blog title "How Mobile Email Optimization Can Be Done in 5 Ways" with a background image of a person's hands operating a mobile phone
blog title "How Mobile Email Optimization Can Be Done in 5 Ways" with a background image of a person's hands operating a mobile phone

5 Tips You Can Do on Mobile Email Optimization

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Are you still considering mobile email optimization as an option? In this era, where there’s an astounding growth in mobile usage? It’s not a fad; day by day, we’re relying more and more on our smartphones!

What’s the first thing we do when you wake up? It’s become a routine to check our phones, if there are newly sent emails or looking through our social media accounts before we completely get out of the bed to start the day. One study from Adestra, which is about the behaviour of email recipients, stated that if an email recipient receives an email, no matter how good the content is, if it’s not mobile-friendly then it’s trashed in three seconds! You wouldn’t want to happen.

This trend won’t stop, it will just continue. Email marketers have been more forward and have been more open to email optimization for mobile devices. There are ways on how you can do this to your emails too.

Here are five tips that are best applied to optimize your mobile email marketing campaign:

1. Keeping the content meaningful

Users, specifically those who rely on mobile devices, won’t blink an eye in deleting your email if they don’t find it useful, or worse, mark it as spam. You have to be conscious of what your content is composed of. Email marketing optimization on mobile devices has lesser space in contrast to newsletters you view on larger screens. Every word counts.

That’s why you have to be concise and focus on the essential parts of your email, go straight to the point. Deliver relevant, engaging and or intriguing content.

Ensure that when you’re doing an email campaign optimization, the content is meaningful and high quality. Evaluate the copy (mainly the objective of your message), images, spacing, and links.  Avoid stuffing text, that’d be an eyesore for readers. Make a point where you create a captivating and irresistible offer and call-to-action.

2. Relevant Template

The goal of your business investing in email marketing is, as much as possible, to marginalize the click-throughs and conversions. To get that through in mobile optimization, there are what we call ‘mobile-ready templates’. Responsive templates guide you in creating an effective mobile-optimized email. Compared to scaleable templates, responsive designs predominantly bring more ROI than the former. It may cost you, but it conveniently translates your message.

Ditch complicated tools, go for something simpler. Multi-columned newsletters usually end up having smaller fonts, making it harder to read and stuffy to look at. Make use of a single-column layout, where it fits smaller screens, it’s legible, and is fluid and free-flowing for users to use.

You can’t afford to waste time in coding unless you’re a master on that craft. Try using ready-made templates, which are modified and optimized solely for mobile screens; easy to fill in with the information you want. You can also use marketing automation for easy and convenient ways to compose emails in bulk.

3. A compelling subject and preheader line

The reality of today’s electronic newsletters, especially those centered on mobiles, have a smaller scale when it comes to writing the subject line and preheader text. It tests your ability to persuade and convert customers in a limited space.

Based on testing made by Campaign Monitor, unlike for desktop where you can see 80 characters, mobile-optimized email subject lines compose 30 or fewer characters; any longer and it’s cut off when you view them on mobile devices. Subject lines are darker and heavier compared to the preheader text. As for the preheader line, this follows the subject line and is a summary of what the email contains. You see a different number of characters on various devices. For example, on an Android email app, you can see 40, while on an iOS email app you can see 90; although this varies on the user’s setting, their font sizes and email clients.

Other than your subject line and preheader text, your ‘from name’ is also one of the feats you have to watch in email marketing optimization. Some subscribers open their emails based on what they see on the ‘from name’. Make sure that you’re matching what they are expecting. For instance, a user subscribed to the newsletter of Candy Magazine, of course, they’d expect to receive emails from an email with a ‘from name’ of Candy Magazine, not from anyone else.

Taking your subscribers expectations into account is important. Putting and maximizing the power to convert in just a few words, to strategically compose an email that’s compelling and persuasive enough for conversion.

4. Balancing the image size and text

Email campaign optimization includes the fonts, images, videos, and any relevant links. Research conducted found out that email recipients spend only 51 seconds to scan and read the newsletter. This shows how fast the human brain perceives and processes. With such short attention span, you have to indulge your users, as much as possible, using not only text but also visuals.

If you incorporate too much text in your email marketing campaign, you’ll likely lose your subscribers attention. Instead, try to balance the content of your email. For texts, you can try using sans-serif fonts in enlarged sizes. Utilize font sizes, try setting the fonts of the body of your email at 14px and 22px for the headline. Enlarging the fonts makes your content easy-to-read for subscribers even to such a small screen, without even zooming in.   

Emails have been increasingly becoming more open to visuals. Of course, it’s the email marketers job to adapt to this change. When you’re incorporating images on your email marketing, however, to optimize the graphics you want to include fully, set its height to ‘auto’ so it will adjust or reduce to the proportion and size to the width. Or run them on a file optimizer and set to center for it to be consistent on all devices you read your email.  

Albeit, some email clients turn off displaying images, it’s better to optimize your emails and set them that they can still be viewed even without the images. You can end this problem by giving images ‘alt text’. It’s basically a brief description of what the image is.

5. Include a clear ‘call-to-action’

The CTA or ‘call-to-action’ serves as the device to prompt response and drive a customer to respond or convert and buy. When it comes to emails though, your CTA has to transmit a clear message and emphasis of what you want your customer to do. You should keep in mind that when you’re targeting mobile users, they’re going to be using fingers, so the button has to be touch-friendly.

An MIT study stated that an average size of a finger of an adult is 16 to 20 millimeters, which is 45-57 in pixels, so the best choice for the CTA button size is between 45 x 45 pixels to 57 x 57 pixels. But that doesn’t mean you have to set all buttons to these sizes, at least there shouldn’t be buttons or links smaller than the dimensions stated before.

These five tips on how you can modify and optimize your email marketing campaign for mobile devices will only stay as tips if you don’t test them. Don’t waste what you’ve done for your email marketing. Test it on different mobile devices! Test it on various email clients! Check your grammar, the images (if they load quickly), the links, or what displays when you open the email. Email service providers, like Infusionsoft by Keap, are open and can talk to you more about these tips. You’ll only get better when you’ve actually heard feedback from your actual customers.

Final Thoughts…

The progressive advancement of technology has made email more open to other devices than just the desktop. With smartphones around, people have been more self-reliant on these devices to get by their day-to-day life. Every day, more and more people are opening emails on their mobile devices. CRM Singapore had long opened their portals and embraced mobile email marketing.

Who wouldn’t want to capitalise this kind of advantage? If you haven’t done so, take the extra mile and optimise your email marketing campaigns on mobile to significantly increase your click-through rates and conversions!

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