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header image of the blog title "7 Reasons Why You Should Pick a Simple CRM System in Singapore" with a background image of singapore's park and two hands touching a tablet's screen

7 Reasons Why A Simple CRM System Beats Complicated Tools

September 4, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

When you’re buying a CRM tool, do you go for the Simple CRM system? Or, do you pick the complicated one?

Buyers today go for the advance tool because they think that advanced or complicated systems make you more productive. You achieve more with a CRM software that has a lot of features! But, in reality, anything too complicated will result in a loss more than gain. You’d be spending a considerable amount of your work hours trying to figure out how the freaking thing works! Think about it. Would you buy a product that has a 500-page manual or a product that only has a 10-page manual? Do you have the luxury of time to read a manual with 500 pages?

In order to help you decide whether or not you should buy a simple CRM Singapore software or a complicated CRM software, we have created a list for you. We’ll discuss the seven reasons why you should go for simple over complicated.

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7 Reasons To Choose Simple CRM over the Complicated

1. It Makes Your Task Easier

The CRM software you bought for your small business in Singapore is intended to make your task easier. The main reason why you chose to go digital with your customer relationship management is that you want things to be easier. A complicated CRM software for your small business will not make things easier or fast for you. On the contrary, it’ll make your whole CRM task burdensome because you have no idea how to use the 1000 features it came with. Why put yourself through all that hassle when you can just write the important information on pen and paper right?

Well, a simple CRM software won’t confound your day but will do what it’s meant to do, and that makes your task easier. It’ll only have the key functions you and your business need. It’ll automate your emails, store all your customer data, notify you about lead activity and sales activity. And best of all, all of these functions will be shown to you in a simple platform that even elementary kids can understand.

2. It Saves You Money

A simple CRM software doesn’t always mean a cheap CRM software, but what it offers is a full CRM system for what you initially pay. This means that you don’t need to worry about costly add-ons and features which only makes your CRM task confusing. You save more money in a one purchase product that gives you what you need since its complete in itself.

Most CRM software providers sell CRM systems that are striving to be the best CRM tool at the expense of ignoring user-friendly features. That’s why they create add-ons and added features with newly advanced actions for customer and lead monitoring. These new features do not come with their base system, and they only add to your cost instead of helping you get more sales.

3. A Simple CRM Motivates You to Use it More

A tool that is easy to use encourages you to use it more. Why? Because you can navigate and tinker with the whole app with ease. You won’t be faced with the problem of not knowing how the software works. In a sense, it becomes your personal CRM software that helps you accomplish your customer relationship management duties. And you want to use it more because you know how to use it.

No complex features mean that you become a master of the CRM tool on your own without the need of training videos or webinars on how to use the system. Big CRM tools and marketing automation software in Singapore are complex systems that need extra training on how to use. These training videos aren’t free too, and you have to fork up more cash from your pocket just to learn how to use a product you spent money on.

4. It Gives You A Sense of Ownership

Being able to use a CRM product on your own gives you a sense of ownership. You’re aware of each task you do, each interaction with a client or lead that you initiate and overall the flow of your CRM system. Being the master of your tool gives you a surge of accomplishment whenever people ask for your help. Your team also benefits because each of them knows how to operate the CRM system that you use.

Everyone one of you becomes a pro at using the product. You won’t be anxious when a certain employee is absent because you all know how to use the system. That’s the convenience and benefit you can get from a simple but powerful software. And it’s a convenience that no amount of advanced features and nice looking tools can compare to.

5. You Can Act Faster

The beauty of a simple system is that it frees you from the hassle of having to master confusing gears, buttons and processes. With simple CRM tools for small business, you can do more. It removes that sense of having to pass through so many processes just to interact with a client or lead.

Since it’s simple, you can quickly respond to all queries, demands, complaints and suggestions from your customers. You can also initiate actions that nurture your leads. All of this you can do fast and quick because you’re not blocked by this for-NASA-scientists-only technology. From sending emails to updating your contacts, to following your leads through the sales funnel, all of these you can do by yourself without the need for a video tutorial or how to videos from youtube or your CRM vendor’s site.

6. You Can Teach It To Others

Being a master of the tool means that you can share or teach it to others. Young trainees who are new to your company or business, you can teach them how to use the product without the need for a professional seminar. And you can do teach them all the features in a short tutorial session. And with a simple CRM’s straightforward features your employees can study and master its entirety all on their own without your intervention after your short training.

7. You Can Use the Tool To Its Full Potential

You get your full money’s worth with a simple CRM because you and your team can use it to its full potential. You can manage all your customer and lead information all on your own using the software. You can update your information, build your sales funnel, automate manual processes and customise your whole CRM system to fit your company’s need.


In buying a CRM software for your small business in Singapore, it’s always the best choice to go for the user-friendly products in the market. It’s an economical and logical choice because with a simple CRM tool you can get your full investment’s worth without the need for added tutorials and paid seminars. So if you want a product that makes your task easy, makes you feel competent, allows you to act quickly and is worth what you pay, choose a CRM tool like Infusionsoft CRM that simple and user-friendly.

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