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header image of the blog title "Take Advantage Of Follow-Up Marketing And Generate More Repeat Sales" with clattered documents, newspaper, coffee, laptop, calculator, pen and a cellphone on a wooden table

Take Advantage Of Follow-up Marketing And Generate More Repeat Sales

July 11, 2018 Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

It’s awesome when you get new customers that loved your product or service. But, you might be wondering: Why am I not getting more repeat sales? Why are not they coming back?

The honest truth: you might not be following up as often as you should.

As the saying goes, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” Customers come to your business because they trust you. They’re confident that your product and services provide solutions to their problems. Your customers are willing to spend their hard earned money because you can give them what they need. Your job is to make sure your customers are happy to interact with your brand and happy enough to come back.

There are three types of customers:  those who are super satisfied with purchasing your product, those who are somewhat satisfied and those unsatisfied. If your customers are satisfied or super satisfied, they should buy more from you, right?

According to a Research by Peppers and Rogers Group, 80% of customers that leave a business, answered satisfied or very satisfied in a prior survey! That’s strange, isn’t it? They don’t mean what they say.

So how can you get more repeat sales? Through consistent follow-up marketing.

Customers come and go. But if your customers always opts to go, there must be something wrong with either your customer service or your product.

According to Yotpo 14.77% of ecommerce customers, are repeat customers. Although it’s relatively small percentage, these customers willingly spend 3x more than your average one-time shoppers. It is important that you connect with these customers, one way of connecting is through following them up.

Why do Follow-Up Marketing?

According to the book SEO Made Simple for 2011 by Jason McCormick, the more you reach out to your customers, the more likely they are to buy your products and services

a table with a column "No. Times a Customer Has Been Followed Up and "Percentage of Sales Made"
No. Time a Customer Has Been Followed Up

This is why it is important for you to follow your customers up because it gives an assurance to your customers. It is a way to for you to let your customer know your business is still active and that your still care for them.  

Although follow-up marketing can do so much for your business, statistics show that business owners don’t think follow-ups are important.

a table with 2 columns "Percentage of Business Owners Doing a Follow Up" and "Maximum No. of Follow-Up Made"
Percentage of Business Owners Doing Follow Up

Almost 50% of business owners do not follow their customers up and only 12-25% contacts their customers and follows them up.

Reasons why follow-up marketing is important:

1. You Need To Be Remembered.

a curly haired woman wearing a white long sleeve with a yellow ribbon while a holding a pen
You Need To Be Remembered – Take Advantage Of Follow-Up Marketing And Generate

Your customers have a lot in their mind and are busy with other things. If they don’t see you that much, they’re going to forget about you. Truth is, you are not the only one in the market, more and more competitors continue to emerge and there are lots of new products and trends.  One sure way you can be remembered is if you do consistent follow-up marketing. 40% – 60% of a store’s revenue comes from repeat sales according to research done by BIAKelsey services. And the repeat customers buy as much as 10x of their initial purchase once you have given them a lasting customer service experience.

And in another research conducted by Propeller, it showed that nurtured leads and customers have 20% more sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads and customers.

And that nurtured customers make 47% larger purchases compared to those who are not followed-up. Every year you lose 14% of your customer base because you fail to do a follow-up marketing.

People today are getting more and more busy with a lot of things, from Social media to simple news. It’s easier for you and your brand to be forgotten by probably clients, especially if you have a lot of competition. You aim is to make them remember you.

A name that constantly pops out over the next 2-3 weeks will be remembered more than a name that you only see once. The same goes for your brand, if customers are consistently being made aware that you and your business exist then the more they will buy from you again. It important to note that according to research you are losing 14% of your customer base every year. And acquiring customers costs more than retaining old ones. It costs 6 to 7 times less to maintain an old customers.

2. Build Trust and Create Loyal Customers.

two shaking hands with a torso of a man wearing corporate attire
Build Trust and Create Loyal Customers – Take Advantage Of Follow-Up Marketing And Generate

Taking a step back, to the process of selling your products and services, your sales team should be giving customer the support they need in order to keep building their trust. By providing solutions according to the customer’s best interest, a new customer can feel respected, and trust your advice.

Also, if the customer can feel if your sales team genuinely supports their purchase and encourages them for making the right decision. But be careful, don’t overdo it, your customer might think you’re just flattering them for the sake of making a sale. Almost 70% of customers feel that you don’t actually care about them, that is why it is important to build rapport and make them feel valued.

According to the Gartner 64% of customers today care more about the customer experience more than the price. And in relation to this Harris Interactive found out that 77% of buyers today think that it takes a long time for them to get a live agent to attend to them.

On the other hand, if your customer trusts you for telling the truth, they will surely make their purchase. Research says that loyal customers spends 67% higher than new customers. And 77% of happy customers according to Temkin Group will recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues. Remember nothing beats the promotion bought by word of mouth.

Follow up boosts the credibility of your business, because it helps you gain your customer’s trust. Through follow up marketing, you can build an excellent relationship with your customer, which can land you to an additional sales.

3. Address future problems.

over-the-shoulder shot of a woman pointing her left hand to the screen of the laptop while holding a pen on her right hand on a black surface
Address Future Problems – Take Advantage Of Follow-Up Marketing And Generate

Your customer may not be focused with the product or service they purchase. After the purchase is made, some problems and issues may arise. If not addressed immediately, it may lead to cancellation of recurrent sales, or product returns. In a research conducted by American Express Customer Barometer, they found that 33% of customers think of switching to another brand just after one instance of bad customer experience. You can prevent this from happening by doing a follow-up. By checking in on your customer and replying to their complaints and even simple queries you will be able to give them a pleasant experience.

During the follow-up, also encourage your customers to ask questions, and allow you to answer your prospect’s queries before you end the call increasing your chances of sale. If your customer brings up an issue during the follow-up, give them a solution to their current problem. Feedback is very important. And you don’t want to leave it as it is, you need to respond. Communication is an important key in listening to what your market is saying.

Follow-ups may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but it can prevent your customers from leaving. The Nottingham School of Economics found that 45% of unsatisfied customers will take back their bad review of a company after an apology, either by email or via a call. They compared this with returns and reimbursements and found that only 23% of unhappy customers withdrew their bad impressions.  

All businesses claim to have a good customer service, but action speaks louder than words. Your customers feel important if you make an effort to build your connection with them. And follow-ups is your lethal weapon against your competitors.

4. It is easier to do follow-ups now more than ever.

a laptop resting on a wooden table
It Is Easier To Do Follow-Ups Now More Than Ever – Take Advantage Of Follow-Up Marketing And Generate

You know the statistics, you are now aware of the numbers at stake if you ignore follow-ups. Now, with the ever growing demands of your business, you can’t possibly spend all your time staring at your monitor checking and sending emails. You have meetings to attend, business plans to make, and investors to convince. The good news for you is, you don’t have to spend the whole day on emails because there is marketing automation software like Infusionsoft CRM in the market.

Marketing automation gives you the freedom of creating email campaigns that automatically sends emails to your leads while you do your daily business tasks. Take a look at the picture below to get a grasp of what we mean.

an example of follow-up marketing - email marketing campaign

The image above shows how marketing automation works, you create your campaign and it will send out emails based on the schedules you set. Here’s another example of a different campaign but with the same idea as the one above.

customer loyalty marketing campaign

The “We Miss You Email” will remind your customers that you care about them. Despite the countless numbers of customers in the market you still took the time to make a compelling and personal looking email. Notice the words compelling and personal, just because an email is automated does not mean that it will sound robotic and look the same. Marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft actually lets you create a customised email. And by customised we mean, from the date they visited your site, to what problems they have and even their full name. Marketing automation can go to great details to ensure that you are sending out sincere and timely emails. You won’t have to worry about having to compose emails and manually sending them out yourself because a marketing automation tool can do that for you and so much more.

Conclusion: Sell More!

Creating a connection between you and your customer is one of the goals for doing a follow-up marketing. Building a good relationship with your customers encourages your customers to buy more from you. So, do a follow-up marketing, pair it with good customer service, sprinkle it with your own personal touch, and lastly, don’t forget to automate. So, are you ready to do a follow-up?

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