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Crucial Factors That Affects Your Email Click-Through Rates

March 26, 2019 CRM Software, Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

Email marketing campaigns are an investment. Investing means you’re confident that you will have a return of investment through sales— why else would you be spending your cash if you’re not confident enough? We don’t want to waste our investment which is why we want our email campaign to succeed. Now, how can you measure the success of your email campaign? This is through email click-through rates.

What is Email Click-Through Rates?

Email Click Through Rate (CTR) is the calculated rate of your contacts or subscribers who have clicked on one of the links you have provided on your email campaign. The click rate in email marketing is also one of the crucial metrics in determining the success rate of your email campaign. Especially if your email marketing campaign’s goal has something to do with getting the link on your email clicked.

When Can You Declare that the Click Through Rate for Your Campaign is Good?

The average click-through rate for all industries is at 7.06%. This means that 7% of the emails you sent had their links clicked.  Any number below 7% implies that you need to think of a strategy to increase your click-throughs.

To find out the rate of your current email campaign, you need to get the total number of clicks you got from your subscribers, then divide this with the total number of emails you delivered. After that, you now have to multiply it to 100.

Here’s the formula for your click-through rate:


Let’s say you sent 100 emails for your previous campaign and got a total of 8 clicks on the links from your emails. Using the given formula, you’d have to divide 8 with 100 and get a total of 0.08. This is then multiplied by 100 which provides you with the result of 8.

The average CTR may vary from time to time, so you if you want to ensure that your email campaign is successful, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends for the email campaigns.

Now, if your click-through rate is below 7%, this means that you should revisit your email marketing strategy. Take time to look through your email campaign and find out why your subscribers aren’t clicking on any of the links you have provided.

What are the Factors that Affect Your Campaign’s Click Through Rate?

Whether or not you have reached the average CTR, your goal is to improve your click-through rate. Here are some of the factors that can affect your CTR.

  1. Content

Today, people have become aware of emails, specifically promotional emails. The reason behind this is that business owners and marketers have been bombarding people with emails that aren’t relevant to the subscribers.

People want to get emails that they find relevant and beneficial for them. Now, if you genuinely care about your email campaign, you have to make sure that you’re giving relevant content to your subscribers. Your goal is to make your subscribers want your product or service because if they wish to have what you’re offering,  they will surely get what you’re giving them.

This means that you should only send promotional emails to the contacts you think are ready and open your promotional emails.

Let’s say you subscribed to a website because you liked the blogs they post on the site. Now when you opened your email expecting to receive a welcome email from them. However, you were met with a promotional email from them urging you to pay for their service. You were disappointed about the website and immediately unsubscribed from their service.

To avoid this kind of situation, and gain click-throughs instead of unsubscribes, you should give your subscribers relevant contents. Start with your subject line then the body, then everything else should follow.

  1. Segmented List

One way to give your subscribers relevant and personalised content is through email list segmentation. Segmentation is where you group subscribers who have the same behaviour, location, age, gender and etc., so you can create personalised contents much easier.

Email segmentation can be lengthy and exhausting, however, CRM Software such as Infusionsoft by Keap, have made segmenting your contacts easy through creating a feature that allows you to tag a subscriber.

This is to make sure that each email you send will pique the interest of your subscribers. It was mentioned earlier in the blog, you should be able to catch the attention of your subscriber at the beginning of your email. Your goal is to stand out among the sea of emails in your subscribers’ inbox. Gaining their attention using your subject line makes them open the email.

You also have to make sure upon opening, the body of your email is enjoyable so you will be able to catch the attention of your reader, and later, make them curious so they will click on one of the links you have placed on your email.

  1. Clean Mailing list

One of the best practices when it comes to marketing automation is to segment cold contacts from your hot ones and to remove the inactive contacts that can cause hard bounces. If you don’t keep a good mailing list hygiene and a lot of your subscribers are no longer active, your email reputation may get affected negatively. Now, if your email reputation goes down, the emails you send may go straight to the dreaded spam folder.

Mailing List Hygiene can easily be accomplished through Infusionsoft by Keap tagging feature and hot & cold leads identifier. Cold leads can be segmented away from the hot ones and have your cold leads go through another campaign.

So if you want to keep your position on the inboxes of your subscribers, make sure you clean your mailing list regularly. If you’re on your subscriber’s inbox, they’ll be seeing your email in it and they will open it. If they open it, they will most likely click on the link you have given on your email— that’s if the content for your email is engaging.


Final Thoughts

Click-throughs are one of the indications that your subscriber is interested in the products and services you offer. With the right CRM Singapore and Marketing Automation software, you can deliver emails to your subscribers easily. Remember, creating personalised contents, segmenting your contacts and keeping your email hygiene right is the key to increasing your click-throughs.

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