"Starting your business venture with email" caption with a picture of a man typing on his laptop
"Starting your business venture with email" caption with a picture of a man typing on his laptop

Three Proper Ways of Effectively Capturing Customer Email Addresses

March 1, 2019 CRM Software, Customer Relationships, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

Curious about how capturing customer email addresses and how using email marketing can boost your business’s conversion rate? Getting your lead’s email address is one of the major problems of using email marketing, why some people resort to buying email contact leads. Because some businesses don’t know where to start with email capturing. How do you start collecting your customers’ email addresses?


Starting Your Business Venture With Email

Once you have collected and made a database of your customers’ email addresses, you can observe your customer’s behaviour towards your brand. It’s a tedious process to collect email addresses and use an email collection software or a CRM software, like Infusionsoft by Keap, to store and create your customer’s data easily. You easily measure the intent and track your customers’ journey. But, how do you easily collect email addresses without breaking any sweat?  


Here are three professional tips on how to easily capture your customer’s email address.


  1. Using a sign-up form for your website (But don’t spam their inboxes with emails!)

Use a sign-up form for your website with all your active social media profiles on it. When you collect email addresses, however, be attentive of your lead’s response if they want to be a part of your email list or not. Never add anyone to your list if they haven’t given you their permission yet.

Remember, it’s not just about an email address, you’re getting ‘people’ to interact with your brand, and it compensates when they convert and become loyal customers.

An effective email collection technique is making using of lightbox pop-ups and scrolling box. Usually, signup forms are seen on the footer or sidebar of the site for the visitors to see.

Lightbox popups make it easy for your site’s visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. The use of these pop-ups to promote or introduce offers, like coupons and discounts, have proven to be successful in attracting and compelling visitors. On the other hand, a scrolling box creeps up as the visitor scrolls down the page. With compelling content and a unique proposition that persuades your target, thus, increasing your leads and decreases bounce rates.  

Keep in mind, however, that majority of the people scrolling through your website for the first time are being explorative. Before they fully commit to email capture, your new prospects will need time to learn about your brand.

Collecting email addresses is a huge factor for your growing e-mailing list. But cutting to the chase too early and interrupting customer experience deflates conversion rates. It takes your prospect’s mind off of the significant content you’re offering. Mostly for new visitors, they take at least three to four page views to get acquainted with your site, which then is a perfect time to ask for their email address.

So, refrain from bombarding them the first minute they arrive at your site.

And think about the emails you open and those you immediately direct to the trash; you filter and delete the emails you believe you won’t get any benefit in opening them.

It’s actually the same thing for your prospects and customers. Whether your email contains an important update of a new product, a sale coupon, an ebook or other pieces of content, if you spam their inboxes with an unnecessary number of emails, they will instantly junk your emails and mark it as spam. When you ask for their email, ensure there’s something valuable for them.


  1. Being proactive with your audience

Keep it simple and traditional. The best way to collect email addresses is to let them give it to you themselves. It’s not purely coincidental that a person just happens to end up on your site. There’s a specific reason they are browsing your website, either they’re interested in your product or of your content.

If your leads are showing signs of high intent, for instance, spending a long time on the site, viewing product images and available clothing sizes, looking through your product descriptions, reading reviews, or is ready to make a purchase, it’s safe to say that they’ll give you their email naturally.  

You also have to consider the channels or sources your prospects are coming from and how knowledgeable they already are about your brand. With the range of how long social media can reach the market, it’s indeed a powerful way to capture new leads.

Facebook alone can give you high rate conversions with the right market. You can place a sign-up form on your Facebook page for visitors to easily subscribe to your e-mailing list for updates. For Twitter, you can tweet to your audience to promote your web form and easily sign-up for your newsletter.

Another way of triggering a response is to promote a time-sensitive offer to your market. From a psychological standpoint, customers elicit a psychological reaction that cultivates a rise in their interest. The feeling of having and being a part of something ‘limited’ or ‘special’ affects their ego.

That’s why taking the initiative of tracking your customers’ behaviour is a crucial point.

Being actively involved with your leads and making things easier for them can grant a successful conversion than anything else.

But being involved is entirely different from constantly emailing prospects with discounts and coupons to win them over. You don’t want your email to be part of the junk, so better plan and set time schedules of when and how frequent you’ll be sending emails to your customers.


  1. Delivering personal content

Customers only give their email if they feel that they will receive a fair value of exchange. It’s because they have been progressively wary of their mailbox being full of unnecessary marketing materials.

Instead of sending mass emails to your whole e-mailing list, it’s best to segment your leads with regards of their interests and preferences. For an effective customer relationship marketing strategy, segmentation of your demographics is very useful. This way, you’re handpicking the people whom you want to develop and strengthen a relationship with.

In a way, you’re picking out the right ones who exactly fit your business profile, and you know they will want and love to do business with you. This is where you create and personalise the content you send to your niche. But how much you can customise and tailor an email for each of your recipients depend on how much you actually know about them.

But other than personalised content, a potential customer is attracted to a free product and special offers.

Gifts from free shipping to a free trial of the product draws potential customers to sign-up for the newsletter, easily capturing customers’ email addresses. For example, offering ‘knowledge products’ including content, tips, slide presentations, or just free resources in general, can easily compel your niche.

And it’s easily dispersed from one referral to another through word of mouth. Thus, making it a perfect incentive for potential customers to benefit from.


Final Thoughts…

Email marketing has always been an effective way of connecting to your old and new customers. Sending a newsletter has been one of the most significant ways to keep in touch with your customers. It entices and encourages your potential customers to act quick. Getting your customers’ email address is just the beginning. Are you ready to convert those leads into your customers?

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