header image of the blog title "Double Up Your Email Open Rate With These 8 Easy Steps" with a girl only half of its body shown operating a laptop on a table
header image of the blog title "Double Up Your Email Open Rate With These 8 Easy Steps" with a girl only half of its body shown operating a laptop on a table

Increase Your Email Open Rate With These 8 Easy Tips

December 10, 2018 CRM Data Management, Email Deliverability, Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

Increasing email open rate isn’t a walk in the park, it requires attention. So, if you’re thinking that this is a magic article which gives you marketing powers to immediately increase your click-through rate, then, this is not the article for you. Because, what we will be teaching you isn’t magic tricks, it’s plain and simple marketing common sense.

Now, you’ve probably read tons of blogs about how to increase your click-through rate, and some of them have worked wonders. While others failed to clear up questions you might have. We’ll try to keep things as simple and as relatable to you as possible, that way when you finish you’re left with answers than solutions.

But, before we begin with tips. It’s best if you had a short refresher about what a good click to open rate is.

A click rate is the percentage of people who visit a webpage and access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement. With the average open rate for email marketing, you can convert your $1 to as much as $44.25. With the business competition getting tighter, email marketing still proves to be a top contender for increasing customer engagement and return of investments.

Increase Your Email Open Rate With These 8 Easy Tips

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1. Create an email marketing subject line and content that will make your recipients engage with your business.

It’s basically putting your money in the trash if you keep sending email subject lines you haven’t tested and optimized. Remember that a catchy email subject line is the first thing that pops out when a client receives an email, meaning their engagement depends on the first thing that they see. If you want to increase engagement, create personalized email subject lines. Make it sound casual and remember to always test, test and test.

2. Having an excellent subject line is not enough.

If you’ve already engaged your recipient’s with it, it’s essential to keep their interest throughout the rest of the email body. You should be familiar with your audience. You can use their personal information in your emails, such incorporating their name in the opening and using other data from them such as their hobbies in the message body. Emails like this, with a more personal connection, have a higher possibility of getting opened and read. Increase your email marketing campaign open rates by making readers feel like your email was tailored specifically for them.

3. Talk like a person.

Another way to increase client engagement is making them feel that they are talking to a  person, not a company. Recipients look up to the sender first if they know them before actually opening and reading received emails. If they see that you’re emailing them as a company, they would most likely label you as advertising and your emails would quickly end up getting deleted. Make your emails more personal. Add personal information such as your name and picture. Putting identity in your emails would make your recipients feel like they are talking to a person.

4. Send your emails at the right time.

The element of time is critical. Hitting the right timing for sending your emails requires a lot of observation and research. Ensure that your emails are timely to your client’s needs. It doesn’t hurt to keep testing and experimenting when to send your emails. Once you’ve already analyzed your audience’s behavior and established an excellent pattern, you’ll ensure higher open rates. It’s also a great strategy to look for email marketing researches. Some studies would suggest you send your emails on weekends because it’s been found out that the open rate for emails is higher on these days over on weekdays, specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

5. Avoid making your emails look like spam messages.

The last thing you’d want is to get your emails straight to the junk or spam instead of getting inboxed. Your clients receive dozens of emails per day, and the email filters are compensating by getting more advanced as well. To avoid getting your emails marked as spam, you have to avoid making your emails look like one. In the marketing world, the “4-letter words”trigger a spam filter. These are words you should never use in your subject line like save, free, rich, deal, help, off, quote, percent, off, cash, quote, and reminder. However, Hubspot has become more intelligent than ever. Now, it’s more contextually conscious and aware that not all email subjects line with “4-letter words” are spam. This means you shouldn’t avoid using these words, but instead use them in your emails in such a way that it doesn’t sound like spam.

6. Segment your recipients.

With a large audience, segmenting your recipients would be a vital strategy to keep the emails you send relevant to what your clients need. There are multiples ways you can segment your recipients – by demographic data, interests, purchases and more. By breaking down a large piece into smaller chunks with similar characteristics, you can make highly focused and relevant emails which will increase your open rates.

7. Do not buy leads.

Many companies who’ve just started their business will opt in buying a list of leads. This is a risky move, and your money might go down the drain. Investing in bought leads don’t have the assurance that the people in that list are interested in your business. It won’t be a very wise strategy since you’re unsure if this lead list will listen to you or engage with your emails. You must create leads organically. Fish for client email addresses by offering promos or freebies and other strategies.

8. Keep your list of leads updated.

Establishing a solid list of leads is not enough. You must sort your leads and update how they are moving in the sales funnel. Separate inactive from active leads. Continue email marketing to your active leads and find ways to retarget or recapture the interest of your inactive leads. If you have the time, you can check your list for misspellings and other typographical errors. Save money by cutting your costs on unresponsive subscribers.

You’ll get far better results than average email open rate when you understand what how your clients respond to email marketing. By reaching out to the right audience and making your emails worth the read, achieving optimum business opportunities is in your reach. Tweak the way you email market and squeeze your chances of getting seen.

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