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header image of the blog title "Effective Statements You Should Use in Customer Management" with a background image of two persons facing each other holding a phone and tablet on a wooden table

Empathy Statements You Should Use in Customer Management To Put Your Prospect at Ease

June 25, 2018 CRM Data Management, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Sales Management 0 Comments

Customer Relationship Management has drastically changed. From keeping your customer’s data and files in drawers and folders into a secured cloud. From annoying the prospects with long salesy sales talk, into connecting and interacting with them; Customer Management most certainly has changed for the better.

However, just because it has changed for good, does not mean it will stay that way—No.

Nowadays, prospects want you to interact with them. They want to make sure you’re not just after their money but you actually want to help solve their problems and concerns.

This is why CRM Solutions and Marketing Automation Platforms were created. To give the utmost satisfaction to your customers. Making sure you give them the product and service they need.  Jotting down every interaction your prospect has with your business and use it to your advantage to win your prospect’s interest. This is why CRM Singapore Softwares were created.

What is Customer Management System?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management by definition is a software, a tool, created to improve your relationship with your clients. Providing your business handy tools you can use to actualize your business strategies and make it successful.

But before you nurture your prospects, you need to win their heart first.

So, to help you improve your sales and customer relationship, CRM needs to be utilized effectively in order for it to work.

Every word you say to your prospects may affect your them either positively or negatively. It is important that you’re well equipped with these emphatic statements.

  1. “Thank You for your Time”

    Business by nature comes with peaks and valleys. At times, your prospect might not jump into your offer right away. Some of them might not be ready for your product and services, or cannot afford to pay for product and services, and some might have been already won by your competitor. Do not be disheartened, and immediately close the conversation, it is important to keep a positive image on your prospects. Thank your prospect for their time. Tell them you understand their concern.

  1. “My suggestion would be…”

    Whether it may be an email, a call or a text message, you will meet a customer with a bag full of problems about your product and services. It may look pretty intimidating, but don’t panic. Instead, listen to what your customer has to say first, try to understand his/her point and when she’s done, you can give him/her your suggestion. This way, your prospect will feel special, that your suggestion is more personalized, and means you really paid attention to their concern

  1. “I would have found that frustrating too”

    If your prospect has a concern regarding your products and services, keep an open mind. Try to understand their current situation and confirm their frustration by telling them “I understand where you’re coming from” or “I would have found that frustrating too”After that, you can give them a suggestion to help them in their current dilemma then reassure your prospect with “We will make sure this will not happen again”

  1. “Does our product and services still meet your needs?”

    You should make sure your product and services are still satisfying your prospect and even if they are not calling for your attention it is important that you ask them if they’re still satisfied with your products. This gives them the assurance that you care deeply for their concerns and you’re there to help them.

  1. “I have the solution for your concern [name]”

    Confused prospects may come with a few questions at hand, and although you already know the answer to their problems, don’t be too hasty to answer them right away. It’s better to reassure them that you have an answer to their problem and they need not worry.

There are hundreds of Emphatic Phrases you can use in to handle your customer’s concerns. Try to find the common concerns your prospects come and ask yourself why it keeps on happening, and how will you be able to solve it.

Winning your prospect’s heart is one way to get them to be loyal.

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