header image of the blog title "Busting the 100 Maximum Infusionsoft Custom Fields: What To Do" with a background of 2 person talking with a cellphone, tablet and a laptop on top of a wooden table
header image of the blog title "Busting the 100 Maximum Infusionsoft Custom Fields: What To Do" with a background of 2 person talking with a cellphone, tablet and a laptop on top of a wooden table

What To Do When You Bust The 100 Maximum Infusionsoft Custom Fields?

July 18, 2018 3rd Party Apps, Infusionsoft by Keap Tips 0 Comments

If you are reading this, then you’ve probably been running CRM Singapore for a long while now and hit the 100 maximum custom fields limit in Infusionsoft CRM software. You’ve probably already done house-cleaning and got rid of custom fields you didn’t need or were duplicates. And you might have also combined one-off used fields and appended it to contact personal notes. But now, you are at the limit of what can be done…

Look no further, fieldspace might just be the solution for you.

While it makes extra fields available, it does not provide them as available merge fields nor can it be used in webforms & landing pages. The use case is for fields used in saved searches and important one-off data like customer survey results.

It has 3 main functions:

  1. Migrate existing custom fields to fieldspace
  2. Store new custom fields in an orderly manner with tabs and headers
  3. Make filters possible to create saved searches

It’s easy to set up. Sign up for a 14-day $1 trial, download the Chrome Extension, and you are good to go. When you start your app, with the Chrome extension downloaded, the fieldspace widget will appear on the side panel and prompt you to authenticate.

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Migrating existing custom fields to fieldspace.

The next step is to select existing custom fields you want to move to fieldspace by checking the boxes next to that custom field. The click on the “Archive to Field Space” button.

migrating existing customer fields infusionsoft crm singapore

You’ll then be prompted this message:

infusionsoft crm singapore

The existing custom fields are now magically transported to fieldspace!

Next, delete those existing custom fields.

infusionsoft crm singapore

So, what if you might stop using fieldspace or need to see what the data is contained? Then click on the export button, select the fields you wish to export, and click “YES”. This will export a CSV of the data stored in Fieldspace.

infusionsoft crm singapore

Storing new custom fields in tabs and headers.

I like the additional feature of organising the fields into Tabs and Headers, much like how it works on Infusionsoft CRM. You can also drag and drop the field into an appropriate header for easy filing. If you need to add a new field, simply click on “add field”.

infusionsoft crm singapore

infusionsoft crm singapore

Searching for contacts with filters on fieldspace.

infusionsoft crm singapore



And when you need to filter a new list with fields in fieldspace, you will take a 2 step process. Click on New Contact search in the field space widget, it will direct you to the default New Search filter on Infusionsoft.

First perform filtering as per normal for fields that exist in Infusionsoft . A new saved search is created “FieldSpace_Use_Only_1”, with a new button “Filter Search in FS”.



infusionsoft crm singapore

With this saved search, click on the “Filter Search in FS” button to perform another filter.

infusionsoft crm singapore

And that will give you the filtered list of contacts found with both Infusionsoft fields and Fieldspace.

Ready to give fieldspace a go?

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