header image of the blog title "The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales" with over-the-shoulder shot of a man shaking hands and smiling directly to 2 women wearing corporate attires
header image of the blog title "The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales" with over-the-shoulder shot of a man shaking hands and smiling directly to 2 women wearing corporate attires

The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

July 26, 2018 CRM Data Management, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

You want your business to grow, but you don’t know where to start. I can help you with that. Your business only starts to grow if your sale increases. An increase in sales means more people are buying from you. And that you are able to earn the people’s trust; trust element is a very important element which most chose to ignore.

Trust from your customers, if earned, will multiply your revenues. How? Customer who trust you, recommend you to their friends, relatives, and people they know, to add to that, they themselves will buy more products from you. But as stated earlier, Trust is earned.

You do not get your customer’s trust naturally without doing anything.

5 Elements of Trust You Need to Win Your Customers:

1. Always Be There

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Always Be There – The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

A survey from NewVoice, says that 53% of the consumers look for another company if their questions and concerns are not addressed properly by their current company.

If you want to build your customer’s trust, you should be in places where your customers can easily reach you. Nowadays, people tend to dwell on Social Networking websites a lot. Take advantage of this by creating a Social Media account for your business. I highly recommend that you put up a proper customer support system. That way you can interact with them and be able to answer your customer’s questions and concerns.

Always Remember: you are not alone in the industry.

So, if you’re not there for your customers—your competitors might swipe these unsatisfied customers away. You don’t want that. You’re building your customer’s trust, so take good care of your customers. In addition to that, You should give them a timely reply—do not be late in giving them an answer. Your customers are not patient enough to wait for your reply—they have questions and concerns and they want answers right away. You want to make sure you guard your post always, so when a customer drops his/her questions, you can give address their concerns right away.

2. Have a Solid Quality

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Have a Solid Quality – The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

Would you sit on a chair with a wobbly cracked leg? No right? The same idea applies if you want to earn your customer’s trust. So, if you want repeat sales, make sure your products or service is of high quality and is worthy to be recommended.

Salesfolk often tells people their products or services have high quality to be able to sell. If the product or service are low quality, your customers will not recommend you or buy more from you. Some would even give your negative reviews to express their dissatisfaction. This is why winning your customer’s trust is essential when it comes to repeat sales. If your customer’s first buy is of high quality, they will trust your other products to be of the same quality.

Remember: High-Quality Products and Services advertise themselves.

3. Be Transparent Crystal Clear with Your Intention

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Be Transparent Crystal Clear with Your Intention – The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

It is important that you show your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t have what your customer is looking for, then tell your customer the truth; Even if it means you’re leading them right into your competitors lair. Yes, it’s your loss, you could’ve bluffed your way into selling them your stuff—your one-way ticket into losing their trust. They will even share their bad experience with you to their friends and that’s the complete opposite of what we want.

Instead of lying, be upfront with the provisions of your products and services and why you’re changing such amount to them, this way your customers will appreciate your honesty and trust you.

4. The Spotlight Should be on Your Customers

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The Spotlight Should be on Your Customers – The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

Which is your topmost priority? Is it your customer or is it your revenue? People can see through your ulterior motives. If you come to them too strong and aggressive, people will think you’re only after their money. This might work for some time, but not for long. Eventually, they will leave. People love to be cared about, and when they observe that you don’t really care about them, then they will leave. If you want repeat sales, establish trust and build up a long-term trust with your customers.

Businesses should be customer-centered. Your customer is the life of your business, without them, you will never do business, may it be B2B or B2C, the highlight should be on your consumer.

5. Be Consistent

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Be Consistent – The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

If you want to establish trust, you should be consistent with what you say. If you’re saying its ‘free delivery’ then, free delivery it should be.

Establishing your goals is one way of informing your customers in what they should expect from your brand. If people know your goals then they will know what to expect from you. Whether or not you are consistent with what you’re saying.

Not only that, your message should also be paralleled with your design. What is the image that you want to portray to your customers?

Customers trust you if you are consistent with your messages and how you act.

What Tools to Use?

CRM Singapore

A CRM, Customer Relationship Management, tool allows you to track your contacts. By being able to know who your buyers are you can easily send out customised emails that allow you to:

    • Send out sweet deals to your clients whenever you have one
    • Give gifts of gratitude to your long-time clients
  • Reward customers who refer others to your site
  • Send much-needed notifications about informative blogs and events that you might have

Utilising your CRM Singapore tool or a CRM automation will make it fast and convenient for you to contact your clients or customers. By having this tool hasten your modes of communication you are well aware of the activities done by your customers. You can check if the campaigns you launch are effective or when a certain blog drives traffic into your site. Information is your power, data is your golden pot. By having concrete evidence and a tangible view of your customers journey through the search funnel you can create better services geared at earning trust.

Sorting contacts based on how they respond gives you a better position on making decisions on launching CRM marketing aimed strategies. And a tool like Infusionsoft CRM, for example, grants you the power to do so.


Trust element it is a very rare commodity that once you have acquired can give you your dream of heaping revenues and solid customer loyalty. But, getting it is not easy. You need to understand why it’s necessary, how you can earn it from your customers and what tools can you use to make monitoring and nurturing it easy. And all you need to do to achieve all of this being knowledgeable and true to your service.

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