Common Problems Of A-OK Automated Marketing Systems

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As a modern-day marketer, you probably have been looking into incorporating automated marketing systems for your business. Every business has different marketing needs and if you are new to finding your answers, you might be drawn to the primary solution that is first presented to you even if it only offers minimal returns. These solutions might be in the “A-OK” level. Yes, many of these solutions contain the answers to our fundamental problems but we sure know that this won’t last, it won’t be long until you encounter bigger obstacles and your A-OK automation solutions won’t be good enough.

Why A-OK Automated Marketing Systems Don’t Work

Let’s go through the mishaps of an A-OK marketing automation solutions in the framework of lead scoring which is a prime element for the success of our marketing efforts.

1. Single Lead Scoring.

Your business undoubtedly (or hopefully) has a growing CRM data from your leads. Unfortunately, A-OK automation systems only provide a single score for each lead. This will not be suitable for a business with multiple products or companies that offer both products and services. A single lead scoring system just won’t do the job of helping you determine which lead is actually on the way to becoming a customer.

One common mistake in scoring leads is treating all your leads equally. This becomes more inexact when you can’t figure out what to give to your leads. You will fail to nurture your ideal prospects, thus putting your sales and marketing efforts to waste. An outstanding marketing automation system features a multiple lead scoring system, allowing your business to segment leads according to the nature of your business.

2. Non-exclusive scoring campaigns.

A-OK automation solutions commonly offer uniform scoring campaigns for a CRM data attributes. For instance, if a lead fills out a form, a system-wide score is triggered by this action. However, the system doesn’t consider what kind of form was being filled out. Scoring should determine the maturity of the lead, so specific activities or attributes from a lead should have different scores even if they are under the same campaign.

3. Limited Sets of Attributes.

Excellent marketing automation solutions can offer different sets of attributes for multiple channels. A-OK systems cannot cater different attributes and this can come as impractical especially nowadays when businesses are already engaging in different channels for marketing. A complete system can also feature a classification through the frequency of lead activities and interactions on your campaigns and strategies.

4. Cannot separate interest from a fit.

Lead scoring determines if a lead is a good fit for your company. A complete marketing automation solution should be able to provide a lead scoring system that will classify a lead with a perfect fit for your company from a lead that is plainly interested. A fit will be determined by the demographics, psychographics, and information like company name, company budget, job title, etc. For example, a student has visited your website multiple times to download contents. An A-OK automation system might score this as a hot lead when he/she is not a perfect fit for your business and is not interested in making a purchase.

Selecting the complete and right CRM Singapore and Marketing Automation System is crucial to the success of your business. Avoid jumping and grabbing the solutions that first come right at your face. Think long-term and do your research. A complete marketing automation solution can give your business an advantage in the market.

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