header image of the blog title "The Major Drawbacks of CRM Programs That Annoys Your Sales Team" with an over-the-shoulder shot of a person staring at his open laptop looking disappointed
header image of the blog title "The Major Drawbacks of CRM Programs That Annoys Your Sales Team" with an over-the-shoulder shot of a person staring at his open laptop looking disappointed

Major CRM Drawbacks that Cause Your Sales Team to Hate Using CRM Programs

June 11, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered why even if there are tons of upgrades to CRM programs sales representatives still hate the system? It’s pretty shocking to note that there are a lot of salespeople who dislike the awaited innovation to customer relationship management. If you ask the experts, the shift from the traditional pen and paper filing systems to a computerized central type of CRM database is for the best. But a sword is only as good.

As its owner, and CRM programs are only as effective as the people who use it. Even if your CRM program has all the nice features that the digital age has to offer if the salespeople using it don’t know how to use the features, then it’s useless. And this complexity is the trigger to igniting hate sales representatives give to CRM products. Here are the reasons why sales reps hate CRM software regardless of its solutions.

Too Much Wasted Time On Logging Activities

A whopping three hours is spent on just logging emails, phone calls and meetings, based on Introhive research. The weary number of time spent just checking emails and logging them on the CRM software creating headaches instead of solutions. And this time will increase in span depending on your team’s comprehension and mastery of the software, the lesser skill in using the CRM database then the longer time spent on doing simple tasks.

The Tiring Task of Data

The task of having to keep on updating whether or not your customer’s contacts are active or not can be taxing for people who are not well versed or well oriented in using CRM programs. The minimal tasks of researching job titles, classifying accounts, reviewing data and removing duplicates appear easy for someone who knows how to handle CRM programs, but for newbies or people who have a lesser program, this can be a big obstacle to customer relationship management. This task alone cost many sales rep to waste 2.5 hours add that to the time logging data, and you have 5.5 hours of wasted work hours. All this wasted time causes companies like yours to lose thirteen thousand two hundred dollars a year per user.

The two tasks above have the undesired outcome of inaccurate data entry in the CRM software database. Here’s the confession many employees about using CRM products.

  • 88% of Employees assigned to the CRM team do not enter complete customer information – The tasks of having to do everything manually despite the whole digital facade of many CRM programs results in employees entering incomplete data. This, of course, backfires with other employees having to input the missing data all over again.
  • 69% of Employees Do Not Update Their CRM Data – The task of updating customer information seems simple at first until you put numbers into the equation. Take a look at the scenario of a single employee having to manually update 1000 contact information, and your perspective on a simple task at hand will definitely change.
  • 63% of Data In CRM Programs are duplicated – Let’s face it if you fail to update your data then your customer gets a new number then you will end up with two customer information for one person. Duplicates are rampant in CRM programs that are just too complicated to navigate, this, of course, results in a CRM Database that is unreliable because it contains dirty data.
  • 62% Don’t Log All The Activities On CRM Programs – The most important feature of a CRM software is that it logs the activities of your customers as they go through the sales funnel. And employees not checking in on the activities being done pretty makes that unique feature useless, it turns your CRM program into a glorified spreadsheet.

CRM vendors in Singapore and around the world should take these points into account when giving CRM services. A software is not valuable if it just adds work to employees. Note it down, the fact that your CRM software should provide solutions and not problems to your workers. CRM programs should be easy to navigate and has features that are user-friendly to make sure that the people who are supposed to be utilizing the device can actually use it.

The success of CRM programs all boils down to the simple fact that a product should be developed to be usable because a software left stagnant is just money thrown out in the ditch.

Are you looking for a CRM Singapore software or having trouble choosing one? Ask us a question or contact us. We’ll be glad to be of your service.

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