header image of the blog title "4 Ways How To Plan and Create The Best Buyer's Journey" with a background of icons moving in a spiral course behind a man facing a laptop
header image of the blog title "4 Ways How To Plan and Create The Best Buyer's Journey" with a background of icons moving in a spiral course behind a man facing a laptop

4 Ways To Create The Best Buyer’s Journey

May 9, 2018 Buyer's Journey Tactics, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

The success of online marketing today relies heavily on how they can effectively lead their prospects all the way to making a purchase. Modern-day marketers have realized that the process of purchasing anything is a journey, where prospects go through a series of stages, all comprising the ‘Buyer’s Journey.’ The Customer Buying Journey is a framework that illustrates the buyer’s progression, through a research and decision process, that will culminate in a purchased product/service.

Buyer’s Journey Tactics for your Business

To get the most out of your online marketing campaign, you need to utilize the buyer’s journey to its full effect. But how do you exactly do that? How do you create the ideal buyer’s journey for your target audience? Here are four ways to plan and create the most exceptional Buyer’s Journey for your business.

The Right Path From Prospect to Customer

silhouette of three person standing on a mountain, this is an example the right path from prospect to customer

The Buyer’s Journey is essential steps that your prospect, called leads, take on the road to becoming your customer. The buyer’s journey is divided into three main stages:

1.) Awareness
2.) Consideration
3.) Decision

Awareness is the first step and is when a lead identifies the initial problem that they need to solve and the goal they need to meet. Consideration, in the second stage, the business is now researching solutions to their problem, comparing both options and services. The final stage – the decision – is where your lead has engaged enough with your brand that they are ready to make a decision about what they will do to solve their problem.

Without a buyer’s journey, your online marketing will not be set properly to engage with your target audience. Your marketing strategy might just compose of simply talking to your buyers; a one-sided conversation that only talks about you and what you offer. Having a buyer’s journey make your marketing approach a lot more dynamic. You will interact with your prospects in a manner of centering the conversation not around you, but on them. This reason makes the concept of the buyer’s journey an indispensable marketing essential. You can map our their decision-making better craft your messages to your leads, keeping them engaged the entire time.

Focus Exclusively on your Customer

inverted view of a hand holding a wide-angle lens focused on the road, this is an example of a customer-centric approach

You have just finished perfecting your products and services. You’re already aware just how amazing they are and how they can help your target audience. But does your prospect know about this? The obvious answer would be a “no.” Grabbing leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey is another crucial element that you should keep in mind. To do so, you have to set aside your brand and focus more on them. Put your prospects at the center of your marketing.

So instead of directly presenting what you offer that can help your target audience, you should start with some careful research and come up with a detailed buyer persona. Know every single bit of possible information from your buyer’s persona: Their problems, fears, desires, and goals. Let’s say you sell light bulbs. Rather than focusing your marketing offers on your product (“We have the best light bulbs that you can ever find.”), focus on your target audience’s concerns and fears (“Long-lasting bulb that illuminates any home.”)

Create compelling Content for Every Stage

a business man wearing an eyeglass while holding his chin, this is an example of compelling content for every buyer's journey

Keeping your buyer’s journey dynamic and interesting requires your website to offer content that’s tailored specifically to each stage. As always, you should always start with comprehensive research about the information your leads are looking for. as they move down, your sales funnel.

The “Awareness” stage should be all about your target audience. The first stage is where your prospects are still trying to figure out what they really need. At this point, they are likely unaware of your brand and your offers, or even that they have a problem that needs attention. You should focus all on their concerns, providing content that is both useful and relevant to their research, without having to push your product just yet. Your ultimate goal during the awareness stage is to establish trust from your leads. You can do so by giving them information that they will find useful. Don’t worry about your product now as it will have its time later on.

Once your audience realizes that they have a problem and that they’ve decided that they’re going to resolve and fix it, they will now enter the “consideration” stage. During their research, they were able to find several solutions that they could use. They will now narrow their choices into only the best and most informative articles. At this point, your content should be authoritative and focused on results. Demonstrate what exactly your product or services will do for your customers. The more they clearly understand what your brand can do, the better the chances of them choosing you as the best solution.

In the “decision” stage, your prospects have now considered (depending on how much you persuaded them) that they really do need a particular product or service. Now is the perfect moment for you to convince them that your business is the ideal choice for their needs. This is the stage where you will now have the green light to talk about your brand, and what it can do to solve your prospects’ problems or needs. The content in the decision stage should include case studies, customer reviews, or testimonials that clearly demonstrate your value and the unique ROI that only your brand can give.

Automate your Marketing Processes

small white ai-powered robot standing on a glass surface with white background, this indicates automated marketing processes to create complex and varied buyer's journey

In today’s competitive marketing scene, automating your marketing processes is of utmost importance. By taking advantage of marketing automation, your business can create complex and varied buyer’s journeys that would otherwise be impossible to craft manually. Automation lets you use the templates to personalize your buyer’s journey for different segments of your target audience. Choosing an excellent marketing automation software will also enable you to collect and synthesize your campaign data.

Crafting the best buyer’s journey doesn’t have to be complicated. But then again, it does require some elements for it to stand out. With these four ways, you will be able to create a killer buyer’s journey that will help you convert more prospects into customers. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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