also, don’t afraid to go beyond limits and try out different approaches. Don’t stress yourself on your lead capture process. Make it a way for you to connect with your audience without looking desperate or fake. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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