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header image of the blog title "Find Out Why You Need Contact Management Software In Business" with a woman operating a computer

Why You Need a Contact Management Software (CMS) for Your Business

December 7, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Business people would travel around the globe to get business done. By establishing good relationships with potential business partners, you can close a business deal with one sight and a good handshake. Back in the days, business cards were the top trend amongst business people, containing personal information, address, email, social media accounts and other contact details. Then, the advancement of mobile cell phones and other gadgets led the way for revolutionizing the business contacting process and increase business opportunities. Because of this, the market has been tightly competing to create the right Contact Management Software (CMS).

What is a Contact Management Software (CMS)?

A  CMS tracks the people involved in your business and collects important contact information and conversation. Looking for the right CMS for your business means finding an application that will integrate all your contacts and conversations and secure them in one place.

But wait… What’s the difference between a CMS CRM? You might get confused because the definition of CMS might sound like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  to you. Most client management software marketers interchangeably use both terms. Some would say that CMS and CRM are the same, but there is an exact difference between the two.

A CMS has the basic function of tracking, storing and managing important client information and communication. It allows you to track address details, client data, sales rep activities, sales history, order information and it will enable you to communicate verbally or via email.

On the other hand, a CRM like in Singapore or Infusionsoft by Keap is more advanced and manages prospects, sales rep activities, sales processes, leads and much more about sales. Businesses that utilize customer management software typically have longer customer interactions and complex sale cycles. A CRM allows you to schedule appointments, send emails within the system, track communication, update timestamp notes, manage lead statuses and get alerts on follow-ups and other sale matters.

Why is a Contact Management Software or CMS important?

Making business without contact is impossible, but business cards are already out of fashion. WIthout a CMS, it’s easy for you to lose important business contacts under a pile of emails which you may not be able to access anymore. Imagine spending your time searching through your things or looking up to the directory, telephone numbers and messages to look for your contacts instead of leveraging your leisure to make business deals. Now, you no longer have to worry about lost connections or rely on mobile contacts and business cards. A CMS collects all your contact data and stores them in one secure place.

Why should you adopt a CMS in your Business?

  • Convenience

The important client information such as the name, address, personal contact number, telephone number, email address and social media accounts are stored centrally by a CMS.

  • Storage

Important client data is stored in a secured repository where members of an organisation are given access to. This storage allows you to conveniently look for client information and readily update or edit the details.

  • Maintain customer record and data

As you create robust relationships with your clients, a CMS also stores important records such as message history, feedback, complaints, points to improve and so on. This information will help you identify which customers are potential for you to make a sale.

  • Integration

A CMS will let you integrate your emails, allowing easy transfer of data from your emails to your personal contact management software. With this access, along with your social media accounts and such, you can utilize the use of drip marketing in your business.

  • Tracking

A CMS can keep track of important meetings or appointments with clients. Having data stored centrally, you can synchronize data whenever someone from your business group makes an update or edit. You can even track sales records which you can leverage to make new marketing strategies.

  • Accessibility

Because you can save and share contact information centrally, you can now access important data with a cell phone, tablet, computer, laptop and other gadgets with an internet connection at your comfort.

Contact Management Software or CMS for Lead Management

Who says CMS is only limited to contact solutions? It’s great if you can optimize your contact processes with a CMS, but it’s excellent if you can use this customer database software to market and take advantage of sales opportunities.

How? Working as a unit, your sales team will have to obtain vital client information for business purposes. These people will become leads, and it’s your goal to turn these leads into actual customers. To achieve this, you will need to continually pay attention to your leads and assess how you can market to them. By keeping your contact data updated, you’ll be able to evaluate their reaction to your business and know how they are moving in the sales funnel. This information will help you offer new marketing promos, optimise client responses and even look for other leads.

Typically, only half of your customers would remain after 5 years of your business cycle. This is because of poor customer management and poorly meeting their demands. You need to be aware of the changing needs and perceptions of your customers. So, it’s vital for every business to understand their customers to effectively market and keep them coming back. That’s why every business needs to have a marketing automation system to keep track of customers.

With a CMS coming into play, you can study the way customers think, their preferences, feedback, and record them into your system so you can understand and cater customer needs better. With a loyal customer list, you can personalize your contacts and look for more options to market. Most marketers would upsell or cross-sell products or services depending on what the customer needs for the moment. With this strategy, your business can ensure that: you build a strong relationship with your client by achieving customer satisfaction and guarantee that they will keep coming back so they will get the maximum benefits from your business.

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