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banner of a blog "Common marketing Automation Mistake (How to Solve it)" with a background of a laptop

Common Marketing Automation Mistakes (How to Solve It)

August 19, 2019 CRM Software, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

Why did you build your business? How are you able to keep it running? You didn’t just jump into a decision without planning it out, right? That’s like tossing your money out of your window. Even with your email marketing campaigns, you make sure that it’s carefully planned out and executed without any slip-ups. However, beginner as you are, you’re bound to make marketing automation mistakes. 

Although committing mistakes isn’t a bad thing itself. You can use them to improve your marketing strategies. But you don’t have to commit these mistakes yourself. You can learn from the mistakes others have made, and make sure that you avoid making the same wrong decision. 

Here are the top 4 marketing automation mistakes most beginners commit:

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Mistake 1: Buying Email Contact List

We all admit, starting your own contact list for your marketing automation solutions and email marketing is tough. You don’t have an idea what lead magnet catches your lead’s attention, and what content would keep them interested. It’s like meeting a stranger who’s open for a good chat, but not knowing what you should talk about. We all don’t want to go through that awkward phase. 

This is exactly the reason why a lot of small and medium enterprise business owners, resort to buying an email contact list. They think that buying a contact list is a shortcut for getting your subscriber’s trust and loyalty. If these people will receive their emails, they would eventually earn their trust — which is a huge mistake. 

Instead of giving you a quick boost, it’s going to tarnish your email reputation and drag it down. Remember, the emails you send are unsolicited. 

Suppose you’re checking your inbox and you see an email from someone whom you don’t remember. The first thing that should come into your mind is Spam. If an email is Spam but has landed in your inbox, you’re most likely going to report that sender. Instances like this are going to be reflected in your email reputation. 

With a low email reputation, your emails won’t be landing on the inbox anymore. It will head straight to the spam folder. Not only did you just waste your money buying an email contact list, but you have also dragged your good reputation down.

What You Should Do Instead

Never buy an email contact list. Create an inbound marketing plan or ways of capturing your lead’s email addresses instead. Why?  

If people wholeheartedly opted in for your marketing emails, they will remember you. If they do, they will most likely be responsive to your emails, and even buy the services and products that you offer. 

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Mistake 2: Batch and Blasting Emails

Before laying out the details, let’s first define what batch and blasting is. It’s an email marketing practice where you send an email to your whole mass of subscribers. While this can be good if you have a general announcement, it wouldn’t be as useful for your lead nurturing campaign.

Suppose your recipient subscribed for your marketing emails, while they’re reading your ‘Cooking Tips for Vegetarian’ blog. Aside from that, this subscriber also checked most of your blogs on the vegetarian section. It means that this subscriber is vegetarian.

Now if you batch and blast an email about ‘The Best Ways to Cook Meat’. It means that you will also be sending this email to your vegetarian subscriber. How do you think your subscriber will react, knowing that the email you have sent is not relevant to them? They will definitely unsubscribe.

Your recipients signed up for your emails because they think that they can get something out of it. If they observe that you’re not actually sending the contents that they want. They will press that unsubscribe button.

Remember, your subscribers prefer personalised contents. They will only open and read the emails that are relevant to them. If your emails aren’t opened, it means there will be no click-throughs which leave you with zero conversion rate. 

What You Should Do Instead

Avoid unwanted instances such as your subscriber unsubscribing from your marketing emails, through list segmentation. List segmentation is where you group your subscribers who have the same age, location, or behaviour together. This way, you can further personalise each of the emails that you send to them.

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Mistake 3: Forgetting About Your Existing Customers

If you want to increase your revenue, you should take good care of what you currently have. This is where most business owners, get mistaken. 

Since they’re just starting, they focus on attracting leads. On the process of getting new leads, they tend to forget about their existing customers, who also need the same amount of nurturing as the new leads. 

Although attracting new leads is also important, you shouldn’t spend all your time to them. Your current customers are just as important. Aside from that your current customers will buy and avail your services more than your new ones because they already trust you. 

What You Should Do Instead

There’s a way to take care of your existing customers without paying that much attention to them, and that is through automated emails. Email Marketing Software such as Infusionsoft By Keap allows you to set up drip email campaigns that automatically sends emails to your customers.

If you’re using Infusionsoft by Keap, then that’s better. Infusionsoft by Keap is both a CRM and Marketing Automation software, which means that they store all your customer’s data in one cloud. If you have the data of your customer on your cloud, then you can give them a more personalised email which they will find interesting — thus nurturing them in the process. 

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Mistake 4: Focus is on the Wrong Metric

Another common mistake committed by a lot of business owners who are just starting is that they focus on the wrong metrics. We tend to focus more on the open rate that we disregard the other ones. Now, having a high open-rate is a good thing. However, if that’s your only measurement for success, then take a step back and review your analytics. 

How’s your click-through rate doing? What about the conversion?

If you have a high open-rate, but low click-throughs and conversion redo your email campaign. It’s not doing its job. A great email campaign works for your business. If your open rate is high, then your click-throughs and conversion rate should be just as high. 

What You Should Do Instead

Run through your analytics once more. Analyse the correlations between each metric and examine the reasons why you’re getting such figures. It’s better to get a low conversion rate rather than nothing at all. You’re still starting anyway. You can learn from your mistakes and use them to strengthen your campaign over time. 

Final thoughts

If you have an email campaign that is running at the moment, make sure it’s being sent to the right people. If you’re still planning, then don’t buy an email contact list, as well as batch and blast unless it’s necessary. You also have to keep in mind that you need to continue connecting with your current customers. Lastly, once your email campaign is already up, make sure you focus on the right metric. Making mistakes is not a bad thing if you use it to make your email campaigns better. So, be wise with every decision you’re going to make. 

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