a blog titled "Prepare For 2019 with These 6 Proven Email Customer Acquisition Tips" with 5 persons wearing corporate attire raising their right hand above their heads
a blog titled "Prepare For 2019 with These 6 Proven Email Customer Acquisition Tips" with 5 persons wearing corporate attire raising their right hand above their heads

6 Proven Customer Acquisition Techniques For Emails You Should Apply in 2019

December 12, 2018 Email Deliverability, Email Marketing, Email Subject Lines, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

As the year 2018 draw near to its end, how has your email marketing strategies worked so far? Has it been fruitful or disastrous? Email marketing and customer acquisition go hand in hand in generating great ROI for your business, that is if it worked.

Acquiring customers can be tricky, email marketing or not. But, we’ve managed to compile a list of 6 tips that you can use to help make your 2019 marketing a breeze. And if you’ve had a bad year with sending out emails, then hopefully by 2019 these tips will help you get back from your losses.

There are many customer acquisition strategies out there, but it’s important to note that good customer management, a foolproof sales funnel and CRM software, can make your Singapore or foreign-based business run smoother and faster than others. So, better look into these things before reading the tips below.


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6 Email Marketing Tips For 2019

1. Focus on Subject Lines

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - composing email indicating the "Focus on Email Subject Lines"

Making great subject lines have been suggested as one of the best ways to increase the number of people clicking your emails. It has been mentioned over and over again ever since marketers realised that buyers were getting smarter and smarter. And that words such as free, best, great deal, urgent and many other commonly used words often have scammy backgrounds. They are usually just click baits and are mostly after their money.

Today, buyers are not just smarter, but they are also much more discerning. If they search for anything on Google and they find that the result is unsatisfactory just by the title alone, they will ignore it and skip to the next result. In simpler terms, they judge you by your headlines. This judgement on headlines doesn’t just stop with the SERPS, because it’s worst in email marketing.

When a subscriber opens his or her inbox, the first thing that catches his or her attention are the subject headlines. If you headline sounds scammy, or over promising it will go straight to the recycle bin. Email recipients today aren’t forgetful also. If, for any unfortunate reason you end up sending them a crappy email, they will form this stigma towards your brand that you make crappy, promotion filled emails. Emails that are not worth reading or subscribing.

Making an eye-catching but interesting headline helps to ease their bad impression of you. And if they’re new subscribers, they think you’re a brand whose emails are worth reading.

So, how do you make awesome titles?

Well, for starters don’t use weird last year headlines. You, those headlines that don’t fit today’s context and events. Make one that’s fit for the changes of the coming year. Create headlines that intrigue your buyers, subject lines that make your readers say “What could that headline mean?”

Old tactics still apply, which means headlines that have you need to be direct to the point and not confuse or frustrate the reader. Abstractism has no place in headline-making. It needs to include the keywords, but in a natural way, the keywords have to blend into the headline. It also needs to be short. Because, the lesser the words, the more the impact of your message.

Keep trying. Great headline makers weren’t born as such, that had a lot of practice. So, if you failed to make great headlines in the past don’t give up. Have the patience to experiment and test out different headlines to see which formula is the best.

Some Formula to help you get started:

  • Benefits Headline – you can never go wrong with headlines that showcase what you have to offer them when they open your email.
  • Tips Headline – people love tips, that’s one of the main reasons why they subscribed to your site. So, having a headline that teases about certain tips of the trade will encourage a click.
  • Time-Frame Headline – you know those headlines that gives you a tip in the form of a plan that lasts for certain period of days, that kind of headline. It’s basically tips and benefits all in one.

2. Make It Mobile Friendly

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - online mobile friendly testing

Why is it important to make your emails mobile friendly? According to the Singapore Business Review, there are 8.61 million mobile users in Singapore, if you think about that 8.61 is 150% of the whole population! That means that more than a lot of people in the city has a phone. People are more likely to read the emails they get from their smartphones than on their laptop or desktop. So, if your email isn’t mobile friendly no amount of marketing automation will make your readers look at it.

The text, as well as the content of your email, shouldn’t be too long and too draggy because when you have a small screen, long sentences appear longer. Time is precious for consumers nowadays, and an email that stretches far too long will bore and annoy them. The rule that applies to headlines also applies to your content. Make it brief, concise and straight to the point.

Now, in the question text versus graphics for mobiles which one wins? Think of it this way, you’re in a rush, and you’re making just a small amount of time to go over your emails. You open an email that’s mostly made up of words instead of graphics or videos. Then you open another email that’s purely pictures a.k.a infographic. Which of the two emails do you think you’ll finish first? Many would say the infographic, right? But, look at it this way. A short, concise and direct to the point email only takes up a small space, and mobile screen aren’t exactly 19 inches in width or length right? Less space taken up means faster reading time. Plus, images especially infographics can be quite long. So, in the terms of a mobile-friendly email text beats graphics.

Others might also argue that having videos would better in emails because their interactive. Well, which one takes longer time, watching a 2-minute video or reading a short text? We go back to the importance of time, people are in a rush, so the less time take the more chances you get of convincing them to buy.

3. Own Your Personalisation

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - a person operating a laptop with a personalize email on a screen of the laptop

We live in an age where everyone is told they are special. It can be pretty vain if you think about it. But, this is encouraged value of self-worth works to your advantage.  Because the more you craft your products and marketing to suit individual needs the easier it is for you to get them into your sales funnel. But, achieving that flawless customised email takes time, and you can mess up trying to do it a couple of times.

How do you craft an email that’s perfectly personalised?

It starts with your sales funnel, when you first design it, you need to put your customer at the centre of it. Not your brand but your customer. Doing this helps you make your sales opportunities more customised and unforced. So, before the new year comes in maybe, it’s time you did a checkup of your sales funnel? Examine it if it’s geared more towards your customers and how you can lead them in further into the funnel.

After your done with your sales funnel tweaks it’s time to focus on the content of your email. Today, it’s not enough to plaster your reader’s name on the greetings of the email. As technology advances you, readers become more keen to detail, so just mentioning them will not be enough. Here a few things you should incorporate in your email to make it more personalised.

  • Tone

Tone is everything when you’re talking to someone you know that they’re mad or they’re upset just by the tone of their voice. The same goes for writing; each writer has a tone that he or she uses, and based on the tone you can figure out the intention of the copy. Readers will know by your tone alone that your goal is just to sell them something. Changing your tone of writing to make it more casual, and familiar will make getting them to convert easier and faster.

  • Style of Writing

Some folks love to write in formal, bookish type of writing, while others like the casual approach. Your style of writing has to fit the lifestyle and preferences of your target customers. If you’re catering to rich people then, of course, you expect to be more formal in conversation. But, when you’re target audience are teens then you’re most likely to base your style on what they like and usually read. Writing like a University professor to a 18-year-olds will only get you snores instead of sales.

  • Storytelling

It’s time you took storytelling to whole new level in 2019, stop writing about boring topics that aren’t in line with your customers. If you generally sell to young moms then incorporate stories about young moms and their struggles not about old moms who have all the experience. Learn to curve your marketing more to what they want and not what you think they need. Remember that, when it comes to buying things people will always go for the wants than their needs. Desire often topples rationality and logic, so it’s best to touch on topics that trigger their desire and interest — things that are useful in their day to day lives.

4. Being Experimentally Consistent

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - 5 consistent email messages icon on a screen of a mobile phone

Most marketers when they see no results from their efforts they just give up, but if that’s the case, then everyone would be out of business. Selling something and making profits take time, and if you don’t have the patience and the perseverance to achieve something, then you’ll never succeed. Singapore wasn’t built in a day, and all the more successful email marketers now have had years of experience before getting the gold.

So, it’s crucial that you stay consistent with your emails. Build this pattern of sending out important thought filled emails to your subscribers. Don’t stop just because many aren’t receiving it well. Improve your email quality, but don’t quit.

Do Email Testing

Crafting high-quality emails is like making a product, it’s a trial and error process. When you see that this particular style of content doesn’t work look for other ways, other methods. Don’t just make one generic email and send it to all your subscribers. Make at least two and see which ones receive more response, and which doesn’t. Change the way you write headlines if they style your using doesn’t work. Use a different tone or even the topic you’re sharing to fit more with what you’re readers want and like.

This way you grow, and you learn, and by being consistent, you build rapport and connection with your subscribers. Learn from your errors in 2018, and this coming new year try to fix your engagement style to one that will give better results. Here are two things you can try out.

  • Make nicely designed emails – We’re not talking about content alone, but the whole look of the email that you send out. Create designs that your readers will look forward to each day. Sometimes, emails can be way for your brand to express the ideas you stand by and you can easily show that in your designs.
  • Try interactive emails – there are different ways that you can craft an interactive email. You can use GIF, or you can all links. You can even incorporate game-like features if you want. But, remember that when opting for interactive emails. You must first consider if it fits in with your customers. If you buyers are typically not into interactive emails, then don’t gamble.

5. Use Correct Timing

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - outgoing cars to a a hand holding a phone-like road indicating correct timing in sending emails

Finding the right time and day send your emails can be another trial and error. Why? Because other people’s customers are different from yours, what works for Americans might not work for Singaporeans. And what works for Singaporean subscribers of a team brand might not work for you if you’re in a different sector.

It’s all about finding your right timing, and your right date. If expert marketers recommend that you send out emails on Thursdays, but you find that your customers are mostly online on Fridays then change your schedule. Don’t stick one thing if you see logically that it doesn’t suit your business. Look at your target audience and test things out based on their user activity.

Time can also be another factor that you consider, when is the perfect time to send your emails? Is it during noon, or during 5 pm? Before you inform your whole team that emails should be sent at around 6 pm, it’s better if you first consider these three things:

  • Where do they live?
  • What’s their work?
  • When are they available?

Learning where they are on the planet is essential because of timezones. If you’re a business based in Singapore, but you sell your products to the States chances are you’ll send your emails at the wrong time. Knowing simple things such as time difference will help you get the perfect timing.

Second is understanding their work; some have graveyard working hours while others are from 9 to 5. Different sectors of society have their specific time, and learning them is key to getting exact timing. Let’s say you own a Language tutorial business, and your customers are businessmen. They have different schedules from students or housewives. It wouldn’t be wise to send them newsletter during a busy afternoon, right?

Lastly, when do they usually open your emails? This requires attention to detail and observation on your part. Your Google Analytics reports will show the time that your visitors usually come to your site which will tell you what the best time is for them. Maybe, they prefer opening your emails during lunch time around 12 to 1 pm. Or, maybe some of them opens it while on the train going to work. Pinpointing the correct time to send depends on how well you know your site and how to use Google Analytics.

6. Automate Your Emails

one of customer acquisition techniques this 2019 - a finger of a person pointing to the center of a blue square with small circle pointing to different directions connecting to it

There are a lot of marketing automation software out there such as Infusionsoft by Keap which is a CRM system and an email automation tool as well. Marketing automation tools will help you get things done even if you’re on vacation or attending important matters like seminars, family events and conferences. Using an automation tool helps you schedule the time and date when you’ll send your emails and newsletters.

This secures a consistent flow that can eventually build a rapport and connection to your subscribers. But, remember not to make the mistakes of others when using a CRM Singapore system or anywhere else. Don’t create a one size fits all template for all your emails. If you want people to feel your sincerity, then take time to craft your emails. This doesn’t imply that you write a personalised email to all your subscribers. Learn to group your customers according to their preferences and similarities and make emails targeting those groups. That way your emails are varied, has sense and feels made for them.

Another thing to note, when using a tool like Infusionsoft by Keap or any tool that has CRM functions, don’t keep on sending emails to unresponsive people. When you find an email address or a subscriber who constantly ignores your emails even after 10 attempts with the last one asking them if they want to unsubscribe, delete them from your list. Getting marked as spam has bad effects on you. It’s okay to be consistent with trying to improve your email marketing efforts. But, pestering an unresponsive customer is not a good tactic, it gives your brand a bad image. It’s alright not to please everybody, what matters is the customers you do have that are responding to your email.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing doesn’t work like magic it takes hard work and a quality output to finally create a customer acquisition process that works for you and your brand. But, that doesn’t mean that you will keep on doing the tactics from last year that don’t seem to work for you. In a similar way, the tactics that do work it’s better to keep or improve them for better results in the future.


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