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CorpPass Application And Process

September 26, 2019 CRM Data Management, infusionsoft by Keap, Uncategorized 0 Comments

What is CorpPass? How is it significant to your business? If you are a business owner in Singapore then you’ll want to know how to get CorpPass Application. This article is for those who want to know what’s the process of CorpPass application and what requirements to prepare to apply. If you are looking to apply for CorpPass then you’re in luck because we have a step-by-step guide on how.

The things you need to know are all in here:

What Is CorpPass?

CorpPass is an online identity for incorporations and other enterprises such as associations, non-profit organisations, etc. Its services list encompasses a lot of services. Services were added regularly from its creation in 2016 to the final output in December 2017. Updates were notified to members through email alerts or official announcements on the website.

CorpPass is managed by GTA or Government Technology Agency. The purpose of this website is to facilitate by single login method the transactions set up by businesses to the Government. CorpPass integration program helped an estimated number of 60 government agencies in Singapore. Learn the details of why this is important to your enterprise.

The Benefits Of CorpPass Registration

CorpPass helps enterprises to have legitimate transactions with the government of Singapore but aside from that there are also other benefits such as;

Better Control

Administrators will have better control of their business. They will also have much greater control at their employees

because the employees need the employer to grant the rights before accessing electronic services of the government.

Single Log In

This is convenient for companies because they can make transactions with several government-run enterprises without the need for a lot of usernames & passwords. With only one password and username of your company the data that you stored will be guarded with care by CorpPass.

How To Create A CorpPass Account

CorpPass application/account registration is easy and we’ll tell you how. Below, you just need to make sure that you have the requirement before creating one. We have a detailed guide for companies who are hoping to register for this account. You need to have a SingPass account first before attempting to create an account for CorpPass and SingPass accounts have a requirement of their own. Once you have signed in to SignPass then you can start creating an account/CorpPass application immediately. 

Follow this simple step by step guide here.

Step 1. Go to the page.

It all starts with this step. You need to make sure that you have a SignPass account before even considering signing up in CorpPass.

singpass page

Step 2. Log in your SingPass account.

After logging in your SingPass account you need to find the main navigation bar.

singpass login page

Step 3. Find services in the main navigation bar and aim for it and wait for a drop-down menu.

After finding the navigation bar the services button is 3rd from the left, right between About Us and Help.

corppass main navigational page showing service

Step 4. After seeing the drop-down menu aim for the register for CorpPass and see other choices.

After the pointing your cursor there will be a drop-down menu and you just need to point your cursor at Register for CorpPass

corppass drop down menu showing other choices

Step 5. You will see two choices. The first choice is UEN Registered Entity and the second choice is foreign entity and it is further divided into two sub-navigation bars entitled Register via SingPass and Register via Foreign ID respectively.

After pointing your cursor on the Register for CorpPass menu, there are sub-menus going to appear and that will be UEN Registered Entity and Foreign entity. The first choice is for Singaporean based companies.

corppass choices showing registered and foreign entity options

Step 6. Pick the first choice which is UEN Registered Entity and prepare your UEN.

After picking the first choice you need to prepare your Unique Entity Number because its a requirement for CorpPass. You also need to prepare your mobile phone for entering your One-Time Passwords.

uen registered entity option

Step 7. Fill up the corresponding details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Fill up the corresponding details such as UEN, contact details, account details, e-Service access, and putting a check on the terms and condition box.

corresponding details filled up

Step 8. Login & Check your mobile phone for your OTP and type your OTP.

After creating an account you need to log in it to make sure that you created the right account. You need to make sure that you have access to your One Time Password because CorpPass needs that to validate your account whether it is you or not.

type your otp corppass page


corpass ready to use page

After following typing your OTP then your account is ready to use. Whether you create additional users for your company or communicate with the government of Singapore.

Additional Users Feature

corppass additional user features page

There is a new feature in CorpPass and that is Additional Users. Additional Users can be further classified into 3 categories and they are;

Registered Officer

Registered officers like the name say are officers registered as Corporate and Accounting Regulatory Authority. These people can the owner of the business, directors, corporate secretary, or even business partners.

Key Executive

Key Executives are people authorised by registered officers to hire administrators under CorpPass supervision. These people can be CEOs, Managing Directors, etc.

CorpPass Administrator

CorpPass administrators are experts in the field hired by either key executives or registered officers. Their job is to manage and monitor the corporate pass accounts.

Final Thoughts

If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that CorpPass is very helpful to your business because of the tendency of cooperating with the government of Singapore itself. You just need to make sure that all requirements are met and then you’re good to go. This is why for some this is revolutionary because of the access it can get you with the government.

Some people say that the government itself is the best umbrella you could get for your business to grow. So what are you waiting for? let your company be involved in CorpPass too. Create an account here through the help of these simple steps.

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