header image of the blog title "Marketing Automation Can Possibly Make Or Break Your Email Marketing Campaign" with a person only half of it's body shown wearing corporate attire while holding a mobile phone on his left hand
header image of the blog title "Marketing Automation Can Possibly Make Or Break Your Email Marketing Campaign" with a person only half of it's body shown wearing corporate attire while holding a mobile phone on his left hand

Getting Started With Email Marketing Campaign Using Marketing Automation

April 17, 2018 Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Today’s marketing is starting to become a beast. With a multitude of data, new marketing channels and a growing competition, determining the most relevant marketing strategies can be challenging for today’s marketers. There are so many things to consider, along with choosing the right marketing strategies that are worth trying and disregarding the ones that are not ideal for your business.

Aside from choosing a specific set of marketing tools to help you overcome the current marketing landscape, you also need to select the right concepts that can either make or break your email marketing campaign. Among the relevant strategies that you use, nothing is more effective than automation. Here are some reasons why automation, when set and optimized the right way, can help you with your journey towards reaching positive results.

About Automation For Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing automation trends have been making a lot of noise in recent years, becoming one of the leading tools for successful marketing online. It’s the best way to both send more personalized emails and save a lot of time. Will it be able to make your next campaign? The answer is an absolute YES.

Just check the stats: marketing automation contributes to 119 percent higher click-through rate when compared to broadcast emails. B2c marketers who take advantage of marketing automation for all of their marketing needs have also experienced an increase in conversion rate by as much as 50 percent.

Automation to Starters

Marketing automation might sound a little intimidating, especially for first-timers. For one, we have no idea what marketing automation does and what it can offer to our business. But little do you know is that you already understand the process better than what you think. As a matter of fact, you’re already automating your life at this very moment. Are you fond of scheduling credit card bills for monthly auto-payments of sign-ups for regular or future prescription refills? Email marketing campaign automation also applies the same concept to your marketing.

Getting started, a welcome series is a great way to begin your marketing automation. Consider each new subscriber as engaged subscribers, and since they have yet to see your content, they are more than likely to click and open your emails. Recent studies have shown that welcome emails have up to four times the open rate and five times the click-through rate than traditional email marketing campaign.

So not only does automated welcome emails make a positive first impression on you new subscribers, but it also places you in full control of the way your subscribers are introduced to your brand. This helps you establish a close relationship that can either make or break your future campaigns, depending on how you handle your audience.

With all that’s been said, there’s no doubt that marketing automation has really molded the current marketing landscape and will continue to do so as marketers become more and more reliant on it. Automation is the present and future of online marketing – a technological innovation that will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

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