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Problems with Marketing Automation Platforms | Scale Up Marketing
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header image of the blog title "Every Marketer Is Facing These 3 Problems With Marketing Automation Platforms: How To Solve These Riddles" with a background of scattered question marks

Every Marketer is Facing these 3 Problems with Marketing Automation Platforms: How to Solve these Riddles?

September 21, 2017 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

A lot of research studies indicated that in the last 5 years, marketing automation platforms have seen a lot of sustained growth in all areas relating to CRM Singapore. Take a look at some the interesting statistics below:

  • There is a 25% increase in searches of the phrase “marketing automation. This can be verified using the basic “Google Keyword Planning Tool”.
  • 63% of companies which outgrow their competitors use one or more marketing automation tool, this is according to Forbes.
  • Marketers indicate that automation tools have helped them increase their revenue by as much as 78%.
  • 78% of these high-performing marketers do indicate that all these marketing automation tools have helped them in increasing revenue.
  • 25% of B2B Fortune 500 companies were using some sort marketing automation tools as of December 2013
  • Jobs in the marketing automation industry has increased by as much as 25%

You can read a lot of interesting statistics from a Capterra.

In the same report, we find an alternate version of the story; it’s a bit discouraging because 85% of B2B professional marketers with an active marketing automation system feel that they are not using those tools to their full potential.”

3 Problems with Marketing Automation Platforms

That statement above indicated a key problem that today’s marketers are facing. In the following, we are sharing these 3 key problems which a lot of marketers are facing despite having a reliable marketing automation tool.

1. Below Potential Utilization.

The number one issue here is a marketer’s inability of marketers to effectively use the tool to its full potential. There are 2 primary reasons for this to occur: 1st, many platforms are not able to provide the desired training to subscribers which is free of course, and 2nd marketers could just not take out time (which they owe to other more important activities) to learn the product thoroughly and rely on the basics.

A woman holding her hand on the table facing her laptop,and two men's in suit,with a cellphone and record book on the left side, black mug on the right side, an example of marketing automation platforms.

The only way to solve this problem is set aside some time in order to gain some knowledge about the product. This gives the marketer a long-lasting advantage competitively. Another way is to watch video tutorials available on the internet, there are also case studies and blog posts which marketers can use. Getting out of your comfort zone may be a disturbing adjustment for you at first but it can be very good for your output in the long run.

2. There is a scarcity of the content which the marketer wants.

What fuels marketing automation is content marketing. What do you expect to send people if you don’t have customized and quality content? What generates revenue by engaging people? What do you intend to use for lead nurturing?  Yes, the issue of having a shortage of content which is good is one of the primary concerns of today’s marketers.

The king of digital marketing is indeed content and it revolves around 2 key things; needs and persona. You should write a decent few posts and send lesser quantity but better quality emails which have customized content intended for customized segments of your email list. Instead of hiring good content creators and bloggers, marketers should also have good writing skills to improve his ability to pick up the right quality and quantity of content of a content marketing strategy. While using any marketing automation system, I addressed the issue using an editorial calendar. This simple planning exercise can help you meet your monthly content needs and achieve your goals.

3. Complexities of Process Integration.

Sales and marketing are integrated processes that go hand in hand. In many cases, a lot of marketers find themselves having a hard time in integrating their marketing campaigns to the corresponding sales efforts of their company. By using automation, you will have the key to drive leads to the sales team but that requires a well-integrated process. A lot of companies have been found to have implemented marketing automation but have no integrated sales and marketing process in place. This has caused a negative ROI according to Serious Decisions.

An open cellphone on the table with facebook login on the screen with word tiles that indicate "social media" letters on the side, this is an example of marketing automation platforms.

So what is the remedy?

The solution is a very simple rule of business. Process and people matter more than any extra automated tool. And before you implement marketing automation, you must strategize a friendlier approach to process integration and integration.

For concluding words, I recommend you to change your perspective on the process of selling. You should change your main focus from closing sales to lead nurturing. People never buy, not until they are convinced of a product or service’s value. You can nurture leads by sending them some useful and tailored content for their consumption. This content can be in a form of case studies, guides, infographics or videos, according to what your audience likes to consume. This is always a more effective tool in building lasting business relationships.

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