header image of the blog title "Create More Accurate Product Sales Predictions with CRM Database" and a laptop with codes on its screen
header image of the blog title "Create More Accurate Product Sales Predictions with CRM Database" and a laptop with codes on its screen

How To Create More Accurate Product Sales Predictions For Your Sales Representatives with CRM Database and ERP Systems

June 22, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Traditionally, people have used enterprise resource planning (also known as ERP) as opposed to today’s CRM database system, to record the purchases made by customers and the time when they paid for those purchases. It provides an efficient way to note product purchase, and it also offers a lot of built-in data reporting. But this is where an Enterprise resource planning ends because in terms of the customer type, the length customer-buyer relationship, the customer size, and how much resources and effort is spent on keeping them as customers are not recorded by the system. In this aspect, a CRM Singapore, with its CRM database comes into play. Today, you are going to learn the features and roles of both system, and find out why most businesses today choose customer-relationship management (CRM) systems over enterprise resource planning (ERP) for predicting customer orders.

Features of CRM Database and ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An Enterprise Resource Planning is process of managing and integrating important aspects of a business. Managers, manufacturers and company owners use it to coordinate all features of a company operation such as the planning of a product, its development, production, sales and strategies in marketing.

It puts all these uses into one single database within an application, built with a single user interface. An Enterprise Resource Planning software can act as a company’s nervous system when it is used properly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

In the numerous articles posted on this website, we are pretty confident that you have a full idea what an Infusionsoft CRM software is, but for all clarity’s sake we’ll discuss it. A CRM program or CRM system is an application that allows you manage and integrate all your interactions with your customers or clients and potential customers, commonly referred to as leads.

It jots down your buyers journey through the sales funnel, which starts with the first contact up to the actual sales. Marketing automation and lead generation is usually imbedded into a CRM software which is then stored into the CRM database.

Breaking The Connection

An Enterprise and Resource Planning Software and Customer Relationship Management Software should work together to create a solid and near accurate prediction of customer purchase for salespersons to use. Sadly, this is a far cry from what is happening. The bloodline of any software are reports. A good information accurately stated in a report is a gold bar to a company’s sales team. But a report left in the dust far away from the reach of salespeople is useless. Having unused, should have been relevant, data staying inside a computer is a complete waste of space.

Data about which items that are usually purchased by certain customers go out of stock are very helpful for the sales team especially if they are in the process of interacting with the those given customers.

Another blunder that sales team commit because of the lack of data is ignoring single purchases.The mindset of these small purchases thinking that they will just buy another one without much need of convincing and sales talk.

Grafting In Better Sales Focus

Don’t disregard important data, make predictions from them and make sure that your predictions reach your sales team. And it’s not just enough that it reaches them but they also have to do something about them.

The good thing is CRM systems focus or pinpoint customer problems and complains as well as any activities before they make calls or interact with clients. Aside from linking sales reps to customers, CRM systems can also make suggestions full lists of items that can be recommended to buyers. The ability to track a client journey through the sales funnel also offers opportunities for sales reps to make more sales.

Overall, making predictions about possible sales and being able to upsell or recommend other products will help you increase not just your revenue but also a way to improve customer relationship. ERP software and CRM software are both vital programs. But, CRM’s wide array of in-depth features provide better product predictions make up-selling and reselling all the more effective.

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