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4 Comprehensive Ways To Increase Email Opt In Rate

September 18, 2019 Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Lead Generation 0 Comments

Comprehensive Ways To Increase Email Opt-In Rate

What is an email opt-in rate? How can it help you and your business grow? The email marketing industry is vast and a variety of emails are sent to you every day. Every one of those industries sending you an email is vying to take a little bit of your time on something you might not even want. 

Well, there are always exceptions to everything. Subscriptions can be an exemption because you willingly subscribed to their emails and that’s the difference between that and the inbox agenda strategy.

Learn more of these topics:

  1. What Is Rates of Email Opt-In

  2. Rates Of Email Opt-In Importance

  3. How To Write A Good Email

  4. Converting Prospects To Customers

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What Is Rate Of Email Opt-In

The Opt-In rate of email marketing is the percentage of subscribers to your list. This means that the rate is directly proportional to your subscribers, the higher the rate you have the more number of subscribers you have in your list.

 Subscription is voluntary so the transaction should be made in good faith. Offers and Incentives should be given to prospective subscribers to let them subscribe voluntarily. Incentives will make a customer feel lucky no matter how small of an incentives it is.

Rate Of Email Opt-In Importance

Statistics shows that 77% of consumers like to receive their communication in marketing through email. Most transactions also happens via email, now you see why industries want to connect with their prospective customers through email. When you’re trying to pitch something to a prospective customer you should write a compelling email to lure them into taking the bait( Just a metaphor). 

Having more subscribers to email means more money can be made and that is also why most industries puts a lot of emphasis on this endeavour.

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How To Write A Good Email

There are many ways to write a good email for increase in opt in rate for email. You can argue all you want but the only way to keep a customer satisfied after reading your email is when your emails written are compelling and engaging. So learning how to write a good email is never a bad thing.

These are the factors you should take note off when writing an email to prospective clients;

  • Brief And Concise

When writing an email, you should be brief and concise. Most consumers don’t buy because of long introductions. They buy because of the small tempting details which they can take advantage of. Be it inexpensive prices, enticing incentives or even a “free delivery” sign can make them buy as long as it is in their favor.

Don’t forget that nobody likes to read a long boring statements especially about products they don’t want. So you need to keep in mind that all images should be brief and concise at the same compelling enough to make them buy your product or services.

  • Compelling Statements

While you should be brief and concise, you should still be able to put in compelling statements about you or your company to lighten up the mood of your email. Write like writing to a friend or maybe even provide some pictures of yourself so they can be rest assured that it is a person they are talking to. 

Do proper research of your clients so you may properly talk about their needs and wants. Focusing on the needs and wants of your clients is much better than talking about your product. The perfect time to talk about it is when you need to elaborate on the value of the said product to their enterprise. This will keep them engaged in your email. 

  • Tempting Incentives

Incentives should be included in your emails to give your clients a good impression of your enterprise. Incentives can be given to long term clients to show your good faith and let them know that they’re as important as new clients.

These are the factors on writing a good email for increasing your opt-in rate. Follow these simple steps then you can rest knowing your opt-in rate will increase:

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Converting Prospects To Customers

There are 4 simple ways of increasing your opt-in rates:

       1. Personal Point Of View

In this generation  selling your product just like a salesman won’t cut it anymore, you need to talk to your prospective subscriber on a more personal basis. You need to talk for the sake of a relationship and not for the sake of selling your products. 

Pioneers on the industry highly recommend talking to customers like a friend. Talking to customers like a friend gives them the feeling that you are not only talking to them to sell them your products or services.

       2. Well-Made Landing Pages

On the chance that your email will be clicked and the prospective client will be redirected to your website. You need to make sure that your landing pages are as good as it can be. Therefore making a creative landing page will increase your chances of converting potential customers into subscribers.

Making a good page lies not on designs only, you need to master the elements in making a good landing page. A good page should have a good headline, tempting benefits, compelling CTA, credible social proof and of course the opt-in form for prospective customers to sign up.

       3. Good Use Of Pop-Ups Can Increase Rates

One of the best methods to increase your rates is making good use of pop-ups. Most of website visitors don’t like pop-ups appearing in front of them but that doesn’t change the fact that through pop-ups most visitors will know what offers you have for them even if they close that pop up later on.

If the pop-ups were made more compellingly then there is a big chance of you seeing the boost in your rates yourself.

       4. Amazing Content And Mobile Friendly

Many will argue what is the key element to prioritise to increase the rates of email opt-in but little do they know that the most important of them all is content. Regardless of what other kinds of mediums are on the trend, nothing will beat a compelling content. You can get technical as long as you like but all will be for nought if your content is bad. Remember that good content will never go unnoticed because it is what your readers will read.

In this generation of smartphones, it is always better to make a brief and concise content with tempting incentives for potential customers to read in their smartphones. So while making good content, you also need your content to be mobile-friendly for prospective customers, especially the ones using smartphones as a means of communication for their business.

Final Thoughts

Increase opt in rate strategies can be a tiring endeavour and this is why most enterprises nowadays use a marketing automation tool to lessen their burdens of these problems. Don’t fret though by following these tips you can increase your rates all by yourself.

Make full advantage of social media, pop-up forms, good landing pages and valuable content. If you combine all these factors then you can rest easy knowing your subscribers will increase. Once you’ve achieved your target subscribers you can now focus on nurturing these subscribers fully focusing on their needs so that you can get their loyalty.

Email marketing is a lot more fun if you are doing it correctly. So don’t wait up and follow these ways today and increase your rates.

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