Top 5 Strategies for Increasing Your Marketing Mailing List

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All of us wants to have a large marketing mailing list in our Marketing Automation Software with lots of people eager to buy from your business. This is the exact reason why some business owners choose to buy contact list, hoping that some of these people may come to like their brand. But buying a mailing list will only drop your email reputation down.

Now, if you’re thinking of actually buying a list, I’m telling you as early as now— don’t. Why not try growing a mailing list organically.

What is a Mailing List?

Your mailing list is where the information of your subscriber is placed. Most of the time, your mailing list is stored in your CRM Singapore Software’s cloud storage. To simply say it your mailing list contains the data of the recipients of your emails.

There 3 Types of Mailing Lists:

  • Response List
    Composed of people who responded to your offers and are interested in it.
  • Compiled List
    List of people you have gathered from different sources such as surveys, polls, etc.
  • Announcements
    List of customers who have bought from you and needs to be informed about news, updates, discounts and new product announcements.

Your mailing list may vary depending on what your goal is. If you’re aiming to convert your leads into customers, you can create a mailing list of leads who are going to be receiving your emails.  For some CRM Software namely Infusionsoft by Keap, allows you to tag your contacts so sending personalised and relevant emails will be easier.

Now, if you want to expand, you need to improve your lead capturing tactic. Here 5 ways to increase the contacts on your mailing list.

  1. Get Email Addresses from Facebook Ads

    This is common among small business whose goal is to expand their mailing list. The good thing about this is that it can reach a lot of people in such a short amount of time, plus these people are most likely interested in your offer. Now the challenge for this tactic is that, if you do not have an effective way to convert your subscribers into customers, then you may want to think again. Facebook ads are expensive, and if you don’t have an idea on how you can turn these people into customers, then you’re just wasting your time.

    However, if you have an effective strategy and are confident that you can turn these subscribers into customers, then Congratulations! You’re on your way into growing your business.

  2. Use Lead Magnets

    First of all, what are lead magnets? From the word itself magnet, this is an email marketing tactic where you’re offering your customer something, in exchange for their email and subscription. Here’s a list of lead magnets you can use to capture your leads:

  • EBooks
  • Free Course
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Templates
  • Checklists   

ReportsNow, you have to make sure that the lead magnet that you’re using is related to your business. If you have a project management business, you have to use an eBook or a free course that is related to your business. This way, you know that the people you’re targeting are the people who are interested in the kind of service that you’re offering.

Bonus Tip: You can use lead magnets in your Facebook Ads, and you have to make sure that your headline is captivating. Think of the needs and wants of your target and think of a way on how your product can aid this.

  1. Use Popups on Your Website

    You see this a lot on the websites you visit. You’re reading their blog, and along the way, a pop-up comes and asks you to sign up for their updates and newsletters. Why do you think business owners use this tactic? To annoy their readers? No. Business owners use pop-ups so subscribing will be a lot easier for their visitors, especially if the blog is 3,000 words long and the sign-up form is still at the bottom of the page. Now, some pop-ups can be annoying especially if you just visited the page and it shows up right away without giving you the opportunity to know more about the blog. If you don’t want to be annoying, you can opt to trigger the pop-up:

  • 30 seconds after the visitor opens the page
  • when the visitor has scrolled for about 50% on your site
  • when the visitor reaches the bottom of your blog
  1. Incorporate it in Your Sign Up Form

    This is probably the easiest tactic to create a large email distribution list. You can easily place a checkbox where users who choose to sign up on your website can tick the box if they want to receive your emails. Now, you don’t want to scam people on having them to sign-up for your emails without their consent. You have to make sure that you have clearly stated what the ticking off the checkbox meant.

    Be honest with your intention. Not informing the users about this information may land you to ‘Report as Spam’, so instead of turning these users into customers, you made them unsubscribe from you.

  2. Use Social Networking Sites

    Social Networking Sites is where most people are. It’s like a whole pond filled with fishes; all you need is an excellent bait. You can even use lead magnets for this one to make sure you’re only reeling in the ones who are interested in what you’re offering. You can also set up an account for these websites, post your link to your website and ask them to sign up for your newsletters and updates. However, you have to make sure that you’re active on all of your Social Media Profiles because no one likes to talk to a person who doesn’t respond.

Bonus Tip: Make sure all your posts are engaging and is talking with people.

Final Thoughts

There are more tactics out there that can help you grow your mailing list. You can even customise the ones that are listed above into your liking, as long as it works in increasing the number of your contacts. But remember, these are only tactics for growing your mailing list, the process of converting your subscribers into customers is up to you.

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