blog title "Using List Segmentation To Increase Your Click-Throughs" with a background image of man wearing suit holding a pen pointing on a paper
blog title "Using List Segmentation To Increase Your Click-Throughs" with a background image of man wearing suit holding a pen pointing on a paper

Using List Segmentation To Increase Your Click-Throughs

June 21, 2019 CRM Software, Marketing Automation, Sales Management 0 Comments

Most business owners have used email Marketing for an apparent reason, and that is to increase revenues. Together with this widespread use of marketing automation, is the rise of the dreaded spam emails. In order to give the people an excellent customer experience, email service providers created filters to prevent unwanted emails from going through your inbox. Now, if you want your emails to be delivered in your contact’s inbox, it would be best if you practice list segmentation.

What is List Segmentation?

Suppose you own a cafe. Every day your customers, including the regulars, order a different dish from your menu. Wouldn’t it be better if you know what your customers want in the first place? If you know what your customers want, you can easily give them what they need. By giving them this, you will earn their trust, enough to recommend your cafe to their friends and family.


Email list segmentation is the process of grouping people together who have the same interests. This way, you can deliver them personalised contents that they will find relevant. Remember, your customers want to talk with people, not with robots. If they know that you are making an effort in giving them personalised content, you will earn their trust because it implies that you are not only after them for their cash.

What is the Importance of List Segmentation?

  1. Increasing Your Click-Through Rate

Even if you offer 1 type of product or service, your clients and customers are different. If you are selling an umbrella, your customers will vary from Parents to Students. Now, if you want to make a sale, you should be able to connect with your customer. If your customer is a mother who’s looking for an umbrella for her daughter, you should talk to the mother in a way that the wellness of her daughter is ensured. If your customer is a student, you must speak to the student in a way that they will be convinced to buy the umbrella.

Personalisation is the key to making more click-throughs and sales. If you know what grabs your customers’ attention, it’s easier for you to make your customer check your offer out. If you haven’t started with your customer segmentation yet, now would be a great time to start. Think of the different types of your people on your list and group those people who have the same interest together.

  1. Guiding People Down Your Sales Funnel

The people from your contact list are not on the same stage on your sales funnel. Some are already way ahead and are ready for your sales pitch while others are still at the earlier stage. Your customers have an individual pace; some are slow while others have a fast pace. As mentioned earlier, one of the goals for your segmentation marketing is personalisation. You cannot give a personalised email if the people on your contact list are in different stages within your funnel. This implies that you’re not grouping your contacts according to what stage they’re already in.

Remember, you have a goal for each of the stages, and it’s impossible to get your contact to achieve that goal with a general email. You have to be specific and make it seem as if you are the one who’s talking with your customer. In order to guide your customers thoroughly down your sales funnel, you have to be there to answer the questions they may have through your email.

  1. Boosting Your Email Reputation

Another advantage of being able to segment your contacts is that it can boost your reputation. Suppose that you had a lead generation campaign and you now have a list of leads. Your goal for these newly generated leads is to turn them into customers. Not every person on this list are leads of good quality. Some of these people are just there for the lead magnet and will never become your customer. Now, because you don’t know which leads are of good quality and which ones are not, you’d have to find a way to segment them.

One quick and easy way to determine which leads are good and which ones are not, is through scoring your leads. Lead scoring is where you are going to assign scores to your leads according to their interaction and behaviour with your business.

By determining which leads are of good quality from those who are not, you can prevent yourself from sending an email to those who are not interested. Remember, your open, bounce and click-through rate will affect your Email Reputation. This reputation will determine whether your email will land on your contact’s inbox or spam folder. High email reputation will bring your email towards the inbox while a low one will direct your email towards the spam folder.

Can I Segment My List Using My Marketing Automation Software?

The answer depends on what Marketing Automation and CRM Software you are using. If you are using a CRM Software from Singapore, segmenting your list is possible. One of this software is Infusionsoft by Keap. With their tagging feature, segmenting your contacts and creating a list is a lot easier.

If you are uncertain whether the email marketing software you are using doesn’t offer a segmentation feature, the best thing to do is to check your software all over again. Now, if it doesn’t have one, the best thing to do is to use another software that offers it. Especially because email service providers have been wary of what kind of emails that goes through their filter.


Final Thoughts

Starting a business can be easy but growing your own business can be tricky. It can cost you money, time and energy. The worst part above everything is being uncertain whether your lead will convert or not. Imagine investing in hundreds of leads and not having to convert a single one. What an utter waste of time. By segmenting your list, you can ensure that you are investing in the ones who are worth your time.

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