ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of two men wearing black suit and a text "CRM Trends for the Year 2019 Every Business Owner Must Know"
ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of two men wearing black suit and a text "CRM Trends for the Year 2019 Every Business Owner Must Know"

3 CRM Trends of 2019 Every Business Owners Should Know

January 11, 2019 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Lead Nurturing Programs, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) is considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategy used by businessmen across Singapore, as well as around the world, as it had helped business giants such as Coca Cola and Under Armour. This is why you may want to take a look into what’s going to be in the CRM Trends for this year 2019.

Especially because CRM makes building a good relationship with your customers and subscribers a lot easier. Aside from that, CRM also makes data management more manageable. Before CRM came, people in business have to build relationship manually. They are sending snail mails, brochures, booklets and magazines to their subscribers and customers. They would have to deal with pulling out a whole drawer of customer addresses and other contact details, in order to make sure that the business’ relationship with their customers continues to be good.

Today, sending emails, newsletters, event invitation or making a loyalty program is only a few clicks away. However, with the constant updates from CRM Softwares, the things you could do with CRM has become limitless. Using multiple channels to gain more traffic and more conversion for your business. So, why am I talking about this?

Naturally, because CRM is still growing, and will continue to grow over the years.

Here are 3 CRM Trends for this year 2019:

1. Social CRM and Mobile Responsiveness for Emails Will Continue to Grow

We are in the age where people spend most of their free time on mobile phones rather than on their laptops and personal computers. According to Statista (2018), 52.2% of the online traffic around the world are from Mobile Devices. In addition to that, Email Monday (2018) also stated that 46% of opened emails are done through mobile devices. The number will continue to grow for this year 2019. Which is why if your emails your customers and subscribers are not yet mobile responsive, you should start working on making them mobile responsive as early as now.

Mobile responsive emails that are optimised for mobile devices have a higher click-through rate than those that are not. Whenever your customers and subscriber opens an email using their mobile device and sees an email that looks cluttered, words all over the place and pictures not showing up, the reader will most likely delete your email. And that’s the last thing that you want to happen with the email you sent.

Another thing that will continue to be a trend for this year 2019 is the Social CRM. Especially because social media platforms continues to grow more significant as the years pass by. People spend their time on the phone, scrolling through their Social Media feed. Almost everyone has at least 1 social media account— including your customers and subscribers. Adding Social CRM as your marketing strategy would certainly help increase your Return of Investment (ROI).

2. Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Will Rise

With the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are starting to use Customer Relationship Softwares, it is no longer a surprise that CRM will continue to be one of the best marketing strategies to up to date. CRM Softwares are more than just sending emails and for taking care of your Social Media account. A lot of businessmen around the world use CRM to store the data of their customers. For people who have a lot of customers and subscribers, they are holding massive amounts of data and information. With an enormous amount of data to transfer, moving your current data from one place to another would take forever to complete.

Especially with the General Data Protection implemented May last year, your subscribers and customers specifically from Europe can ask you to remove the information they provided you, and there’s nothing you can do than follow their instructions. With cloud integration, it will be a lot easier to delete the information they want you to remove.

CRM Systems with cloud integrations makes it easier for people to access, transfer, and delete information, which is why more and more businesspeople prefer to use CRM that are integrating cloud systems. This year, CRM Softwares will continue to integrate cloud system.

3. The Growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Customer Relationship Management System

Whenever we hear the word Artificial Intelligence, we think of Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon who happily make a lot of things easier for us such as typing in what to search into merely calling for the AI’s name and letting them do all the hard work. However, there are more AI than you think, and one of these is the AI integrated for CRM which gained attention back in 2017. Although there are only few CRM Softwares who integrate AI’s in their system AI’s in CRM became popular during the year 2018 and will continue to do so this year.

AI’s in CRM helps data management, through centralised data from Social Networks, as well as the Digital interfaces of the business. Aside from that, AI also makes optimising sales strategy a lot easier through automated data entry as well as intelligent data analysis. AI’s can also help increase customer satisfaction by giving their customer a personalised experience with their business. After all, the goal for CRM is to bridge the gap between the customer and the business, bringing your business closer to your customers which in return will earn your customers loyalty. And loyal customers will avail of your products and services. This feature of AI is very handy for busy people, specifically businesspeople. The exact reason why they will always prefer CRM systems with AI.  

Final Thoughts

As one of the best marketing trends, CRM, if utilised correctly, will never let you down. Especially for this year, it will continue to help you manage your business, specifically your relationship with your customer. Now, if the CRM Software you’re currently using does not allow you to channel to Social Media and does not have cloud integration, it would be an excellent choice if you start looking for other CRM Singapore software. Remember, your CRM Software is your investment. Make the most out of your investment, and make sure it returns our investment well.

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