blog title "These Email Marketing Campaign Factors Highly Affect Your Business" with an image banner of a graph
blog title "These Email Marketing Campaign Factors Highly Affect Your Business" with an image banner of a graph

These Email Marketing Campaign Factors Highly Affect Your Business

July 3, 2019 Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

Are you struggling with how to get your email marketing campaign successful? Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and constantly-growing marketing tools. As much as how it makes it easier for marketers to get in touch with customers and help businesses earn higher revenues, it’s also one of the most complicated channels to do, if not successfully implemented.

Albeit compared to social media marketing, mobile marketing and other channel mediums, it may seem that email isn’t effective. However, if it’s done the right way, the return of investment (ROI) and the impact it brings to your business is greater than what you can imagine.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to market your brand to the general public and your niche. It’s one of the most trusted forms of a channel with at least 77% of consumers choosing email over different channels. You engage and develop relationships with potential customers to give them an awareness of what you’re offering, keep current customers informed and updated of your brand, offering sales, coupons, packages to encourage customer loyalty and retention, etc.

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Why Marketers Trust Email Marketing?

Going online on social media is the most prevalent marketing idea if you plan to engage with customers, yet why is email marketing still hot these days? 

Despite the number of users of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have, as of the year 2019, about 68% of millennials’ purchase decisions are influenced by promotional emails (Fluent). And, there is a 90% assurance of your email reaching your target’s inbox, compared to how many people can see your posts on their feed. There’s no reason for marketers to miss this chance of gaining an advantage of such a large number of audience. But how is a successful email campaign made? 

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These seven (7) key factors infused with effective marketing automation amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

There are factors you should consider and focus on planning a well-organised and an effective email marketing strategy. Along the way, together with efficient marketing automation like Infusionsoft by Keap in Singapore, contribute to the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

  1. Your Brand’s Subscriber Count

The quantity of people included in your email subscriber campaign list is one of the factors you should take into account. These people can influence and impact how your email marketing strategy will be performing. 

Creating an organised and solid subscriber base is an essential part of an email marketing campaign. Especially, if you have marketing automation to support for your email campaign, for example, Infusionsoft by Keap in Singapore, it forms a solid connection during promotional efforts. 

Also, you should keep a careful eye on your email subscribers list, and you wouldn’t want to forget anyone important — someone, who’s exactly looking for what you’re offering.

  1. Delivery Rate Of Your Email Campaign

Your email campaign’s delivery rate is also one of the factors of an email marketing campaign that you should continuously monitor. There are various ways of spicing and hyping your email marketing up. As an example, sending out your emails on a Monday morning- the beginning of the working week, or sending your promo deals, sales, package, etc. ahead of time to increase your sales.

For the record, the time you spend hyping up your email campaign must coincide with the delivery time to make sure your subscribers receive the emails at a timely and predictable manner.

  1. Increasing The Open Rate Percentage

The main goal of your email marketing campaign is to increase the open rate percentage. Achieving a higher percentage of open and clickthrough rate and having an interaction with your leads will also increase your conversion rate. However, if people only delete your emails as they receive it without opening the email, it won’t increase your revenue nor your open rate percentage.

Although there are ways to increase this, such as creating a captivating subject headline to capture your subscriber’s attention, ensure that your headline properly corresponds to the content of your email and reflects the promotion you’re offering. Brainstorm and experiment on creating engaging titles, it’s worth it.

  1. Monitoring The Bounce Rate

Keeping track of your email bounce rate is also important. Bounce rate is the percentage rate of people bouncing off your page. You can monitor this on tools like Google Analytics. The goal is to aim to lower and decrease the bounce rate, which 

  1. Improving Your Click-To-Conversion Rate Percentage

Another important factor is to spend time increasing and improving your conversion rate. It’s not enough that people only open and clicks on the links of your emails, motivate and get them to purchase what you’re offering to increase your revenue. 

  1. Keeping Track Of Your eCPM

This is also another important factor used to track the statistical data of your emails on the email marketing campaigns and strategies you’ve launched. Your eCPM lets you picture and analyse the statistics of your campaigns and the success rate it reflects on your revenue.

  1. Lifetime Value Per Email

Have you taken the value of customers into account? How they give impact to your brand? The primary goal of marketing is to influence the potential and lifetime value of a customer to your business.

Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) is somewhat a prediction of your net profit with regards to a customer’s lifetime relationship.

In order to acquire solid customers that retains and continues to do business with your brand over time, you spend time building and creating the best campaign that best converts. The kind of campaign that makes them purchase what you’re brand’s offering. When you find this type of customers, keep them. Invest more in keeping lifetime customers instead of just getting the one-time ones.

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These six (6) other aspects are what you should consider for a well-executed email marketing campaign. Such factors exert an influence on increasing the success of your email marketing strategy, as well as brand awareness and online visibility. The following are:

  1. Getting Your Audience’s Consent

You have with you already a list of leads whom you want to get in contact with, but before you launch the campaign, it’s important to assess whether your audience would want to receive an email from you. 

You should take precautions and thoroughly sift through your list; for instance, including members who aren’t subscribed to your newsletter, should never make the final list of leads. As well as to audience who subscribed but have never had any engagement contact, should be dealt with discretion.

To heighten the interaction with your visitors and audience, try to approach them as straightforward as possible. Don’t force them to subscribe; let them give you their consent. Giving their consent willingly is a huge step forward to creating a well-founded trust and strong audience retention.

  1. Offering Valuable Content

Formulating quality content to offer your subscribers that establishes the correct message is one of the challenges in deliverability you’ll have to face. Sending irrelevant and or misleading content only increases the risk of having multiple unsubscribers, or worse, your email being marked as spam. No one is interested in reading emails unassociated of their preferences.

Offer the valuable content based on why and what made users subscribe to your newsletter in the first place. 

In addition, your content is the visual design of your email, and it only makes sense if you keep a well-structured design and consistency. Be open to personalising interesting content to marginalise the open rates. Always indicate your name and address to gain their trust to build your reputation. Most importantly, be mindful of adaptive designs for different devices for much better user experience.

  1. Proper Segmentation Of Your Leads

Is your email reaching the right people? Stop sending bulk emails. Avoid sending the same content to all of your subscribers, instead segment your audience into groups. Proper segmentation gives you better results, with higher open rates and revenue. This might cause a deliverability issue, which may result in lower open rates, spam complaints and lesser revenues. 

For example, your male audience wouldn’t be too pleased in receiving emails for discount coupons for female goods. They’ll only disregard the email and dump it to trash.

Leave the mindset that excluding some users out of the launched email campaign will only lessen your revenue. It’s more cost-effective if you segment your list based on your audience’s demography, geography and behaviour. Segmenting your audience gives you hyperfocus and lets you recognise your niche. 

  1. Sending Out Emails With Strategic Timing

Time is a critical part of launching an email campaign. The scheduled launch may happen daily, biweekly, weekly or monthly, but if you have no definite schedule or you send emails at an irregular basis, there’s a chance that some discrepancy may occur with deliverability. Instead, your brand’s reliability might suffer damage in return. 

Scheduling your email regularly will let your subscribers know when to wait for your email, which creates comfortability that forms trust and customer retention.

  1. Checking Email Deliverability

Launching an email campaign and sending emails to your active members regularly can help your brand maintain a reputation. Stop sending emails to inactive members, who haven’t made any engagement with you for months, which may subject your email as a fraud.    

Email deliverability is as good as dealing with ‘science,’ where you experiment using different practices to look for the best ways for your emails to be directly sent to your leads inbox. Although, you may encounter technical issues involving the content of your email or your email’s infrastructure.   

  1. Testing Your Emails

Testing is an excellent way to increase the success rate and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Performing A/B split testing on your email’s subject headline, content and call to action (CTA) can let you keep track of the percentage of the open rate and click rate, as well as, you can monitor the percentage rate of purchase. 

However, even with the A/B testing, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get an ‘exact’ result, but it does help analyse the most effective version of the email campaign.

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With a carefully planned and well-organised preparation, you are able to achieve and get more than what you expect for your business to have and for your goal. As a business owner, you continue to learn new things that’ll continue to expand and improve your business. In addition, with tools like a CRM in Singapore, for instance, can help you gain control of your business. 

The bottom line is to be ready and have a plan. An effective email marketing campaign is a combination of all of these attributes used in a strategic way that’ll let you track and monitor progress easily.

To Wrap It Up

There’s no one-size-fits-all in email marketing. You have to experiment with your way to gain the upper hand and learn the ropes of it. Keep developing and improving your strategies until you find what suits best your list. After all, learning is a process; you won’t have everything in just a snap. Focus on each step and continue to learn because it never ends.

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