header image of the blog title "4 Untapped Basics To Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign" with an overhead shot of three persons holding gadgets and scattered document papers on a white table
header image of the blog title "4 Untapped Basics To Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign" with an overhead shot of three persons holding gadgets and scattered document papers on a white table

4 Untapped Basics To Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign

April 4, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

If you are a business, big or small, you sure have marketing and sales. But there is one question you should be asking: Are you using them to their maximal capabilities? Your campaigns might not be performing their best and you might not know it. In this day and age, where digital marketing and advertising is a rising realm, you’ll have more competition – bigger and better. You might need to make an extra effort and a little ingenuity to stand out and achieve better results over time.

Common Marketing Activities To Boost Marketing Campaign

Tips to pump up your common marketing practices to serve your business better.

Good PPC is free PPC

PPC or pay-per-click, then why would it be free? Simple. When you have a properly optimized pay-per-click campaign, your revenues are increased and what you pay for your PPC is no match for what you are about to earn.

If you haven’t ventured on doing PPC campaign, you might want to add it to your business’ marketing bucket list. You can company can have or hire a PPC team or an SEO expert. You can also consider attending conferences for paid search courses or find online resources, too.

You have to consider these possibilities. According to Forrester Research, PPC and other online ad campaigns will serve almost 50% of all advertising practices for the next five years or so. Start doing good in PPC now and watch your revenue grow from these kinds of campaigns. But you need to make sure that your investment is worth it.

Getting Featured

It’s more than just popularity. Being visible to your consumers can appeal to their sense of curiosity and the fear of missing out that is why brand exposure is important. You should work on finding outlets such as emails, mags, newsletters, and many others, to carry out and share information about your brand. This way, you can stay a prime option when a consumer’s need arises and you have a solution to offer.

As essential as popularity and brand awareness, brand trust is of foremost importance. Establish trust with your consumers by getting featured on trusted sites. Social proof through the review is also a gem for brand trust. A mixture of testimonials, recommendations and publicity will go a long way.

Freebies! Freebies!

Who doesn’t want freebies? Whatever industry your business is in, these never go wrong. Exclusive deals, discounts, and freebies is a sure way to increase exposure, growth, and traffic. You don’t have to spend a fortune for this. Many campaigns are only worth a few hundred dollars and you can get thousand more emails to add to your mailing list – many of which you can target your contents to and earn more conversions.

Social media is one of the most effective channels to influence. You can offer insider-only discounts and exclusive deals for first-time customers. This is a great way to attract more traffic and repeat purchases.


A step that might seem irrelevant, such as audit, can make a huge change for your company. You need to check if the effort, time and money you are investing are yielding its results. Be vigilant and pay attention to overhead costs to know if you are actually getting the most of what you are paying for. Auditing also enables you to manage your funds and keep track of what you are spending on your marketing campaigns.

When you are able to have a grasp about all this, you will be able to make more efforts effective in channeling your resources and experiment if which ones are more effective in increasing your revenues and making more conversions.

In order for your business to reach the pinnacle of success, you have to make it a point to figure out which tactics are working and which aren’t, especially in your marketing and sales. By examining which marketing and sales could be improved with PPC, online visibility, exclusive deals, and audit, you can help mount your business and cultivate growth in conversions and revenue.

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