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header image of the blog title "Find Out How These 5 Things Can Destroy Your Sender Reputation" with background image of a person's hand touching a mouse pad of a laptop with flying icons on the right side

5 Main Factors That Damage Your Sender Reputation

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People judge you by your reputation. Good records gets good treatment from others, and the not so good ones will often get treated poorly. Inject this idea to email marketing, and you’ll get Sender Reputation.

What is Sender Reputation?

It is a score that is assigned to your IP Address for sending emails. This score is given by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which serves as a determinant of whether or not the email you sent is legitimate.

If the idea is still hazy, think of it like a credit score. Lower credit scores can block your way out to make another loan. You see, if the email sender reputation given to you by the ISP is high, it means that the emails you send will be sent via their network. However, if your email reputation is low, the email you’re sending to your subscriber is most likely going to be blocked. The ISP may allow your email to pass through—but filter it out. Instead of going straight to your recipient’s inbox, it will be redirected to the Spam Folder.

Why is Sender Reputation Important?

Scores determine your email deliverability. A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association states that:

  • Poor Sender Reputation causes 80% of the Problems with Delivering Email
  • 77% gets blocked by ISP because of Poor Sender Reputation
  • 1 out of 4 emails do not get to the inbox

How is your Score determined?

1. No. of Complaints

You’re being scored by comparing the number complaints filed to you, with the number of complaints submitted to the others.

2. Accepted Message

It affects your score if the emails you sent gets through but are not being accepted. The lower the percentage of emails that get open, the higher the probability for your score to be affected—negatively.

3. Bounce

When your email messages bounce, it means that the email is not delivered. If your emails bounce more often, it will reflect your score.

4. Spam Traps

If you’re sending emails to your list without their permission, you are sending spam traps. The more frequent you’re doing this, the more likely it is to affect your score.

5 Ways to Damage Your Sender Reputation

1. Use Spammy Subject Lines

One of the biggest blunders of email marketing is writing or making use of titles that scream “SPAM!!” at first glance. These are the type of headlines that have your readers and clients running up the hill because number 1) They do not look professional. In their mind maybe some guy from an illegal site sent me these emails. And number 2) They look like fake adverts that are just fooling people. One look and you think that your whole email is bogus. Your main goal is to get your people to click, how do you expect them to click if your email subject line alone is not trustworthy. Spammy subject lines take a hard blow to your sender reputation. And below are some of the words that trigger people to think that your email is spam.

  • 100%
  • 50% off
  • Accept credit cards
  • As seen on
  • Be your own boss
  • $$$
  • Call
  • Call now
  • Buy
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Amazing
  • Access
  • Beneficiary
  • Can’t live without
  • Bonus
  • Big bucks
  • Be amazed
  • Collect
  • Compare rates
  • Congratulations
  • Click here

These words can flag your email as spam so avoid these words. There are more words out there that trigger people to think that you’re spammy. To get the full list click here.

2. Emailing As Frequent As Possible

If you think to send emails every now and then to your subscribers will get them excited to buy your product—you’re wrong. You act like a typical sales guy who’s trying to reach his quota who’s going for extra lengths to get you to buy his product. You must know quite well; this technique will not do you any good.

Plus the fact that the emails being sent are shallow emails. Contents with no specific goal to meet other than to sell products. Your subscribers are going to unsubscribe or even mark you as spam. A sure way to kill your sender reputation.

3. Contents Are Not Valuable

Another reason why your emails are being flagged as spam is that they are irrelevant. Admit it even you, would trash an email that is not valuable to you. It doesn’t matter what demographics or what age. As long as an email has contents that don’t provide you with anything useful, then you will trash that email and never open it. It all boils down to interest. Even if you sent the most attractive offer you have to a prospective client if he is not interested in what you are selling and offering. It wouldn’t matter. That’s why it’s important to clean out your list once in a while. Don’t keep email addresses of people who are not responding to your emails or your adverts. It will affect your sender reputation if many people are putting your emails straight to the trash.

Make your content, valuable and useful, to the right people. There is no way you’re pleasing everybody but, it’s better to please someone than no one.

4. Neglect Email List

This is in connection with number 3.

If you let your email list rot and stay as it is without constant cleaning, you will find your sender reputation in ruins. Don’t stick to people who are not interested in what you are selling. If you see that your emails are being left unopened try to use another medium to contact that person. In today’s standard, there are plenty of ways to communicate with a probable customer. If you find that they are unresponsive to your attempts then drop them from your list. Stop trying to sell to someone who is not even listening. You might argue that it’s a waste, well your sender reputation is also going to be wasted if you don’t take action. Clean your email list the way you clean your closet every week or every other day. That way you are sure that your resources, marketing, content, and SEO are not wasted on unresponsive leads.

5. Use Deceptive and Clickbait-y Subject Lines

If you think exciting subject lines can increase your open rates—it does. But no one wants to be fooled; once your subscriber opens the email expecting a good chunk of content that’s waiting to be read, turns out to be low-quality content. Your subscribers will be annoyed.

There’s a high probability of you getting unsubscribes and higher bounce rate, which will affect your score. So if you want to get a higher score just make sure to deliver your promise, do not bluff when you can’t give it to your subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Sender Reputation determines your email deliverability, and from there it branches out to different sectors of taking care of your leads and customers. Communication is the key to having a good relationship with your customers and your potential customers, and the score determines that. So, take good care of your score and make sure you avoid these 5 factors that may destroy your hard earned reputation. Save your time and grow your sales opportunities easily with CRM Singapore.

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