header image of the blog title "Solve Your CRM Marketing Automation Complaints With These 3 Work Strategies" with a background of an open laptop and a notebook beside it
header image of the blog title "Solve Your CRM Marketing Automation Complaints With These 3 Work Strategies" with a background of an open laptop and a notebook beside it

Meet The Industry Whiners! Solving The Common CRM Marketing Automation Complains You Hear From Companies

May 30, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

“I hate our CRM Marketing Automation!”

“Our CRM software sucks!”

“This application is no more than a glorified spreadsheet!”

These are just some of the complains you can hear from companies about CRM marketing automation. CRM consultants hear their clients ramble on and on about how their system is just a waste of money. And most often than not these people have a lot of excuses and whine all the time. You just want to say to them Wah lau! Wake up your idea! The problem is not the system or the CRM software providers! The problem is you! You don’t know how to use the system. You whine too much! Think about how you set up your system! Did you implement it correctly?!

CRM marketing automation is powerful tools, tools that need proper attention and usage. It doesn’t matter if your system has a CRM knowledge base platform or it has a grand inbound marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to properly implement it in your system, then you are just wasting time and resources. If you are also having CRM problems, then stop the finger pointing lah, do something about it. Most of today’s CRM software that you can find in Singapore are very mature no matter what range you are looking at. From high ends like Oracle or mid-range like Infusionsoft, you can be sure that they are robust, on-premise and have tons of features you can use for your sales and marketing.

So how do you make full use of them? Read the three steps below and see if you or anyone you know who uses a CRM software is doing it.

  1. Put All Attention On Reports
    No matter what name CRM software providers give their system its still nothing more than just a database, where you can store your client and site information safely. So if you think your CRM system is like the super A.I Alice in Resident Evil, then you are wrong. A good sales manager knows that the best way to make use of a CRM system is knowing what it is. You should know that you only have three main reports that you need from your system if you don’t know what these three important reports are, maybe it’s time you start asking yourself if you are doing your job. Focus on the funnel or pipeline reports, the open quotes and the new opportunities that arise, the lost sales and the activities of your team. A sales manager needs to be aware a this because not utilizing the reports makes your CRM system worthless.
  2. Have Power CRM Administrators
    Any great company is run by a great CEO, so is the same with CRM Automation. You want a cost-effective CRM system, get someone great to manage it. If the administrator is you, then you should know how your CRM system runs inside and out, even if the system goes forward and backward you will still be able to run it. A good admin can defend his or her data perfectly. He or she knows when a data has been entered into the system, where to find the relevant reports, and when to utilize these data when the need arises.
  3. Fully Integrate CRM Automation To Their Company
    No matter what system you have if your company is not accepting towards it then it’s worthless. Successful companies whose CRM software are succeeding know that the key is fully integrating it to all their transactions. Here’s an example: Company B buys a CRM software, but its employees do not want to use it and still stick to the old ways of storing client data, one of their clients don’t want to use the system seeing it as a waste of time. The end result, CRM failure, who fault was it lah? The system, or the company who refused to enforce a total integration of the software into their system?

Most whiners are people who are not doing much to improve their current state, the same goes for CRM marketing automation whiners. So the lesson here is to stop complaining, and start doing something about it. Singapore wasn’t built in a day, so if you want your CRM software to succeed then get your facts, have a great person behind it, and integrate it into your system. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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