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header image of the blog title "Resolve Your Customer Related Conflicts & Boost Your CRM Services" with a background of female front desk of a building with people roaming around

Find Out The Four Ways You Can Resolve Your Customer Related Conflicts and Improve Your CRM Services

June 21, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

In the perfect world of business and CRM services, everyone gets along. Companies strive hard together with other companies to boost the economy and bring prosperity to the country. There is no competition just brotherhood and teamwork. But, this ideal work is just wishful thinking, ask any CRM Singapore expert out there if a Utopian like business world is possible and you will get a slam answer of no. In reality, competition is tough, with every company aiming to provide the best CRM services their resources can buy and developing products aimed at outdoing their competitors. And in this mad jungle of trade and industry, conflicts with customers are bound to happen, and it’s not something you can avoid as a businessman. The best move any businessman can do is look for ways to patch things up or even mitigate any damages to prevent your professional or personal relationship with your customer from going bad.

Things You Can Do To Resolve Conflicts To Have With Customers To Improve CRM Services

1. Replay History

Look back at your past and examine all your actions in the past that might have caused your conflict. If you are a marketing automation provider or a marketing automation vendor, then trace back to your implementations and new features added, or even your past conversations with your client. The goal of this action is to realise and contemplate on your actions in the past and make sure that you don’t commit the same mistakes again. By doing a history replay, you can also pinpoint the cause of your conflict if you are still oblivious to it. This act of replaying also allows you to improve your business, customer relationship and performance wise. Think of it as your company’s evaluation, and from your mistakes, you can come up with a better, customer-centered marketing plan.

2. Establish Clear Communications

Communication is the key to any relationship, and all the more for a business. Bad communications will always result in conflict in dispute, failing to communicate with your customer clearly will result in mistakes either on your part or your customers. If you are already facing conflict or an argument has already erupted between you and your client then you have all the more reason to pay close attention to your talks and discussions. Record your conversations if you must, that way you miss nothing. Putting down transparency, accuracy, and attention to detail in communicating with your clients will ensure that you don’t mess or (if you already did mess up) that you won’t commit the same mistakes again.

3. Bullseye Their Needs

Every customer has a need that you need to meet, but the problem is most of the time you don’t pay attention or even worse you know that they told you that this specific addon is what they need but you deliver the exact opposite of what they asked for. remember, a customer is always right. When providing services to them, make sure you do as they ask and not what you think they need, because chances are they will fire you and hire someone else to do your job because you are not listening. Your goal is to provide solutions to their needs, if you can expand your services to do more than fix their need, then good for you. It’s ok to spot other customer needs and do something to help fix it, but if your fix goes against what they asked, then you are just digging a hole for yourself. Take note that you are hired, or your product is bought to help them, they are your boss. In a CRM consultancy, a consultant advised a businessman, but he/she does not monopolise the whole process and dictates what the client would do like a robot without free will. Stop thinking, start listening and begin resolving your customer’s needs

4. Apologise

Last, but not the least, apologise. If you made a mistake take the humble route of saying you’re sorry. Saying something like “My bad, it won’t happen again.” won’t ease your aggravated client. Instead, take time to create a sincere apology and explain how you will solve the problem. If you made a mistake in the marketing automation and CRM integration then present a clear and concrete solution because saying sorry and then not doing anything to fix the problem is useless. When you are done with your apology and explanation, implement your plan. Make sure that your customer agrees with it, and once the problem has been fixed make sure not to do it again.

Conflicts are a standard part of any business, you need it to grow and improve your services but learning to resolve and stand back up again is a skill not many learn how to master. Fixing a problem graciously and adequately not only guarantees that you don’t lose your customer, but it also helps you build a deeper relationship. And in the case of CRM services, a deeper and stronger customer relationship will secure your CRM’s success in the future

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