header image of the blog title "The Infusionsoft CRM Platform What To Expect" and a sideview shot of a woman with a background of question marks
header image of the blog title "The Infusionsoft CRM Platform What To Expect" and a sideview shot of a woman with a background of question marks

The Infusionsoft CRM Software – What To Expect?

April 18, 2018 Features, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

We are currently living in an era where the relationship between the business and its customers is of utmost importance. For a company to thrive these days, it needs to consider the needs and preferences of its customers. That is why acquiring a CRM platform is crucial in the competitive business landscape. Among the available platforms, Infusionsoft CRM software stands among the pack as the platform that can deliver the goods.

What is Infusionsoft CRM Software?

Infusionsoft is a customer relationship management platform. It is used to manage sales and marketing, customer support, and engagement strategies for both businesses to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) industries. The CRM software of Infusionsoft provides essential features for email marketing, marketing automation, and e-commerce features all on one platform.

The Infusionsoft CRM system is designed to cater small-scale businesses and companies that have just transitioned to automated marketing. It works to optimize the user experience for companies with smaller customer support teams or individual marketers. Tasks that fall under this category would include target audience interaction, lead capture, the automated billing process, follow-ups, contact management, and payments.

Learn More About Infusionsoft CRM


Beginner’s Training

At a one-time price of $1,499, you can get access to a lot of useful tools and features from the Infusionsoft CRM software. The platform also provides a beginner’s training to new Infusionsoft customers. Once acquired, you can even get additional training support and services.

CRM Platform

The Infusionsoft CRM Platform is complete with every essential tool needed for managing prospects and existing customers. It can also be interfaced with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter through its GorSocial tool. It can monitor promotions being posted on Facebook, as well as schedule tweets and monitor feeds on Twitter. In addition, it provides customizable email and landing page templates, as well as for the creation of promotional content like contests and quizzes.

Small Business CRM

Again, the CRM component of Infusionsoft if made for small businesses. It allows users to organize and import contacts for both online and offline options. Infusionsoft users are also given the option to create customer profiles and use them to track and record customer behavior, engagement, and make use of this information to identify and prioritize leads.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation feature of the Infusionsoft CRM platform helps users engage and interact with target audiences with its automated follow-ups and lead capture capabilities. Users can create more personalized emails and other factors for communication such as sent, clicked, and opened emails, form submissions, and customer payment records. In addition, the Sales Automation feature can enable the firm’s customer support team to keep track of all emails, tasks, sales appointments, and other related activities.

Sell Online

The ‘Sell Online’ is the e-commerce management feature of Infusionsoft. It manages every aspect of your e-commerce business, including the following: shopping carts, digital storefronts, inventory, and billing management.

Marketing and Sales

Infusionsoft also offers tools that let users build customized and automated customer management campaigns. It makes use of an easy drag-and-drop interface, making it a lot more convenient for beginners. Users can create a more personalized flow of prospects and existing customer in a variety of sales and marketing scenarios.

Infusionsoft is a useful marketing automation tool for small businesses. It provides every tool essential for marketing success. Infusionsoft CRM platform is superb and can really get the job done for any marketer.

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