header image of the blog title "Up Your Customer Relationship With These 4 Game-Changing Tactics" with an overhead shot of a hand holding a cellphone, a laptop, newspaper, calculator and a cactus around a white surface
header image of the blog title "Up Your Customer Relationship With These 4 Game-Changing Tactics" with an overhead shot of a hand holding a cellphone, a laptop, newspaper, calculator and a cactus around a white surface

Create Lasting Customer Relationship With Your Buyers Using These Game-Changing Steps

June 19, 2018 CRM Data Management, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

With today’s fast-paced world filled with social media and instant information, the very concept of long-term customer relationship seems like a thing of the past. Brands are bombarded with intense competition everywhere, and brilliant entrepreneurs have to always be above the rest in order to succeed. Building brand loyalty is getting harder and harder, and it leaves people like you asking what could possibly the secret to surviving in this new digital realm?

Data shows that having loyal customers results in an 80-20 event; this means that 20% of your loyal customers provide at least 80% of your sales revenue. Think about it 20% seems like a small number, but the sales it generates is enough to power your business. If you rationalize this data, can you imagine how much sales a 50% customer loyalty rating will bring?

So how do you please customers and get their trust and loyalty? You don’t have to look far; the answer is in your sales funnel, the buyers journey. It all starts from the minute they click on your ad or reach your landing page up to the post-sales service.

Steps to Create Unchanging Customer Relationship With Your Buyers

Make Use of Multiple Platforms For Your Site

Consumers today have different means of reaching your website, with this age interconnectivity it’s very common for your customers to search you and one platform and buy your product in another. Your customers might see your add on facebook and buy your product on your mobile app.

Or they could see your product on Amazon and then converse with you on Facebook or Twitter, after all this exchange they will use your main website for purchase. The possibilities are limitless, what matters is that you are where your customers want you to be. Expand your horizon try using the numerous online social media platforms popping up here and there, like live chat, WhatsApp, WeChat or twitter. Build your connection based on your captured audience, if your customers are mostly from China then try using a social platform like QQ or Weibo, if you’re targeting the younger generation then make full use of Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Choose the platform that you know your buyers will be using and be regularly active on, this way you build stronger relationships with them. Don’t be intimidated by the scope of these sites; whether your business is big or small, you can make a mark on the social media if you put effort into it. It’s important to note response rate is essential in building your presence on social media; customers desire fast replies to queries and issues. Making them wait 15 hours just for a simple inquiry will hurt your customer relationship instead of strengthening it.

Give A Personalised Customer experience

Whether onsite or offsite it’s vital to make your customers feel special, the simple gesture of inserting their name on your email adds depth and a sense of a more face to face conversation. It attracts and retains their attention better when they feel that you are directly talking to them. Using the details, you gather from the different social media sites that you are in you can make personalized promotions and memorable packaging for them. Take for example giving them a discount because it’s their birthday or offering them a sweet deal for kids products because of its back-to-school season. Make your product campaigns relevant to the events that happen in their lives, and you’ll gain and keep their trust and loyalty better.

Make Full Use of The Public’s Opinion

A strong customer testimonial goes a long way, as Pete Blackshaw quotes ” Satisfied customers tell three friends, angry customers tell 3000″. If your response rate to problems or issues faced by your customers is fast, they will appreciate your efforts, and you can expect that they will tell their friends about your service. Testimonials on social media help your brand gain more reputation for being a trustworthy business. Place good reviews you get on your website and your Facebook account, parade it on Twitter or Instagram. It shows the people visiting your site that you:

  • deliver what you promise
  • can be trusted
  • are a credible business
  • give good customer service

Data shows that 92% of consumers read the reviews of people online concerning a product before they even consider buying the product. 88% of take online reviews as seriously as they do personal recommendations. And 62% revenue is generated by testimonials.

Give Them Rewards

Make your customers feel how thankful you are to have them, give rewards for their loyalty. These rewards can be in the form of freebies or discounts on their special days like birthdays. Or you can commemorate the first day that they became a customer by giving them special packages. The more that they feel that you appreciate and value them, the more they will be inclined to stay as a customer and even become loyal defenders of your brand.

The long process of transforming leads into loyal buyers is a hard and arduous process; it requires dedication and the sincerity to give the best to your customers. In the long run, your efforts will be rewarded with a lasting customer relationship.

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