header image of the blog title "How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Helps Your Drive Conversions" with a background of customer journey map
header image of the blog title "How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Helps Your Drive Conversions" with a background of customer journey map

Using Customer Lifecycle Marketing to Drive Conversions

April 11, 2018 Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Managing customer relationship is very important in running a business. This should be one of the first things to consider whether you own a small or big business. Have you ever wondered why successful businesses often have loyal customers? This is because these marketers knew how to use the lifecycle marketing strategy effectively. Taking careful steps in order to nurture their customers, and make a connection with them.

Each of these steps is taken with a systematically well-thought-of plan behind it. Making sure you are positively driving conversions, in every step, your prospect takes.

Conversions turn into an increase in revenue, and that is our goal. But first things first, to better learn customer lifecycle marketing, let us first learn what a customer lifecycle is.

What is Customer Lifecycle?

Your customers undergo a series of episodes in their relationship with your brand. So, in order to create a deeper connection with your customer, you need to lay-out your customer lifecycle. This is for you to be able to create a marketing strategy, perfectly molded for each episode your customer is going through.

To give you an idea of what a customer lifecycle is, we have listed the 7 episodes your customers go through in their relationship with your company.

Anonymous Visitors
These are your first-time website visitors who do not have any idea about you, your company, and the problems you solve.

Returning Visitors
These are the visitors who visited your site once and decided to visit once again after getting to land on your site before.

Registered Leads
These are the ones who decided to sign up for newsletters but have not made their purchase yet.

First-Time Buyers
These are the customers who have made their first purchase.

Active & Frequent  Buyers
These are the customers who have bought your product and services repeatedly over a period of time.

Churned Buyers
These are the customers who have made their purchase a long time ago but have stopped buying for a long time.

Reactivated Buyers
These are the once churned buyers but decided to buy again.

Now that we know what a Customer Lifecycle is, we’ll move on to Customer Lifecycle Marketing and how to use it in our marketing strategy.

What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?

It is the process of recording the purchasing stages your customers went through and using these records to maximize their buying experience. Whilst the customer lifecycle is the stages, lifecycle marketing is the process which follows a cyclical pattern in a customer’s journey. Your goal is to make a prospect become loyal to your brand. This means that you must be consistent sending appropriate and relevant messages to your leads.

To help us understand this Customer Lifecycle Marketing better, here are 7 tips to help you in driving conversions.

  1. Attract Traffic

People during this phase does not have any idea what products and services you offer. They do not even have any idea that your company exists. So it is important for you to grab their attention. Make traffic and let the people know about your services. Make them aware that you are around, and that you are ready to help solve their problems.

  1. Capture Leads

Now that you were able to create traffic, it is time for you to identify the ones who are interested. Get their contact information in order to start a connection with them.

  1. Nurture Leads

Nurture your leads by personalizing your messages according to their liking. Let them know that you can help them with their needs. This way, not only will you be able to keep your leads engaged, but also help your lead have a deeper relationship with you.

  1. Convert to Customer

After having your customer to listen to you, it is your time to listen to them. Talk to them about what their needs and wants.

  1. Deliver and Satisfy

Now that you already know what your customer wants, prove yourself worthy of your promises. Give them the service they want with the greatest satisfaction.

  1. Upsell

You finally have a happy and satisfied customer. They have enjoyed their purchase and your services. Do not stop there, keep in touch with them. Give them offers based on their previous purchase, to have them buy upgrades for their previously bought products and services.

  1. Referral and Repeat

Your customers have been actively buying your products and service, and they are happy with their purchase. Keep in touch with them and encourage them to share their experience with their friends and family by offering them vouchers and incentives whenever they get their friends and family interested. These friends and family will then fall to the very start of the cycle.

Keeping track of your customers’ activity with your company is important. This way, you can send them appropriate messages for the right phase they belong to, which is a good way to drive conversions from being a prospect to being loyal. Does your business don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us or email us at info@scaleupmarketing.asia for more information on CRM! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business succeed.

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