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header image of the blog title "5 Tips On How To Write Amazing Email Subject Lines" with a background of email icons and a hand pointing to a big email icon in the center

Learn How To Write Amazing Email Subject Lines With These 5 Tips

February 8, 2018 Email Marketing, Email Subject Lines 0 Comments

Are you wondering why people are not replying to your emails and not engaging with your offers? There’s a lot of factors you can consider, but if your content is already superb, and your email marketing automation strategy is well-made, then you’re probably having problems with your email subject lines.

Your email’s subject line is the first thing that your list sees when they open their inbox. So no matter how much effort you place on establishing a well-made email marketing strategy, it’s still going to fail if you don’t incorporate a catchy email subject line. As much as you’d insist that it’s what’s inside that counts, people won’t get to the good stuff if you won’t stimulate their interest in a well-written subject line.

According to research, the number of recipients who are judging on subject headlines rose from 47% in 2017 to 51% this year. From that increase, we can all agree that compelling and eye-catching email headlines are the primary indicators that people will look to judge is whether or not they will click an email or ignore it altogether.

The biggest mistake that most businesses commit is taking their email subject line for granted. They may be a minor portion of your entire email strategy, but keep in mind that they are the very first lines that your email recipients read. A catchy and attractive email headline is the key to getting noticed in anyone’s overcrowded inbox.

Online marketing success is judged by the number of your emails being read, clicked, and opened by your recipients. But before that happens, you should first compose amazing subject lines that would make them click the moment they lay their eyes on it. To get you started, here are five of the most common tips to boost your email subject lines and improve email engagement.

5 Ways To Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

1. Keep it Short & Concise.

68% of email opens are coming from mobile – this is according to HubSpot. Because of this, emails with extremely long subject lines are no longer ideal. You may have written a really catchy email headline, but it really won’t matter much when it gets cut off on mobile phone view. The best thing you can do is limit your subject lines to 50 characters or fewer. By doing so, you can guarantee that your recipients will read your entire email subject line.

2. Use a Recognizable Sender Name.

Pretty basic and obvious, right? If the sender’s name isn’t coming from someone that your recipients are familiar with, chances are, they are going to neglect your email regardless of how beautiful your email subject line is. Thanks to the extreme amount of spam emails that people are getting each day, people are now a lot more hesitant to open emails coming from suspicious senders. So before you start sending emails to random people, make sure they are fully oriented to you and your business.

3. Segment Your Email Lists.

When sending emails, you need to acknowledge the fact that each recipient is not the same. Because of that, it’s important that you personalize your emails to customize your recipient’s experience accordingly. To do this, you need to incorporate email list segmentation to your email marketing strategy. List segmentation will let you send the right email content to the right people at the most convenient time according to the most suitable schedule where they are most likely going to be in the mood for opening emails. Your manner of performing your list segmentation will depend on your business goals. By utilizing email segmentation, you can guarantee that you are sending relevant emails to your email list.

4. Attract Your Emails By Using the Right Words.

An average person’s inbox is congested with different emails coming from different people, so unless you do something to get your emails noticed, you are going to be buried in the vast amount of emails that your recipient is receiving each day. We’ve already talked about utilizing concise headlines, but to get you to the very top, you need to use the right words in your subject headline. When using a concise subject line, the very first thing you should think about is the benefits that your email will provide its recipients.

When you do, use that benefit on your subject line and make it very sound and clear. For example. “Boost Your Sales By 60% Today” is a lot more appealing than “How to Improve Your Sales.”

5. Avoid False Promises.

Finally, do not trick your recipients by making false claims on your actual offers. They will eventually know that you’re lying, and when they do, your reputation will be affected. Keep in mind that your email subject line is not for scamming of fooling people to clicking open your emails. Your email headlines are making a promise to your readers, and if your email content does not back that up, the truth is going to bite hard, and you will lose potential customers in the process.


You emails are made to say something to your recipients. However, if it isn’t opened because your email subject line is terrible, then what’s inside your email isn’t going to matter that much. You have something great to tell your recipients, but your recipients aren’t going to know it until they open your email. So before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you create an excellent first impression by creating the catchiest and most attractive headlines you can make. Just don’t overthink it, though, or you’ll end up with a “clearly trying hard” type of email headline. Don’t have a CRM Singapore tool yet? You can contact us or email us at info@scaleupmarketing.asia for more information on CRM Singapore.

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