image banner of a blog "35 automated emails to use for your email campaigns" with a background of white laptop (part 3)
image banner of a blog "35 automated emails to use for your email campaigns" with a background of white laptop (part 3)

35 Automated Emails To Use For Your Email Campaigns (Part 3)

August 2, 2019 CRM Software, Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap 0 Comments

On the first part of the 36 types of automated emails to amplify your automated email campaigns, five (5) types were introduced, while on the second part, nine (9) other types were presented. Unto the third part, another ten (10) types are exhibited as an essential part of building your email marketing campaigns. 

The use of an email autoresponder is advantageous for a higher conversion rate. You no longer need to put a hole in your marketing budget to take advantage of sending an automatic email reply to your customers. With the right email marketing automation software, like Infusionsoft of Singapore, you can easily set it up and get it working in no time.

These are another ten (10) different types of automated emails that you can use to amplify your email marketing campaigns.

  • Content Follow-Up Emails After A User Visits Your Website

The use of an email marketing automation software lets you track your audience in real-time with the use of the right data, which gives you an insight of their behaviour and response towards your brand. Although oftentimes, it does get overwhelming, but there are occasions where simple solutions deliver exceptional results.

By monitoring your subscribers’ behaviour towards your website — for instance, if you notice them visiting specific pages of your site, like a page that talks about the features of your products, send out an automated email closely associated with the topic as a follow-up.

There are several options in using this approach to your subscribers. As an example, by getting your sales team to approach free-trial users when they explore your site’s pricing page, or perhaps sending your subscribers’ case studies that serve as social proof to users who looked at the list of products you offer. Give it a go and observe excellent results that deliver significant value to your business.

  • Post-Event Follow-Ups

After the rigorous and amount of time you’ve spent organising an event, you might think it’s already fine to relax and unwind, stop right there. If you’ve worked in a sales team, it must come to your knowledge that relaxing is far from the next thing you can do. You have to be at your tip-top shape. Get your game face on, because you’re going to be following-up each and everyone who joined the event.

But you don’t have to worry, and you can save your time from such a taxing task if you make use of an email marketing automation software. By sending automated post-event follow-ups, you have the liberty to tell everything that you want to say on your mind and get it delivered while the feeling’s all sincere and genuine. 

This may come as a thank-you email, asking about your audience’s experience during the event, a demo or a report you’ve offered — all the proper ways to start a conversation.

Above all else, this form of acquainting is not all intrusive to your audience. If someone replies, it’s either they have a question they want to ask, or better yet, they have an interest in doing business with you.

  • Birthday And Anniversary Emails

In today’s time, birthdays and anniversary celebrations equal to presents. Even having the most practical approach towards money, there’s still the unspoken joy and excitement in receiving presents.

Even if you display dissatisfaction about something, there’s still the thrill and expectation that you’d be given something of high value and great significance on such a special day whether it’s from your family, relatives, friends, or even yourself. During special celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries, you may think: “It’s my day. I think I’m entitled to have it, so I should take it.”

Your marketing team can take advantage of this opportunity. They can use this chance to drive your customer’s attention towards your offer. Take one example, if you send your customer a happy birthday message, comprising of well-wishes and giving them special incentives, indulges them in shopping for your brand.

Of course, you first have to collect all of your subscribers birthdays and readily automated email campaigns with an email autoresponder to send your message. Include a sweet deal and a copy of the products they’re interested and have been longing for.

Pro tip: Don’t wait for the day of the event to send your birthday message. It’s best to send them before the big day, as this helps your customers plan for what they’re going to purchase. It has something to do with the fact that people celebrating their birthdays prefer to spend it with people they’re close with, and not in shopping malls or browsing on e-commerce websites.

It’s as much the same as your email subscribers. They’ll spend their time shopping for presents during the weekend or the day before their birthday, so they can have more time to spend with their family and close friends in a much later time. Good thing you can control this setting on your email marketing automation.

  • Cart Abandonment Emails

According to a study made by SaleCycle, an average of over 68% of shopping carts online are left and abandoned. It’s a major issue for e-commerce businesses, but nothing you can’t try fixing.

In order to reduce cart abandonment rates, apart from making use of retargeting, it’s possible for you to retrieve abandoned shopping carts by sending a cart abandonment email. This message is sent systematically after a user leaves your site without placing orders, which serves as a reminder. It may improve your conversion rates, especially if your customers were, in fact, showing interest.

This type of email works absolutely well as they’re both appropriate for the moment and relevant. To have a much stronger effect on converting, try adding a free delivery or a discount coupon as an incentive on your message, you can observe that customers are happy to come back.

  • ‘Thanks For Trying Our Brand Out’ Email

Pretend that you run an online course that provides free trials to users, allowing them to give it a try without that much of an obligation. Throughout the duration of the course, you’d surely send them emails, persuading them to upgrade their accounts. 

But what’s going to happen to those accounts whose subscriptions ran out before they could even make up their mind? The best response to that is for you to reach out and approach them. Try to present to them a final offer (e.g. complimentary discounts, if they can decide within 24 hours) or try asking them questions about your product — was the product great, did they have a hard time using it, or any suggestions for improvement?

Final offers do not only add higher value, but it also teaches you more about your customers. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to waste any additional profits.

  • Upselling Messages

It’s not mind-boggling that most businesses strive to generate a higher ROI (Return of Investment). As marketers, you’d want customers to place more orders and buy more, and spend even more after their first purchase. 

Upselling is an efficient technique that translates to marketers who need to generate and deliver more exceptional results. It’s most likely made through the addition of certain elements that’ll appear on the landing page, but you can also use it for your automated email campaigns by also optimising your email marketing automation. What you need to do is to send out emails at a timely, relevant period.

The primary goal of upselling is to persuade your customers to spend more on what your business is offering. Upselling messages are more convenient for accommodation sites to use to get bigger commissions.

  • ‘Join the Community’ Email

There’s nothing a brand can wish for other than genuine, committed and loyal customers, which is the ideal brand advocate. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick these people up on trees. You have to look for them yourself. 

Customers need to spend as much time with your brand as possible in order to get them hooked with your brand. This means reaching them by all means in all possible channels you can.

In that order, you’ll have to increase the customer touchpoints for your marketing efforts to be much more beneficial and profitable. If possible, invite your subscribers to join you on other channels as well — e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest — and not only on your website.

Get your customers to not only buy from your brand but also encourage them to join your community on other platforms and develop your brand community together.

  • Wish List Update And Price Drop Emails

You’ve presumably heard about the ‘Wish List’ from e-commerce businesses. If not, well, a ‘Wish List’ is a collection of a business’s products saved by your customers into their user account.

Review this: Why do they add products to wishlists but won’t purchase the products straight away? It could be because your customers are still pondering whether they should place an order or not. Mayhaps, the product is out of stock at present. Or, they already know they want to purchase that product, but the price is a bit out of the range they’re ready to pay. 

So, if your store offers a wishlist, this is an excellent opportunity to reduce your online shopping cart abandonment rate and generate more sales. In what way? Using your email autoresponder, send out an automatic email response to your customers if one of the following events happens:

  1. Products are back in stock
  2. Products are currently on sale
  3. Products are nearly sold out

But you’re not only limited to send an email during those events, but you can also still reach out to customers to prompt response about the products they’ve added on their wishlist, simply checking if they still want to purchase those.

To heighten the stakes, recommend some products based on their needs or preferences, such as the type of products or complementary additions they buy along with it.

  • Activity Update Email

A growing business needs to attract new customers. But for channels such as social networks, applications, and SaaS specifically, growing the user base isn’t going to cut it. The real important thing is the number of users that returns on day-to-day, week, or monthly basis. 

To persuade and keep users coming back is to track their:

  • Performance 
  • Peer’s activity
  • And what’s the latest in the platform

Although creativity is essential for it to work if you plan to try and use the same template over and over again, without providing any value — don’t. You’re only desensitising your email recipients to communication. 

  • Account Expiration Email

Is your business offers renewal services? If you want to straightforwardly strike up a conversation with your customers, sending out an account expiration email is a good way.

Customers might not act as you expected them to, not unless they’re on the verge of losing something of value. People oftentimes postpone account renewals or upgrade their free-trial account up at the last minute.

If you want more conversions, it goes without saying that you have to address that part. Send them a triggering message sometime prior to their account’s expiration and emphasise why it’s valuable for them to renew it as soon as possible.


Final Thoughts

These are another ten (10) out of over 30 types of automated email responses that businesses of all industries can use to improve their email marketing campaigns, along with the use of effective marketing automation. Unto the next part is a continuation of this discussion that’ll help build your future campaigns and get your desired results. Stay tuned!

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