header image of the blog title "How To Broadcast on Facebook Live Through Mobile" with a live facebook video on a screen of an open mobile placed horizontally
header image of the blog title "How To Broadcast on Facebook Live Through Mobile" with a live facebook video on a screen of an open mobile placed horizontally

A guide on how to use Facebook Live on a mobile device

August 23, 2017 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing, Social Media 0 Comments

In 2016, Facebook launched its live streaming feature: Facebook Live. This lets anyone broadcast live video from their mobile device straight to the FB news feed.

Since launch, the popularity of streaming video has highly grown in popularity, with 16% of marketers who broadcasted in 2016. Facebook live is particularly popular — videos see 3x engagement of traditional videos that are shared on social media platforms and millions of users stream on Facebook around the world.

So why are more and more marketers getting excited about Facebook live? That is because it is a simple and fun way for them to use the power of video to send out their brand message and build great relationships with followers and fans all in real time.

But, for such a concept, Facebook live has a lot of slight differences that marketers doing online marketing will need to learn if they ever want to get great rewards out of it. This guide will help you learn the best tips and tricks that will make a great difference in the number of people which get to see your live broadcast, how they will engage it and how it will perform.

In this blog, we will discuss on how to broadcast on Facebook Live on how will you analyze your live video’s performance and a lot of tips and tricks to get the maximum reward out of the platform.

How to Broadcast on Facebook Live through Mobile

FB live started only for mobile device only but now you can use Facebook pages to broadcast from either desktop to mobile device in the sections below.

In order to get started, log into your FB mobile app.

Step 1: Head over to the News Feed and tap on the “Live” option denoted by the icon below.

You can also start streaming from your own FB profile. Open up the status bar by clicking the text that says “what’s on your mind?” And then, select the “live video” option from the menu

Step 2: You need to grant FB access to your microphone and camera when you are prompted. You will stop getting these prompts after the first time you allow it.

Step 3: Choose your privacy setting for the live stream.

If you are posting for your brand, you will want to make it public. But if you are posting for yourself then you want to set it just for your friends. If you are new in using Facebook Live and you want to test it first or you want to try to see what will it look like then you can switch the privacy setting to “only me”. You can find this “only me” option by clicking “more” and going all the way to the bottom.

Step 4: Write a brief compelling description of your live video

Write a description for your live broadcast which will show up on People’s News Feeds like a status update above the video. To get people to watch, you should write an eye-catching headline to help them know what your live stream is all about. See an example below from the White House’ broadcast.

Image credit: Facebook

Step 5: Choose your location, add an activity, and tag your friends.

Click on the icons at the bottom of your screen to add the location from where you are shooting, or share what you are doing in the video, and also tag your friends who are in the video. These settings add more customization to your live video, increase discoverability, and make more people want to tune in.

Step 6: Set your camera view.

You need to check that your camera is pointing at the direction that you want it to before you click “Go Live”. Once you click “Go Live” the background of your screen setup will show what your camera sees. Now if you want to switch the camera view to the back cam or to the selfie cam, you simply need to click on the rotating arrows icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The video commonly is a square so it will not matter whether you hold your mobile device horizontally or vertically.

Here’s a pro tip: You can choose the image to display vertically or horizontally mirrored. To do this, you click the magic wand icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the tools icon at the bottom part of your screen to shoot from a different vantage point or to adjust the video for brightness.

Step 7: Add filters, drawing, text or lenses to your live video.

Tap on the icon at the upper right corner of the screen, and you can choose whether you want to change camera filters, add lenses to your face, or write text to make the video more whimsical.

Step 8: Tap on the “Go Live” button to finally start streaming.

Once you click it, Facebook will then give you a countdown — “3,2,1…” — and then you will be live. Now as soon as you start broadcasting, your live video will now show up on the news feed — and other people’s News Feeds — just like any other post.

You can keep broadcasting for up to 90 minutes long. Do keep in mind that the longer you stream your video, the more people who are scrolling in their News Feeds will stumble upon your video.

Step 9: Engage with your commenters and viewers.

To keep your viewers engaged, encourage them to interact with your stream. This will help your video be more visible in other people’s News Feeds. You may also engage with them by speaking directly to those people by having someone else respond in the comments using a desktop nearby, or by speaking to them directly in your video which is easier.

So where can you see the comments on your video? While you are broadcasting, the time elapsed is shown at the top left corner of your screen along with the number of viewers to your video, and comments will also show up live at the bottom of your feed. They will display in reverse chronological order like on Twitter, and so you should keep in mind that the earlier comments are farther down.

Note: During the live stream, you can also block viewers by tapping on the profile picture next to someone’s comment and then by tapping “block”. You can also unblock someone you have previously blocked too.

Step 10: Click “Finish” once you want to end your broadcast.

Once you have done this, the video will continue to stay in your Timeline or your business page just like any other video you have posted before.

Step 11: Post your reply and then save the video to your device camera roll.

After you have finished the broadcast, you will be met with a screen the same as the screenshot below. If you want to post it, that will enable other people to view your video once you have stopped broadcasting. Then you go tap the download button to save the video to your camera roll so you will have a copy of the original video.

Step 12: You are done.

You can always go back to the video posted on your page or timeline and change privacy settings, change the description, or entirely delete the video, just like how you would do with any other post.

Source Article: How to Use Facebook Livestream: The Ultimate Guide

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