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header image of the blog title "Online Marketing The Right Way 3 Ways To Become Your Customer's BFF" with a background of bar graph and a hand holding a magnifying glass

Online Marketing The Right Way: 3 Ways To Become your Customers’ BFF

April 3, 2018 Customer Brand Awareness, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

The very first step towards achieving success in online marketing is understanding your customers. It’s all about putting yourself in their shoes and empathizing for them. We’re already living in a digital-oriented world, which is why it’s pretty surprising how so many marketers have yet to talk to their customers.

Online Marketing Tips To Better Understand Your Customer

Understanding your customers enable you to create accurate customer personas that will help you target your customers based on the specific categories that you make. Doing so will make email marketing a lot easier. Here are some useful tips to help you understand your customers and communicate with them better.

1.) Gather the Right Customer Data

Communicating and interacting with your customers requires you to gather their right contact information. This concept might sound simple and easy, but there’s actually more to your data than meets the eye. You can start with the already-existing customer data in your database. Keep in mind that even the slightest mistake will already jeopardize the effectiveness of your emails. Check your data and make sure they are clean and free from errors. Never assume that your data is clean as that will result in more failures. You also need to be aware of the bad customer data that also exists within your database. Identify them and remove them from your list.

Your data is continuously evolving. It’s like a plant that needs constant nurturing, and even if you do take good care of it, your database will deteriorate over time. Know how you can clean it and when to finally get rid of it and place some new plants (in the form of contacts).

2.) Consider Utilizing Customer Calls

Now that you’ve finally cleaned your existing customer database, it’s time to feel the void left by the dirty data and replace them with new customer data that are better and more relevant. Despite the efforts of targeting and creating accurate personas for our target customers, most of the time, we haven’t even met a customer before. On the other hand, salespeople are meeting customers almost all the time. These people are aware of their target customers and the struggles that they go through.

Get a customer call by spending a day with a salesperson. Identify their used words and their thinking patterns. You will notice that it is entirely different compared to the words used in marketing.

The real challenge that customers face can be a bit more subtle than what you’re communicating to them about. You can utilize this information, along with combining it with your data to communicate more effectively with your target customers.

3.) Write One Email per Customer

We’ve all been told how we should understand our customers to market our brand to them effectively. It’s something that has repeatedly been emphasized throughout the course of digital marketing history. However, do you truly know your customer the same way you know your next-door neighbor, your colleague, or your closest friend?

To find out, write an email to one of your customers. Try to gather as much information about them as possible. Once you’ve gained some insights on that customer, the next thing you need to consider is personalizing your emails accordingly to the data that you gathered from that customer. Think about the details and the personalization of your communication with that customer. Then, think about that communication and multiply your efforts by a thousand.

Sending a clear message to that customers is the primary target of marketing personalization. This marketing concept is not design for everyone, nor is it designed to make things easier for you to segment your customer database. Instead, personalization is designed exclusively for your customer, providing them a much comfortable experience when interacting with you.

You should always personalize your emails accordingly to the data that you get from each of your customers. It will help build your customers’ trust in your brand and will establish a healthy relationship with them.

Getting to know your customers is extremely crucial to building a strong and lasting relationship with them for the long-term. These three tips will help marketers realize the importance of knowing their customers and will give them the needed strategies to engage and establish strong and lasting connections with the right people. Starting a business? Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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