header image of the blog title "Don't Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself" with a close-up shot of a hand typing on a laptop
header image of the blog title "Don't Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself" with a close-up shot of a hand typing on a laptop

Steps On How You Can Resolve A Problem With An Angry Customer By Not Depending on Your CRM Software Application

June 27, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

In a world where everyone thinks they are right, dealing with an angry customer can be nerve-wracking, even the best CRM software application cannot help you when it comes to facing a fire-breathing client. In the article “4 Ways To Deal With Customers That You Should Teach Your Team and CRM Managers”, you learned about the 4 types of customers that your Team and CRM Manager need to be aware. Now in this article, you will be learning the steps on how to diffuse an angry customer’s wrath. Master these six steps and you are sure to calm even the worst tantrum-throwing customer you can encounter.

6 Steps To Resolve a Problem With an Angry Customer Not Depending on Your CRM Software Application

1. Stay Calm

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Stay Calm

You might be asking why this is a step, here’s the deal, you can never solve, pacify, or calm an angry customer if you, yourself are angry. The first thing that you should do the moment you pick the phone and hear a customer going ballistic is to stay calm. Being calm, helps you keep your thoughts straight and at the same time help calm your customer as well. According to psychology, people tend to match the volume, pace and tone of the person they are talking to, so if you start yelling back at your client or you use a threatening voice you will only aggravate the situation. So, stay calm and it will make things easier for you and your customer later.

2. Stop & Listen

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Stop and Listen

After you have transverse into a calm, it’s time you stop your train of thought and listen. We don’t mean, just the plain listening without understanding. You have to pay close attention to what your angry customer is saying, that way you can figure out what the problem is. And don’t pretend to listen without being sincere. Instead of seeing your angry customer as a complete stranger trying to destroy your business, think of him or her as a friend who is having to a bad time and is asking for your help to fix a problem.

Do not say words like “I understand.” because you don’t, you are not the one in a frustrating situation. And, don’t use “but” or try to defend your product, remember the person you are talking to is pissed and unhappy with your service. Defending your product when the customer already feels insulted will only result into you tarnishing your reputation more. Take yourself out of the salesperson persona and put it into a listening guru. By being a good listener you can get the information you need to solve the problem.

3. Sincerely Apologise

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Sincerely Apologize

Your customer is probably done with his or her rant now when the complaints have stopped take this as your cue to apologise, be calm and be sincere in your apology, don’t be cocky or don’t be on defense mode. Give a sincere apology, that is the only way you can make your customer feel how sorry you are for putting them into an uncomfortable situation. And remember even the best marketing automation out in the market will not be able to teach you the art of making a heartfelt apology.

4. Act on the problem

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Act on a Problem

From the information you have gathered from the customer’s rant you can then form steps to solving the problem, talk to your customer. Think of it like a CRM consulting services situation, they have a problem and you have the solution. Be the consultant who is patient and attentive to the situation, but don’t forget to be calculating, once you get the idea of what their problem is about don’t try to fix it if you can’t. Offer a refund or a product replacement when it is absolutely hopeless, otherwise, find a way to give a solution to the problem as quickly as you can. Just like how CRM automation helps you automate your emails, so should your customer service response be – automatic and immediate.

5. Thank The Customer

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Thank the Customer

A customer going out of his or her way just to complain or give feedback, negative or positive, takes up precious time. Learn to acknowledge this and say thank you to the customer. Here are the two reasons why you should thank your customer:

  • They made time to call you – as stated earlier they made time to call you, even if they are mad, still time is time.
  • They bought your product – this fact alone should be a reason for you to thank them.
  • A problem is brought to your attention – they made you aware of a problem concerning your service, this is a valuable learning experience for you and your business.
  • It makes them feel valued – it is an act of showing your customers that you actually care about them. Showing that you appreciate their efforts, are sincere about understanding their situation helps you build great customer relations.

6. Give Yourself A Pat

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Don’t Depend On Your CRM Software Application Solve It Yourself – Give Yourself a Pat

You have survived an ordeal, it’s time you give yourself the due praise you need for handling a hard situation. Just like how your angry customer need appreciation so do you, so take a deep breathe and smile. You’ve done a great job.

Integrating CRM marketing into your system and availing CRM consultancy is nice and all but you have to realise that the driving force between these two is who you are, your ethics, how you act. Remember that no matter how good a CRM Singapore software application is, it will only be as good as its user. And when it comes to facing an angry customer, you, your intelligence and your empathy towards others are your greatest arsenal.

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