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title of Scale Up Marketing article with a picture of a tablet

Using Email To Write Effective Sales Pitch

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Ever wondered why your email sales pitch don’t get any replies?. Writing a good sales pitch via email is a difficult thing to do even for pioneers in the industry. This article is here to help you learn how to make an effective email selling point. 

Everything today is mostly done online. Paying bills, finding jobs, and even buying necessities are done online. Emails are your first choice when you want to communicate to prospective clients or even endorse your products or services. The only problem is most enterprises want to write emails, but they find it hard to write or even discern good ones. 

Why Some Emails Fail To Hook Clients

These are some of the factors that can make your emails fail;

  • Focus of the email is not on the client.
  • Email is either too short, long, or vague.
  • Email is pitched to the wrong person.
  • Enticing level of the email is not enough to hook clients.

Problems like those mentioned above have their own solutions, respectively. If you want your emails to be compelling and engaging, the best thing to do is to avoid committing the problems mentioned above as much as possible.

Successful email sales pitches are every company’s goal. They even hire prominent copywriters to write compelling emails for them. You don’t have to follow their footsteps because we have a guide that could help you make a good email selling point yourself.

Guidelines In Making An Effective Email Pitch

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  1. Research Your Prospective Client Thoroughly

Doing proper research on prospective clients before sending an email will help you in a lot of ways such as;

  • Helping  you know what products or services they need.
  • Knowing what elements to add to make your email even more compelling.
  • Knowing their products or services would make your prospective clients feel flattered.

a person typing on a keyboard for a good subject line with a cup of coffee checking sales pitch

  1. A Good Subject Line Says It All

There are three things to remember when making a good subject line.

  • Focus on creating a subject line about your client.
  • Include the benefits for your clients to see.
  • Make your emails compelling and concise.

An excellent subject line will help you make the first impression you want. Always remember that the first thing your client will see is your subject line, so you need to make it compelling for your clients to get hooked into reading your email.

a person checking a laptop screen for sales pitch

  1. The Body Of Your Email Needs To Be Straightforward And Direct

Once you catch your client’s attention through the help of your subject line, the body of your email should be direct to the point for your clients not to lose interest. Most good email sales pitches follow this pattern;

Paragraph 1

Short and proper introduction of yourself with some information found on the internet with regards to products or services your client sells. This will help you draw them in again after reading your subject line.

Paragraph 2

Use 3-4 sentences to write a description of the product or services. Remember that 3-4 sentences are the ideal length of your description. Any more than that, then it will be too long, and any shorter it will be vague.

Paragraph 3

Use 2-3 sentences to write the value of your products or services to your client and how cooperating with you will be a good thing for their company. Make full use of the research you conducted at the client’s products and services. Remember not to make it too long or too short.

Last Sentence:

The last sentence is where you thank your clients for reading your email and where you will put your Call To Action phrase.

Most companies use this structure as a template for their email pitches. While many follow this template, some think outside the box, and that is why there are different types of email sales pitches others do.

Types Of Email Pitches For Sales You Should Know

There are two types of email pitches for sales – warm and cold pitches. There are special types of email that though you can categorise as under these two pitches but were singled out because of their special circumstances. Here is our list of sales pitches;

Warm Pitches

The thing that classifies a specific email pitch as a warm pitch is the reminder that you know your client personally. This type of pitch lies in the trust-building factor between you and your client.

Cold Pitches

Cold pitches are email pitches where you don’t know your client personally. This type of pitch needs to be direct. It also requires research of the client’s products and services to impress the client.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation pitch is like an introduction of you and your company. The key to take note of this selling point is the emphasis on a potential relationship between your company and theirs soon.

Closing Letter

Closing Letter pitches focus on the restatement of the benefits and emphasis on the Call To Action phrase. 

Full-Scale Proposal

This type of sales pitch needs a lot of time and resources because you need a workforce to research a full deal of information to convince your clients into cooperating with you wholeheartedly. You can include attachments such as PDFs, Pictures, Videos to further satisfy your client. 


Final Thoughts:

Always remember that when writing email for sales pitch, you need to keep short, but also you need to make sure that all details are covered so your emails pitch could be compelling and convincing. Thus adding random facts or superficial information are counterproductive, and you should avoid doing it.

The last thing your prospective clients should see is the signature. The signature includes your identification details, company position, contact details and the link of your company website and any details they can easily remember about you. Fully utilize these strategies so you can make better sales and results through email pitches. 

So what are you still waiting for? You can never be wrong in learning something new, especially in this knowledge-based industry.  Increase your sales by following these guidelines and strategies.

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