header image of the blog title "The Dos and Don'ts of Effective Business Marketing Automation" with a background image of an open laptop with an analytics report on its screen
header image of the blog title "The Dos and Don'ts of Effective Business Marketing Automation" with a background image of an open laptop with an analytics report on its screen

Learn The Effective Do’s and Don’ts Using Business Marketing Automation

April 29, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

So you’ve just purchased your first ever business marketing automation software and is currently in the midst of implementing it in your campaigns. You’re now set to take your online marketing efforts to the next level. But first, let’s tackle a few rules of marketing automation. Be careful of carelessly starting your automation campaigns and risking everything in the process.

Marketing Automation Don’ts

There are things that you should avoid doing when setting up your marketing automation system. Always remember to never use them no matter the circumstance.

Don’t assume that the more expensive a tool is, the better it will be for giving you the best performance. While a pricey software does come with added functionalities, it doesn’t guarantee that it will suit your needs. Note that there are platforms falling into your preferred price range that accurately provides everything for your business.

Don’t expect that your marketing automation system will produce content for your convenience. Having the assumption that your system will also automate the creation of your content will result in a harsh reality check. Automation platforms don’t create content. That is something you should be doing.

Don’t see the compelling email-sending capabilities of marketing automation as a justification to spam your leads and customers with irrelevant emails. Make sure your marketing automation platform ensures that you are complying with the CAN-SPAM act.

Don’t set it and forget it. You’ll reap the most of your automation efforts by managing your campaigns closely and monitoring them nonstop. From time to time, you should measure, revisit, and re-adjust your automation rules, segmentation, and other possible actions that you’ve set up within your automation system.

Don’t implement your marketing automation rules unless they are set up to be time-sensitive autoresponders. If you have created more than a single page of rules for real-time use, you will risk decelerating your entire system. Keep in mind that if you don’t have to implement a rule to run your campaigns on a constant basis efficiently, you can pause or reserve it for future use.

Marketing Automation Do’s

If there are things that you shouldn’t do to your marketing automation campaign, there are also things that you absolutely need to incorporate in order to create a more fluid and profitable strategy:

Do segment and target your prospects and leads. Make use of the rich data provided by your marketing automation platform to create more personalized campaigns.

Do set rational goals for yourself and your business. It can be achievable and straightforward milestones, like increasing revenue by improving the quality of your leads. You should set goals before planning out and launching your campaigns.

To promote the collaboration between your marketing and sales team. Your sales representatives should be acquiring higher lead quality from marketing. This causes the marketing department to feel more valued and giving them all the more reason to work with the sales team.

Do use automation to engage and re-engage your customers and leads. Take advantage of lead nurturing capabilities that your automation tool features to place leads on a drip marketing campaign, and create re-engagement campaigns to restore interest in your brand’s customers and leads who have gone cold.

Do keep your database clean. Without any management, your databases can get messy over time. For this reason, you should clean your database from time to time to prevent adverse effects like email bounces from prospects who have updated their email addresses or have changed companies.

Do use grading and lead scoring. Increase your revenue by personalizing your emails. Scoring your leads according to the categories that you create will help you determine the ideal emails to send to each one.

Whether they fall under the Dos or the Don’ts, it’s essential that you keep these facts in the back of your mind as you start using your marketing automation software. Knowing the things you shouldn’t and should do as you begin creating your first set of campaigns will help you get the ideal results without having to go through trial and error. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us now! We’ll be glad to walk you through the benefits of using Infusionsoft CRM and how it can help your business.

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