header image of the blog title "Why You Shouldn't Listen to Opinions About CRM Solution in Singapore" with an open laptop with a word "CRM" on its screen and a stainless glass beside it with papers on a white surface
header image of the blog title "Why You Shouldn't Listen to Opinions About CRM Solution in Singapore" with an open laptop with a word "CRM" on its screen and a stainless glass beside it with papers on a white surface

Choosing CRM Solution In Singapore: Should Online Opinion Matter to You?

August 30, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Have you ever had that experience of going to the internet looking for CRM solutions for your Singapore based company, and you’re suddenly confronted by so many posts, articles, and opinions about what to pick? It’s confusing, right? 10 sites saying that they are the best CRM Singapore as soon as you type CRM tools on Google.

It’s also frustrating because all you want to do is find a great product that can help your company. You’re not some tech genius who can analyze every CRM system you come across. And, even if you are a tech genius, spending days just to research every CRM vendors that Google gives in its results. That’s why we have come up with this article explaining in 3 main points why you shouldn’t pay too much attention to online opinion.

Not Everything On the Internet is True

We’re sure you already know this, not everything you find on the internet is true. Some of the so-called top results you see are paid advertisements. Which means you see them at the top because they paid to be at the top. Not a good choice right? Especially if you’re looking for quality products that are worth your time. We’re not saying that paid ads are all bad, you just need to apply common sense when reading and dealing with paid ads that you see.

Another reason why some not so good CRM tools appear on the first page of Google’s results page is because they’re good with SEO. SEO as in Search Engine Optimization, which means they made Google think their really good even if they’re not. Our advice again is to apply common sense when browsing these sites.

Most so-called “Opinions” are Advertisement

Let’s say you decide to step out of Google’s search page and decide to go to a question-and-answer site like Quora or Yahoo! Answers. You might come across answers to your query like the one below.

Salesmate Small Business CRM Software

Here’s an answer with a link and features added. It even has an essay long explanation about the product.

a screenshot of Suti CRM presenting the product description and its product features
SutiCRM Small Business CRM Software

This answer has a full detail with an image that explains how the “suggested CRM” works.

a customer review of kapture crm software detailing its crm features
Kapture CRM Small Business CRM Software

Another answer that has the features included.

They look informative, right? Yeah, until they included backlinks to the said Singapore CRM software complete with features of the tool, plus snapshots! Wow. It’s an obvious advertisement. Opinions don’t leave links to the site and explain a CRM software like they’re salesman or saleswoman. You’d be a fool to fall for these so-called “opinions” when they’re obviously promoting their product. The people who posted these comments work for these CRM sites, and they posted so-called “informative answers’ to hook people into their sites.

Be discerning when going into these question-and-answer sites and even forums. Learn to separate facts and well-meant opinions from propaganda and hidden/disguised adverts. When an answer is longer than your high school essay, and it explains every minute detail to you, take heed, it’s definitely an advertisement.

Other Opinions are uninformed opinions while others just follow the Trend

If disguised advertisements can easily be spotted, uninformed opinions, on the other hand, need a little more analyzation. If you’re a person who researched about CRM products in Singapore or you’ve studied Customer Relationship Management, you’ll know if someone is bluffing. The facts they give you about their product don’t make much sense. And more often they give suggestions based on Google’s top list without explaining just a little bit why they work. If Infusionsoft CRM, Zoho CRM or Hubspot CRM is the best CRM, they would recommend it to you fast without a statement or two why they work.

When do Opinions Matter?

Opinions about what CRM solution to use, what tools fit your needs only matter when they come from experts. By experts, we mean people who advise professionals, consultants, distinguished entrepreneurs who have good knowledge about CRM. And shockingly, most of these great opinions can come from your family, friends and even business associates.

Perhaps you have a successful friend who is good at CRM. Ask him or her what CRM software he uses, and why he uses that CRM tool. How much does it cost him monthly to use it? What features does it have? What’s great about it? What drawbacks does he experience?

You’re wondering why shouldn’t you just ask a dealer yourself, you’re sure they know more. Well, because salespersons sugarcoat their words so they can sell you their product. Your friend or your family member won’t. You need to look at people’s motives for telling you something about a product. Would you recommend a crappy product to your family? You wouldn’t, right? But, salesmen would, because accept it or not consumers are consumers, and businesses need buyers to thrive.

What Should You take into account in choosing a CRM software?

The best opinion you can get about what product to use is your own. Why? Because you know what you need. What features you want, how much you’re willing to spend and how long do you intend to use their service. CRM for a small business won’t be any good for you if your company has grown. And a CRM built for big companies won’t do you any good if you’re just a small business.

Test out different CRM systems available in Singapore by trying out their trial versions. If you find one that works for you, many CRM systems offer trial versions of their product. Check them out and see if they fit your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

Opinions are just opinions. You shouldn’t be swayed into buying an inefficient product because a certain person on Quora recommended it. Learn to discern, critic and analyze each product since it’s your resources that are at stake. Do more than just search Google, check out these products yourself a see if it works for you. This way, you save yourself from making a stupid financial decision that can have a negative impact on your business in the long run.

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