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Three Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results With Marketing Automation
header image of the blog title "3 Time Consuming Tasks You can Get Rid of  with Marketing Automation" with a hand typing on a laptop
header image of the blog title "3 Time Consuming Tasks You can Get Rid of  with Marketing Automation" with a hand typing on a laptop

3 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Get Rid Of With Marketing Automation

July 5, 2018 Email Marketing, Life Cycle Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Ever dreamt of just going away to a long vacation without having to worry about answering emails and following up with sales enquiries? As a business owner, we want a dependable response system without you having to be there twenty-four seven. That’s not too much to ask right?  

If you are stuck in firefighting mode all the time, you might end up with the unfulfilled promise of a family vacation in Florida Disneyland, a romantic getaway with your loved one in Paris or chilling out in the Maldives. What if we told you we can help you turn your dream of free time into a reality?

3 Ways To Free Up Work Time With Marketing Automation

1. Organize your Emails and Contact Request

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Organize your Emails and Contact Request – 3 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Get Rid Of With Marketing Automation

With today’s digital technology, organising your emails and contact information is easy. You no longer have to worry about hiring someone to type out each email for you. Or worst! Manually sending out the same email to all 1200 customers.

Email marketing campaign automation does that task for you. Automating your emails not only saves you time but enables you to personalise each letter, so it does not even seem like it’s sent from a software. And email marketing does this job by using templates. Today, you can create email templates well ahead of time, that can personalise messages with CRM data like age, interests, past purchase history, and even pain points. Below is an example of an email template:

“Hey John, we’ve just received your online enquiry about the <product>. While we will be getting back to you, I’ve attached our catalogue for <product_category> for your browsing. Feel free to drop me an email to clarify.  Also, could we ask 2 more questions about your enquiry, so that we give you exactly what you need? Question 1: Are you using similar a product to <product>? Question 2: How long have you been a similar product to <product>?”

And for contact requests? You get an automatic notification if a potential customer is trying to call you or inquire about your product without you being flustered scrolling through hundreds of emails. They can be automatically sorted out in terms of their type of inquiry, urgency, or even how much budget they have. Just imagine how much time you will save by taking this task off your list of responsibilities. Getting closer to that vacation now?


2. Categorizing Potential Leads and Customers

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Categorizing Potential Leads and Customers – 3 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Get Rid Of With Marketing Automation

Face it, having to manually input leads and customers into specific tabs that note their readiness to buy, product interest, lead source etc. can be time-consuming! You would rather spend that extra time doing other things.

Without a proper system that offers decluttering services, you might even end up entering duplicate data. That’s why choosing the right CRM software provider saves you a lot of time. You or your team no longer have to do these things manually. The system does it for you as soon as the potential customer fills up a form your website. Based on their response, they can be automatically categorised (or segmented<internal link to segmentation article>), with the hot qualified leads being attended to first. And the rest of the enquiries will be sent an immediate email response, with a nice corporate video explaining your product USP, before calling them back the next day.

Think about that? How much time will you have at your disposal if you take away this task from your to-do list? Now the Dream holiday and break that you desperately need does not seem so far away…


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3. Automating Follow Up

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Automating Follow Up – 3 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Get Rid Of With Marketing Automation

Not all enquiries turn to a sale immediately.  According to SalesForce “79% of leads are never converted to sales”. This means that many business are not following timely, and often enough to engage the prospect. These lost leads can be very costly especially with cost of acquiring a lead becoming more expensive.

Another article by the Online Marketing Institute says that it takes between 7 to 13 touch points before someone buys. Prospects that do not buy after 2-3 attempts may not mean they are never going to buy. Perhaps they just needed to know more about the value of your solution, get some financing or other resources like human resource or time, to start using your service/product.

Manually following up with the prospect with 7-13 touches multiply by 500 prospects, would be too much for businesses with limited resource.  Yet, Email Marketing Automation makes it possible, by automating personalised email as additional contact touch points. Take a look at the template below.

“Hey John, how’s <spouse name>? Hope everything is going well at your office. You recall back in <last contacted month>, we talked about getting your company started on using a CRM? And you mentioned to contact you again this month? How’s your schedule for these two weeks?”

With CRM Singapore Automation Marketing, we can even detect user action like if they have opened the email, clicked on links, downloaded the attachment, visited our contact us page again, watched what percent of a video. Imagine what power this information has, when your salesperson, calls back knowing all these? And the system will allow you to zoom into hot leads based on their engagement (we call that lead scoring)  with your emails and website.

With these 3 tasks taken off your plate, you can easily see how your business could improve drastically while saving you tons of time, finally giving you that peace of mind that when you go away on a holiday, sales follow-ups are happening automatically without you.

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